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*= Favorites. I've liked most of the games I played in, but these were the ones that took my breath away. The ones I'm still talking about years after.
%= Games I enjoyed a lot less.

Question marks instead of character name mean either the character's identity is secret or I forgot it.

*Still Places (first run) - Tenjou Utena
Still Places (second run) - Himemiya Anthy (fill-in player)
Kind Friends Together (Festival) - Annie Engelbreit
City Council of Hounds’ Teeth (Festival) - Stani
10 Bad LARPs (Festival) - Horde
*Project DIANA: Synthesis - Benny Monday
In the Jungle (MidAtlantic) - Misty
FARM or Trial of the Big Bad Wolf (MidAtlantic) - Gabriel Macy, the cat
Happily Ever After (MidAtlantic) - "Unknown Girl"
*Bard of Avalon (MidAtlantic) - Lady Acacia
One Life (MidAtlantic) - ??
Labyrinth - The Teacher

10 Bad LARPs (Arisia) - Horde (different version of game from one played at Festival, but which version escapes me)
Welcome to Sunnyvale (Arisia) - Jim Hoover
%And They Were As Gods (Intercon H) - Ada Jones (The character needed some serious reconceptualization. The way she was written, she was an extreme introvert with one single real connection and no major plot hooks. I pretty much had to retool her into an extrovert to make her playable. Which I then had fun with, but I'd rather have been IC.)
Forgive Me Father (Intercon H) - Enzo
*The Last Seder (Intercon H) - Jamie Schreiber
Demonic Performance Review (Festival) - ??
A Brief Journey Home (Festival) - Dalen
%Ephemera (Festival) - ?? (Extremely abstract, mechanic-heavy, no prep, switching characters on-cue. Really not my type of game.)
Mathew 1914 (Festival) - ??
Snaf University (Festival) - Cameron MacIntosh
Clue, Impaired (CYOC version) - Willow Rosenberg
*The Morning After (weekend-long) - ??

All’s Well That Ends (Intercon I) - Grace O'Malley
%Dreams of Peace, Dreams of War (Intercon I) - ?? (Objectively a good game, but a very poor match for me. Those who like political negotiations more than I do would enjoy it, I think.)
%Tithing Times (Intercon I) - Shannon (WYSIWYG character with no major revelations and no real plot connections. Managed to have a scrap of fun by attaching myself to a character my character sheet indicated was bad news and screwing myself over. Grateful to said character's player, but otherwise fairly miffed at game.)
*Time Travel Review Board (Intercon I) - ??
*Treaty of Pallas - Celena Schezar
*An Evening With Clarence (Festival) - Trilby
%Fire on High (Festival) - Malek Abdulah (Again, a character in bad need of beefing up. Love plot and not much else, with my love interest having other stuff I couldn't help him with.)
*The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste (Festival) -Sarah Briggs
*Shebopaleileigh (Festival) - Celeste Alba
An Unconventional Odyssey (Festival) - Pat
GM Space (Festival) - Dr. Halle Morgan (also, "that chick with a migraine")
Tis No Deceit to Deceive the Deceiver - Mrs. Genese
Tales of Pendragon (weekend-long) - Old Mary
*Martha Stewart’s Guide to Interdimensional Demon Summoning and Basting a Turkey - Valefar
Time Travel Review Board (replay) - Horde
Oz (SLAW) - Gayelette Locasta
Chateau Ennui (SLAW) - Cecil Woodrum
%Marin County (SLAW) - Detective Clean/Rabbit (Some casting snafus. Not really the GMs' fault. Kind of expected better characters from MacDougal, after Mary Celeste.)

1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (weekend-long) - Empress Augusta Viktoria
*Story Wars (Intercon J) - Claire Bennett
*Like Putting a Leash on a Rocket Launcher (Intercon J) - Natalie Sharpe
%Welcome to Scearbridge (Festival '10) - Zourain Rogers (Color character; had nothing whatsoever to do with any thread of the plot.)
*School for Young Women (Festival '10) - Christina Adolphus of Sweden
Pop Diva Fashion Show (Festival '10) - Ruby Ayers
The Labor Wars (weekend-long) - Martha Brown
Harmony Quest Couples' Retreat - Hannah Weiss
*Masks: Superheroes Have It Damned Tough (weekend-long) - Zip+4
Martha Stewart's Guide to Interdimensional Demon Summoning and Basting a Turkey (re-play; SLAW '10) - Dr. Chance Harmon
The Cumberland Country High School Reunion (SLAW '10) - Marlene
%*Nepenthe: A Surcease of Sorrow (SLAW '10) - Annabelle Lee (Loooong story. Short version: I'm unhappy with how the GM handled triggery, disturbing subjects (not in the questionnaire!) but I was also cast well and had a great time as my character. The fact that I'm nigh-untriggerable helps.)

Sky No Longer Blue - Science Officer Tara Walker
*Interesting Times - Crush
Ghost Fu - Jade Mirror Lee
The Stand - Sister Flora Johannson
Two Hours in London - Emily Alexander
Reunions - Elizabeth

…For Art’s Sake (Arisia 2008)
Clue, Impaired (Arisia 2008)
...For Art's Sake (Intercon H)
Kind Friends Together (Festival 2008)
One Life (Festival 2008)
Lifeline (Intercon I)
Lifeline (Festival 2009)
Bard of Avalon (SLAW 2009)
Lifeline (Intercon J)
The Sound of Drums (Intercon J)
Lifeline (Festival 2010)
Crotchety Old Folks With Shotguns (SLAW '10)
The Sound of Drums (SLAW '10)
Stars Over Atlantis (Intercon K)

Writing Credits
...For Art's Sake (with Cyn Wakefield)
Clue, Impaired (fixed character version) (with Cyn Wakefield)
Lifeline (with [ profile] wired_lizard)
The Sound of Drums (with [ profile] wired_lizard)
Crotchety Old Folks With Shotguns (with [ profile] wired_lizard)
Stars Over Atlantis (with [ profile] wired_lizard)

A Crown of Hearts (Festival '11) - Ettany
Browncoats: Unification Day (Festival '11) - Lin Beaumont
Stars Over Atlantis (Festival '11) - GM
Better Off Dead: The Necropolis Senior Prom (Festival '11) - Bilthea
The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman (Festival '11) - #7

League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students (Palindrome) - Edwina Weasley
What I Did On My Summer Vacation (Palindrome) - Susan Bond
Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar and Girl (Palindrome) [Filled out questionnaire - no casting yet.]
High Rollers (Palindrome) - Lola
Vanishing Point (Palindrome) [No questionnaire received yet]

Some fun stats:
Total number of games played: 60
Number of favorite games: 15

Total number of angst buckets played: 21
Number of favorite games in which I played an angst bucket: 9
Number of romantic characters played: 25
Number of times cross-cast: 6
Number of non-straight characters: 15 (defined as 'explicitly non-straight, as stated in the character sheet,' rather than 'could be interpreted that way by the player' - there are more of those. I'm also counting asexual as 'non-straight.')

Number of villainous or significantly morally ambiguous characters: 4

Number of dead/undead/immortal characters played (...ok, I'm totally stealing half my stats from [ profile] electric_d_monk): 12

Number of games in which I played somebody's science experiment: 3

Number of games with happy ending achieved: 19
Number of games with a bad+ ending: 4
Number of games where I died: 3 (not counting ones where I got better)
Number of games where I wound up crying, IC: 19

Date: 2010-03-03 10:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i was mrs. genese!

Date: 2010-03-03 10:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awesome! It was a fun role.

Date: 2013-11-08 09:04 pm (UTC)
vitupera: (Default)
From: [personal profile] vitupera
Ha! You ran Clue, Impaired at Arisia 2008? I was Anthea, I had a blast!

I ran across the entry doing a wistful Google search for the old Immortal Sociopaths (er, I hope that was the right name) site. I always regretted not being able to play in any more of your games, especially the Utena one! (The one where they're all age-regressed? Wish I could remember the title.)

Anyway, thanks for a great game! If you still know the other GMs, let them know I remember it fondly! (And now that I GM larps too, lord do I remember your combat system fondly.)


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