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This is a Card Page for Colors TCG

Name: Lily
Join Date: June 11, 2013
Cards Collected: 2954
Trading Log


ECATS Circle

Portfolios In Progress

Conqueror: 06/20

Mountain: 07/20

Wine: 07/20

Coo: 08/20

Fist Type: 13/20

Seven Seas: 20/20

Luna: 20/20

Arcana: 20/20

Fog Troupe: 10/20

Homunculus: 16/20

Foraz Saiqa: 20/20

Wires: 15/20

Classical: 20/20

Rainfell: 20/20

Al-Thamen: 14/20

Current Portfolio Not Yet In Tables
I prefer only having ten tables at a time, but these are highest priority, just like Collecting.

None atm.

Magi Mass Deck
Al-Thamen, Artemyra, Balbadd, Bararaq, Fanalis, Fog Troupe, Foraz Saiqa, Leraje, Magi, Magoi, Musta'sim, Paimon, Rukh, Seashells, Seven Seas, Vinea, Wires, Zagan

Future Portfolio (Palette)

Future Portfolio - Red Monochrome (94/160)
666, Ayingott, Deny, Fanalis, Leraje, Nishi, Paopu Fruit, Vinea

Future Portfolio - Orange Monochrome (54/160)
Agni, Answer, Duck, Junes, Idol, Onion, Submit, Traitor

Future Portfolio - Yellow Monochrome (99/160)
Balbadd, Endless, Kurogamon, Musket, Ocean Wave, Olive, Paternal, Rebellious

Future Portfolio - Green Monochrome (104/160)
Ignored, Little Devil, Mourning, Obliged, Order, Protector, Wayward, Wires

Future Portfolio - Blue Monochrome (89/160)
Fantail, Funyarinpa, Gynoid, Lady Luck, Luna, Samekh, Seashells, Two

Future Portfolio - Purple Monochrome (102/160)
Breeder, Bride, Cleaver, Mysterious, Mystery, North Star, Phones, Seven Seas

Future Portfolio - Brown Monochrome

Future Portfolio - Gray Monochrome (98/160)
Al-Thamen, Arrogant, Dawn, Playbirdie, Sea Salt, Swearing, Varna, Varnani


Other High Priority
These are not for trade and I would love to get my hands on any/all of them.

Medium Priority
These are still not up for trade, but I may have fewer of them, or they're difficult decks to get ahold of, or they are not as high on my radar as others. Pick a reason.

Far Future
I'm interested in these, but may not get around to actively seeking them out for some time.

Lowest Priority
I'm holding onto these cause I recognize the fandom/character and they may inspire nostalgia, but I'll probably not be collecting the deck anytime soon, if ever. Please don't offer me these, and, conversely, please don't hesitate to ask for them, especially if you've got something I've marked higher priority that you're willing to offer.


Trading: Character


Trading: Special

Pot of Gold

On Hold
These are promised to someone/involved in a pending trade.

x28 x22 x17 x20 x29 x27 x23 x20


Trades: 1299

Date: 2014-03-19 03:34 pm (UTC)
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