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June 11, 2013
Starter pack: selfless08, selfless15, 5stars08, brother07, curry02, izanagi08, jyuuken14, turkey02

New release claims: coolene01, distant01, judecca01, lolita01, military01, pipi01, playbirdie01, ulster01, sp: chronicle02

Recycled Art: ayingott16, bell09, deny09, fashion14, lady luck06, lady luck07, minami01, mws10, nishi11, sen01

June 12, 2013
Starter pack bonus 2: stapler12 and hanjyuu12
Anniversary 9: selfless10 and mysterious20
Anniversary 8: traitor09, celebration08
Anniversary 7: selfless07, celebration 7
Anniversary 6: arrogant01, celebration 6
Anniversary 4: curiosity12, nishi18, celebration04, purple crayon
Anniversary 3: selfless03
Anniversary 2: four02, celebration02
Anniversary 1: untouchable10, admin01, celebration01
Birthday present: rhythmic01, nun03, toys19, red crayon

June 13, 2013
Trade: turkey02 for endless03 w/ admiral
Anniversary 5: paranoia11, mechapilots15 and celebration05
Anniversary 11: green crayon and celebration11
Trade: admin01 for nonary08 w/violion
Trade: rhythmic01 for fashion03 w/blood
Trade: purple crayon for four04 w/ankari
Trade: jyuuken14 for coolene02 w/ivoryandhorn

June 14, 2013
Anniversary 12: selfless13 and celebration12
Trade: red crayon for coolene03 w/ivoryandhorn

June 15, 2013
Trade: chronicle02 for mws14 w/shinsengumi
Beauty Pageant 61: koutei17, cheerio15, gunsmoker07, costumes20 + purple crayon
Seiyuu Guess 125: boss15, steak05, clutch13
Anniversary 14: nonary16
Trade: untouchable10 for musket07 w/asuna

June 17, 2013
Trade: ulster01 for four01 w/byakkun
Trade: clutch13 for mourning08 w/ritornello
Trade: steak05 for judecca15 w/truebluespark
Anniversary 16: coolene04, celebration16

June 18, 2013
Anniversary 17: selfless01, four20
Beauty Pageant 62: billiards17, spacepirate12, twintails06, caution13
Recycled Art: memorized08, memorized12, memorized20, mws17, traitor01, traitor02, traitor03, traitor05, traitor08, traitor15
Anniversary 3: celebration03

June 19, 2013
Anniversary 18: escape08, finland03, celebration18
Anniversary 17: celebration17
Anniversary 09: celebration09

June 20, 2013
Anniversary 19: selfless02, traitor04

June 21, 2013
Trade: billiards17 for coolene18 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: arrogant01 for coolene20 w/psithurism
Anniversary 20: wandering18, schwert14, onmyouji13, blues02 + celebration20
Conan's Clues 148: gatekeeper15, interested13
Scrapbook poll vote: frog04, sommelier02, unique06

June 22, 2013
Anniversary 10: jewelwitch05, lipstick18 + celebration10
Switch It Up: nun03 for ladyluck15
Level to Orange: selfless04
Trade: mourning08 for coolene10 w/ Mazoku
Anniversary 19: celebration19
Seiyuu Guess 126: ladyship04, neptune13, wrath09
Trade X3: spacepirate12, neptune13 and sen01 for coolene14, memorized09 and memorized10 w/Dove
Trade: twintails06 for classical20 w/Celi

June 23, 2013
Colors Quiz #3: fragrach16, thunderbolt01, bills16, nightmare18, souls17, asobot03
Trade: fragrach16 for ambidex12 and green crayon for orange crayon w/Delitan
Art Shop: orange crayon for traitor06
Trade x3: cheerio15, hanjyuu12 and schwert14 for bugle03, loud08 and uu07 w/ Ivoryandhorn
Pokedar 149: prince07 and junk11
Trade x2: prince07 and thunderbolt01 for lovers02 and ojamajo09 w/Delitan
Conan's Clues 149: ace19 and text20
Anniversary 14: celebration14
Art Shop Sketchpad Turn-In: leader01, lollipops11 + purple crayon
Pot of Gold Red Task: gave ojamajo09, bugle03, loud08 and lovers02
Art Shop: 2 purple crayons for mysterious08 and mysterious16
Trade: finland03 for memorized03 w/Wolf
Trade: stapler12 for four09 w/phibby
Trade: izanagi08 for rainfell02 w/truebluespark

June 24, 2013
Trade: ace19 for four19, w/ Delitan

June 25, 2013
Trade: unique06 for selfless06 w/ Aletha
Trade x3: ladyship04, leader01, nightmare18 for traitor07, traitor10, traitor13 w/ Chikky
Trade: lipstick18 for tempest19 w/Adeline
Anniversary 13: feral14, gymnast09 + celebration13
Level to Orange: soup10, tomb05 + blue crayon

June 26, 2013
Trade: jewelwitch05 for four08 w/Allmia

June 27, 2013
Trade: interested13 for samekh18 w/Trias
Trade: tomb05 for five09 w/Lepidopteran
Conan's Clues 150: archery15, beast12
Crosswords 58: villains03, cuter20, udonge19, siscon09

June28, 2013
Trade x2: archery15 and udonge19 for ambidex18 and nonary10 w/ Muri
Trade: curry02 for samekh03 w/ Erin
Trade: uu07 for sympathy08 w/Ruriair
Trade: military01 for cheerful07 w/Tibby
Trade: samekh18 for memorized06 w/Blue

June 29, 2013
Switch it Up: asobot03 for tauburn14
Seiyuu Guess 127: electricity05, elemental09, starhealer02
Trade: elemental09 for shirogamon12 w/Nayami
Trade: beast12 for oblivion17 w/Floor
Colors Quiz 4: basketballs04, birds17, domineering02, key10, shippudash10, centurio07, world05
Sketchpad Turn-In 2: witch02, princess19 + yellow crayon
Trade: escape08 for mysterious15 w/Delitan
Received orange crayon x8 from Aru. Make sure to pay back!
Trade: gunsmoker07 for selfless14 w/Aru
Trade: villains03 for chupa09 w/Ankari

June 30, 2013
Anniversary 15: celebration15 + yellow crayon
Trade: yellow crayon for orange crayon w/ Aaron
Trade: wrath09 for 66719 w/AJ
Trade: five09 for judecca04 w/Ceesoo

July 1, 2013
Trade x2: caution13 and starhealer02 for selfless18 and arrogant08 w/ Naociak
Trade x2: lolita01 and sympathy08 for classical11 and judecca12 w/Junnie
Pick a Color 74: ambitious14, ophiuchus11, unrequited06, collector20, ruin04
Quilting 48: preventer11, isako06, tsukihime12
Trade: endless03 for traitor17 w/Aaron
Recycled Art: ayingott07, keyblade07, keyblade14, keyblade16, keyblade17, minami11, wayward01, wayward15, wayward18, wayward20
Trade: shirogamon12 for judecca05 w/Miles
Trade: ladyluck15 for traitor20 w/Michelle

July 2, 2013
Mastered: Traitor - love09, androgynous02, selfless05 + red crayon
Mastered: Celebration - another17, hamha09, infatuated20
Insta-Mastery: Food (+20 cards)
Trade: ophiuchus11 for umn08 w/Cassidy
Trade: caution13 for mws09 w/Wing
Art Shop: traitor11, traitor12, traitor14, traitor16, traitor18, traitor19
Trade: love09 for mws16 w/Aletha
Trade: tsukihime12 for mws20 w/ Lita
Trade: electricity05 for mws13 w/ Kristi

July 3, 2013
Trade x2: preventer11 and hamha09 for musket08 and wayward08 w/Arianne
--- (carry over one)
Trade x2: basketballs04 and key10 for ambidex08 and classical03 w/Lex
Beauty Pageant 63: contests07, feminist08, natsuo02, unlucky03 + blue crayon
Database - Hatoful Boyfriend, Star Driver, Xenosaga: haughty11, excluded20, pokedex05, arlia09, four20, partner01
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 150: end01, empathy10, yeast02
Trade: gymnast09 for ambidex19 w/Nayami
Trade x3: feminist08, infatuated20, witch02 for four03, four16, memorized01 w/Bao
Trade x3: 66719, chupa09, ladyluck06 for arrogant12, mysterious02, wayward12 w/Dove
Trade: partner01 for mws01 w/Stareyes
Trade: haughty11 for arrogant10 w/Tara

July 4, 2013
Trade: princess19 for drugs02 w/Aaron
Trade: collector20 for arrogant09 w/Mavis
Trade: four20 (spare) for sevenseas09 w/Coco
Pokeradar 150: erokappa05, janam09
Neku's Music Station 151: curepeach02, illegitimate17, minor07
Trade: lollipops11 for capricorn08 w/Raven
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 151: hiraikotsu16, cavalry15, fairies09
Trade: hiraikotsu16 for foxhound12 w/Styx
Pokeradar 151: germany08, necromancer14
Trade: tempest19 and feral14 for griefseed02 and schemer08

July 5, 2013
Trade: capricorn08 for coolene17 w/Kiss

July 6, 2013
Trade x4: gatekeeper15, siscon09, soup10, yeast02 for fashion16, tauburn11, tauburn12, tauburn15 w/Raven

July 7, 2013
Thieves Scrapbook Donation: playboy01, bold01, deck17
Release 39: detectives08, detectives18, thieves16, mariebelle02, swearing02, clover01, droopy03, fulcrum07, redchild02, tagged20, fes19
Trade: tagged20 for innuendos03 w/Caitie
Trade: curepeach02 for innuendos02 w/Delitan
Trade: cheerful07 for innuendos15 w/Nata
Trade: redchild02 for innuendos04 w/ Styx
Trade: fulcrum07 for innuendos05 w/Debs
Trade: unlucky03 for innuendos12 w/Aave
Trade: droopy03 for innuendos10 w/Ruriair
Trade: arlia09 for innuendos14 w/Melissa
Trade: necromancer14 for innuendos11 w/Milk
Trade: shippudash10 for innuendos19 w/Blue
Trade: griefseed02 for innuendos20 w/Kinks
Recycled Art: bell08, butler12, oblivion08, skateboard12, skateboard16, skateboard17, skateboard18, skateboard19, skateboard20, sullen17
Detectives Scrapbook Donation + Suggestion: siscon12, intuition19, horseback15 + purple crayon
Deck Donation - Musubi: aerialace13, bio-weapon12, bugle16 + red crayon
Deck Donation - Jessica: eclipse02, opera11, psychometry19 + gray crayon
Trade: swearing02 for innuendos13 w/Floor
Trade: ladyluck07 for innuendos17 w/Coco
Deck Donation - Kagari: biscuit02, whirlwind20, strength15 + yellow crayon
Switch it Up: koutei17 for 66605
Trade x2: distant01 and wandering18 for mws06 and arrogant07 w/Aru
Sketchpads 3 and 4: nindou01, mysterious13, brewery03, ciaossu01 + orange crayon, brown crayon
Gave Aru orange crayon x5, yellow crayon, blue crayon, grey crayon
Trade: illegitimate17 for tauburn13 w/Nea
Colors Quiz 5: shadow16, military08, daru02, azoth15, doll16, love11, private11
Trade: clover01 for innuendos01 w/Re
Trade: fes19 for innuendos06 w/Howl
Trade: azoth15 for innuendos18 w/Aaron
Trade x2: boss15 and oblivion17 for tauburn01 and tauburn17 w/Makoto
Trade nishi11 for innuendos16
Trade mariebelle02 for innuendos09 w/Chizu
Trade: playboy01 for tauburn16 w/Eri

July 8, 2013
Trade x2: 66605 and domineering02 for innuendos08 and prithivi16 w/Beth
Mastered Innuendos: brave20, poison07, selfless11 + green crayon
Trade: foxhound12 for coolene06 w/Kimi
Trade: cavalry15 for memorized02 w/Velshtein
Seiyuu Guess 128: shenlong11, heybo17, futon17
Trade: fairies09 for noble10 w/Nea
Trade: horseback15 for noble09 w/Dove
Trade: butler12 for noble06 w/Chikky

July 9, 2013
Trade: strength15 for noble13 w/Lex
Trade: janam09 for wayward09 w/Melissa
Referral Reward: oriental16, autozam07
Trade: pokedex05 for prithivi18 w/Ori
Recycled Art: bigkitty08, hitsuzen05, issachar20, lovey-dovey06, maestro14, monocle04, monocle11, monocle15, paternal13, raison09
Trade: aerialace13 for tauburn10 w/Naociak
Trade: androgynous02 for feminine12 w/Nayami
Level to Yellow: action13, respect01, selfless09 + brown crayon
Trade: brave20 for memorized04 w/Gigi
Trade: onmyouji13 for memorized05 w/Chizu

July 10, 2013
Trade: military08 for tauburn07 w/Gargant
Trade: ciaossu01 for judecca02 w/Ayla
Trade: private11 for tauburn03 w/Arianne
Pot of Gold: shikon20, eldarian09, ocean19, cats02, nerd06, paranormal15, daru20, partner02, safety01, general04, stardragon12, trance06, mushroom18, line05, nests07, lizard03, emotion17, mayonnaise07, aquapearl15, azuresky03, docodemo10, deadpan02, newrecruit20, vincent20, secondroom07

July 11, 2013
Trade: thieves16 for coolene11 w/Lycoris
Trade: deck17 for noble15 w/Jun
Trade: mushroom18 for wayward13 w/Cassie
Trade: germany08 for classical13 w/Sealand
Trade x2: newrecruit20 and paranormal15 for oldlion19 and ayingott20 w/Allmia
Trade: cats02 for trailblazer14 w/Beth
Trade x3: lizard03, minor07, souls17 for fashion08, mws05, mws15 w/Rachel
Crosswords 59: unwavering03, whitemage10, javelin05, salmon09
Art Shop: purple crayon for innuendos07
Sketchpads 5 & 6: momokan17, devoted01, maniac19, choice06 + purple crayon x2
Trade x2: momokan17 and whirlwind20 for fashion20, rainfell01 and rainfell08 w/Moon
Trade: docodemo10 for ambidex15 w/Manda
Trade x3: daru02, daru20 and safety01 for bigkitty07, magician02 and slave17 w/Howl
--- (carry one over)
Trade: doll16 for oldlion13 w/Nea

July 12, 2013
Gift from Lain: minami12, nishi04, nishi10
Trade: maniac19 for hero05 w/Floor
Trade x2: vincent20 and trailblazer14 for tauburn08 and tauburn18 w/Mavis
Trade: sevenseas09 for umn18 w/Ten
Trade x3: choice06, deadpan02, respect01 for goals01, inside17, loud10 w/Delitan
Pot of Gold: goals01, inside17, loud10
Art Studio: frog04, hero05, maestro14, slave17, blues02, nerd06 for selfless16, selfless17 (not yet received)
Art Shop: red crayon x2 for selfless19, selfless20 (not yet received)
Trade: stardragon12 for judecca09 w/Mazoku
Trade: azuresky03 for wine05 w/Ivoryandhorn
Trade: action13 for nindou04 w/Ankari

July 13, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 129: cosplay04, robots05, scars17

July 14, 2013
Level to Green: wildflower15, despair19, selfless12 + purple crayon
Mastered Selfless: reanimated11, kindness05, tauburn02 + blue crayon
Trade: salmon09 for musket13 w/Kuri
Trade: isako06 for nishi15 w/Ceesoo
Trade: bigkitty07 for nonary15 w/Makoto
Colors Quiz 6: android18, second19, heian19, cleaver16, presence10, nerd12, lionheart15
Trade: lionheart15 for prithivi01 w/Michi
Trade: aquapearl15 for skateboard06 w/Chikky
Quilting 49: tattoo10, seiyuu17, ribbon03
Trade: wildflower15 for prithivi02 w/Erin
Pick a Color 75: gandoria13, rising04, lazy14 + green crayon
Trade: android18 for four13 w/Yana
Trade: lovey-dovey06 for skateboard07 w/Rachel

July 15, 2013
Sketchpads 7 & 8 + red crayon x2 trade: selfless19, selfless20, eris14, identity14, t-shirt14, insect11 + orange crayon and blue crayon
Trade: opera11 for musket02 w/Lauren
Trade: presence10 for ambidex10 w/Ouji
Neku's Music Station 152: boyish19, 1stlt09, council19
Conan's Clues 151: hunter05, buttercup17
Trade: intuition19 for seasalt03 w/Shannon
Trade: ocean19 for arrogant01 w/Gargant

July 16, 2013
Trade: love11 for skateboard11 w/Debs
Art Studio: selfless16, selfless17
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 152: reserved09, fireball14, toys02
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 149: robots13, lenster19, one11
Beauty Pageant 64: father15, deduction08, curemuse20, powder04 + green crayon

July 17, 2013
Trade: general04 for kunst20 w/Riidaa
Trade: fireball14 for locket12 w/Nayami

July 18, 2013
Trade: lenster19 for smell10 w/Sammich
Trade: shenlong11 for wayward17 w/Necro

July 22, 2013
Recycled Art: feminine01, feminine10, fugaku04, fugaku06, fugaku12
Pokeradar 152: shenlong20, klutz13
Neku's Music Station 153: obliged15, block19, speaking20
Conan's Clues 152: spaz17, curiosity06
Trade: trance06 for skateboard13 w/Kiwi
Trade: council19 for prithivi19 w/Tale
Trade: oblivion08 for fashion10 w/Aru
Trade: cosplay04 for skateboard10 w/Aru
Seiyuu Guess 130: shishi-oh04, waterdrop10, irondragon16
Trade: eris14 for raison19 w/Katie
Trade: mechapilots15 for arrogant18 w/Heather
Trade: t-shirt14 for kurogamon16 w/Katy
Colors Musical Playground: undead17, principal15, knowledge17, duck19, abandon14, collector03
Trade: contests07 for noble17 w/Holo

July 23, 2013
Trade: collector03 for gynoid12 w/Mazoku
Recycled Art: taisa01, taisa02, taisa05, taisa10, taisa11
Trade: speaking20 for gynoid16 w/Allmia
Trade: monocle04 for balbadd09 w/Ankari

July 24, 2013
Trade: fugaku04 for fisttype04 w/Gabe
Trade: block19 for sevenseas01 w/Christi
Crayon trade: brown crayon x2 for keyblade05 and two14 w/Chrissy
Trade: seiyuu17 for seasalt07 w/Ets
Trade: boyish19 for skateboard04 w/Astral
Trade: monocle11 for balbadd02 w/Floor
Trade: partner02 for sevenseas06 w/Nayami
Trade: nerd12 for balbadd19 w/Poi
Sketchpad 9: obliged13, photographs20 + purple crayon
Trade x4: robots05, robots13, excluded20, sign15 for balbadd08, fanalis16, fanalis20, magi17 w/Jane
Trade: centurio07 for fanalis14 w/Fel
Trade: futon17 for magi10 w/Naociak
Trade: powder04 for hydrangea06 w/Styx
Trade: gadoria13 for magi04 w/Tokiya

July 25, 2013
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 153: kyotouryuu10, crow13, moonwalker11
Trade: lazy14 for classical08 w/Kaia
Trade: 5stars08 for sevenseas19 w/Gargant
Pokeradar 153: amarcian08, ditz13
Trade: bugle16 for fanalis07 w/Shannon
Trade: buttercup17 for fanalis18 w/Chikky
Trade: fugaku12 for rebellious09 w/Gabe

July 26, 2013
Trade: curemuse20 for rebellious03 w/Abby
Trade: hydrangea06 for balbadd04 w/Kiss
Crosswords 60: breeder16, asobot07, chairman04, old17
Neku's Music Station 154: belarus15, deadpan5, piccolo05
Trade x2: curiosity06 and javelin05 for magi20 and sevenseas20 w/Eri
Conan's Clues 153: miko17, rookie17
Sketchpad 10: badluck16, leasing16 + purple crayon
Trade: knowledge17 for wayward02 w/Stareyes
Trade: fugaku06 for nonary01 w/John
Gift from John: nonary03, nonary04, nonary05, nonary09, nonary12, nonary13, nonary18, nonary19, nonary20

July 27, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 131: astraphobia09, bass18, nature14

July 28, 2013
Trade: bass18 for ambidex20 w/Abby
Trade: brewery03 for protector02 w/Aru
Level to Blue: petshop15, roadroller13, tauburn04 + green crayon
Switch it Up: toys02 for dawn08 + purple crayon
Colors Quiz Round 8: temple12, transform04, headband08, magic18, fifthroom06, cryokinesis01, shades09, musket01 + orange crayon
Trade: one11 for two02 w/Caitie
Trade: magic18 for sohcatoa19 w/Gabe
Trade: ribbon03 for obliged01 w/Nea
Trade: reanimated11 for wine15 w/Melissa
Trade: klutz13 for sayo20 w/Fumika
Trade: poison07 for dialect17 w/Ankari
Trade: waterdrop10 for doujin20 w/Berri
Trade: badluck16 for umn11 w/Becca
Trade: amarcian08 for gynoid15 w/Lita
Trade: sommelier02 for swimmer10 w/Ori
Trade: oriental16 for fanalis15 w/Jane
Trade x2: autozam07, chairman04 for cleaver07, magician06 w/Dove
--- (carry one)
Trade: secondroom07 for arrogant17 w/Ashley
Trade: bills16 for hyperactive06 w/Floor
Trade: roadroller13 for fanalis19 w/Ellie

July 29, 2013
Musical Playground Trading 1: guilt10, savate07, planeptune18, gorilla17 + purple crayon
Trade x2: end01 and kunst20 for bell15 and keyblade19 w/Raven
Trade: paranoia11 for umn04 w/Fel
Trade: schemer08 for protector10 w/Dialny
Trade: raison09 for sevenseas02 w/Tibby
Trade: hyperactive06 for bride06 w/AJ
Trade: emotion17 for oldlion07 w/Aaron
Musical Playground Trading 2: shooter06, iceblue20, text01, newton07 + purple crayon
Trade: whitemage10 for magi12 w/Stareyes
Trade: ditz13 for strikers02 w/Netbug
Trade: sohcahtoa19 for bell18 w/Naociak
Trade: deduction08 for umn01 w/Emma
Trade: strikers02 for umn05 w/Gargant
Trade: devoted01 for dawn14 w/Cassidy
Trade: doujin20 for empathy02 w/Chrissy
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 154: studybug12, meganekko12, curebeauty06
Trade: heian19 for obliged03 w/Johanna
Trade: brother07 for gynoid07 w/Lucathia
Trade: deadpan15 for blackcat09 w/Sammich
Trade: curebeauty06 for earthshaker03 w/Chikky
Trade: reserved09 for minami18 w/Beth

July 30, 2013
Trade: bio-weapon12 for varnani11 w/Allmia
Trade: curiosity12 for samekh12 w/Nayami
Quilting 50: fortune03, form03, innocent17
Pick a Color 76: heroes19, oblivion06
Trade: locket12 for keyblade13 w/Stareyes
Art Studio: asobot07, smell10, taisa01, taisa02, taisa05, taisa10 for tauburn05, tauburn06
Sketchpad 11 and 12: defeated17, tiger18, guitar11, fanclub08 + yellow crayon, green crayon
Trade: temple12 for uranus11 w/Christy
Recycled Art: betreida10, scientist07, scientist08, scientist11, sen07, taozi14, taozi15, taozi16, taozi17, taozi19
Musical Playground Trade 3: blackmage04, oath14, paradox12, kiseru16 + grey crayon
Trade: meganekko12 for minami10 w/Kiss
Trade: irondragon16 for bell04 w/Makoto
Trade: unrequited06 for abh10 w/Miles
Trade: miko17 for rainfell04 w/Jen
Trade: kindness05 for spicyageha05 w/Styx
Trade: guilt10 for bride12 w/Rachel
Recycled Art: abel06, abel17, bubbly09, bubbly10, cain01, cain06, cain07, cain08, cain17

July 31, 2013
Musical Playground Trade 4: pharaoh07, iageri06, conductor12, romance06 + green crayon
Trade: mayonnaise07 for fashion07 w/Venice
Trade x3: hunter05, petshop15, spicyageha05 for arrogant06, arrogant13, arrogant15 w/Ten
Pokeradar 154: monta19, chibimoon13
Trade: abandon14 for seasalt09 w/Netbug
Trade: defeated17 for mysterious18 w/Mazoku
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 155: college17, tarundoru07, negate09
Trade: birds17 for memorized15 w/Sammich
Sketchpad 13: t-shirt02, octava01 + red crayon
Trade: octava01 for record10 w/Delitan
Trade: oath14 for bigkitty06 w/Trias
Trade: eldarian09 for ambidex03 w/Ten

August 1, 2013
Trade: nature14 for earthshaker15 w/Moon
Trade: piccolo05 for record15 w/Ayla
Musical Playground Trade 5: a-hall08, ouji16, obsessed07, nephew15 + brown crayon
Conan's Clues 154 and 155: hellmaster18, helpful10, neptune18, vengeance18
Trade: tarundoru07 for wayward04 w/Ayla
Trade: despair19 for recall06 w/Howl
BOTB Round 1: vermouth07, pursuing16, sin10, cliff17, overpower07, moonwalker07
Trade: shikon20 for varna18 w/Kuri
Trade: wine05 for sevenseas04 w/Berri

August 2, 2013
Art Shop: orange crayon for blaze02 (which has already been used in BOTB Round 1)
Trade: hellmaster18 for mws02 w/Harukami
Trade: form03 for fisttype08 w/Mazoku
Trade: ouji16 for samekh18 w/Eri
Trade: vengeance18 for kurogamon14 w/Alma
Pot of Gold: 5stars16, introvert08, status08, castle16, volleyball01, music18, deimosking17, editor12, brokenrose06, taisa19, military02, anko20, misfortune02, dojo10, pheromone20, tall01, elemia17, persocom19, broke15, ufo15, akagami01, costumes05, tarundoru09, ditz14, blazers05, pendulum13, underwear13, spicy08, unique11, curerouge04, beautiful05, tengu09, chu-hi14 + red crayon, brown crayon
Trade: nindou01 for fashion17 w/Miles
Trade: insect11 for protector06 w/Charlotte
Trade: spicy08 for classical01 w/Ankari
Musical Playground Trade 6: tamarin05, ousaka08, heroes13, pro01 + purple crayon
Trade: abh10 for rival15 w/Drea
Trade x4: pheromone20, ditz14, pursuing16, beautiful05 for fisttype19, answer07, kurogamon19 and order15
--- (carry 1)
Trade: elemia17 for rebellious11 w/Delitan
Beauty Pageant 65: housewife01, anko10, hitsuzen03, oldlion08 + purple crayon
Trade: chibimoon13 for earthshaker09 w/Francy
Trade: tattoo10 for earthshaker16 w/Fumika
Trade: blackmage04 for varnani01 w/Truebluespark
Trade: issachar20 for judecca17 w/Sarie

August 3, 2013
Trade: magician06 for bell12 w/Blue
Trade: nephew15 for seasalt06 w/Kuri
Trade: pharaoh07 for rainfell14 w/Nayami
Switch it Up: nests07 for bell07
Trade: tall01 for camaraderie10 w/ReneeTwist
Musical Playground Trade 7: strategist16, storm18, dubhe12, sakanade03 + grey crayon
Trade x5: anko10, military02, ufo15, unique11 and cliff17 for bell20, ayingott13, mourning10, phones18 and homunculus19 w/Aru
Trade: pendulum13 for hyourinmaru17 w/Lycoris
Trade: sakanade03 for starter14 w/Michelle
Trade: monta19 for wayward06 w/Aaron
Trade x 2: iceblue20 and psychometry19 for gynoid05 and ayingott10 w/Heather
Trade: starter14 for musket19 w/Jen
Trade: dialect17 for soft06 w/Nea

August 4, 2013
Trade: cuter20 for whiterabbit13 w/Mei
Trade: savate07 for minami06 w/Ivory and Horn
Trade: curerouge04 for seminar13 w/Nayami
Trade: belarus15 for bride08 w/Emma
Adding Decks to Database: athena13, conqueror09, fish11, tabris18, inspector10, blaster19, syndicate20
Trade: uranus11 for musket05 w/Arianne

August 5, 2013
Trade: klutz13 for musket12 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: tiger18 for bride16 w/Ruriair
Neku's Music Station 155 and 156: iga16, knave18, loudmouth14, solar11, wish17, newkama13
Trade: dancer16 for mws12 w/Thao
Trade: inspector10 for rainfell09 w/Allmia
Trade: a-hall08, strategist16, editor12 for gynoid03, homunculus10, mourning13 w/Bao

August 6, 2013
BOTB Round 2: pacifist13, fool05, maskedg16, heybo03, oneesan04
BOTB Round 4: spy06, chiropteran15, aqua16, prince07
BOTB Round 5: give astraphobia09, gain negate06, hydrangea07
Trade: chiropteran15 for magi03 w/Fel
BOTB Round 5 (2): give knave18, gain firstaid10, instructor09
Trade: firstaid10 for nindou17 w/Melissa
Trade x2 brokenrose06 and vermouth07 for conflicted05 and enjoy18 w/Ets
Trade: sen07 for rebellious08 w/Coco
Trade: music18 for littledevil11 w/Debs
Trade: fool05 for memorized13 w/Delitan
Gift (gave): senbon17 to Lepidopteran
Trade: castle16 for paopufruit02 w/Netbug
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 134: social16
Seiyuu Guess 132: cry08, shooter08, blessed14
Switch it Up: cryokinesis01, abel06 and 5stars16 for classical18, oldlion20 and fantasia10

August 7, 2013
Trade: mute14 for fanalis05 w/Fumika
Musical Playground Trading 8: manikatti16, sos03, fansevice01, planeptune15 + purple crayon
Sketchpads 14-16: sensei04, presence19, cosmos15, cigarettes06, heroes16, bills10 + yellow crayon, blue crayon, brown crayon
Trade: recall06 for rebellious16 w/Lita
Trade: persocom19 for breeder02 w/Yana
Trade x2: heroes13, heroes19 for fanalis04, fanalis12 w/Ouji
Trade: syndicate20 for order14 w/Tot
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 156: mizar12, udonge11, curepine16

August 8, 2013
Trade: prince07 for record08 w/Vincent
Trade: answer07 for rebellious17 w/Lex
Trade: shugo15 for umn17 w/Delitan
Conan's Clues 156: archer03, aries08
Trade x3: heroes16, presence19 and whiterabbit13 for 66710, knife12 and locket14 w/Ouji
Trade: housewife01 for seasalt17 w/Chikky
Trade: drugs02 for fashion18 w/Amara

August 9, 2013
Trade: deimosking17 for cousin06 w/Ceesoo
Trade: status08 for umn13 w/Tote
Trade: underwear13 for varnani13 w/Silas
Crosswords 61: pig04, symmetry07, crusnik08, six03
Switch it Up: scientist08 for 66616
Trade: archer03 for strikers12 w/Mii
Trade: tamarin05 for littledevil17 w/Katie

August 10, 2013
Trade: enjoy18 for sevenseas17 w/Shannon
Trade: unwavering03 for maou11 w/Adeline
Release 40: versicolor08, guertena06, center05, funland01, ashikabi04, vritra04, indedent04, bound02, avalanche02, scribe03
Trade: tabris18 for zagan07 w/Alex
Musical Playground Trade 9: guts18, lolishota15, delete17, tuna09 + red crayon

August 11, 2013
Trade: center05 for zagan01 w/Drea
Trade: lolishota15 for minami02 w/Ivory and Horn
Trade: ashikabi04 for phones14 w/Harukami
Trade: zaibatsu09 for zagan05 w/Lex
Trade: shades09, world05 for red crayon x2 w/Gabe
Trade: futon17 for prithivi04 w/Angie
BOTB Round 8: red crayon
Trade: scribe03 for zagan03 w/Ceesoo
Trade: cosmos15 for zagan09 w/Lua

August 12, 2013
Trade: funland01 for judgment12 w/Delitan
Trade: tarundoru09 for balbadd12 w/Octa
Sketchpad 17: owl15, foreigner07 + purple crayon
Trade x2: vritra04 and sin10 for fantasia11 and minami04 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: judgment12 for four18 w/Alex
Trade: avalanche02 for wine06 w/Tot
Trade: indecent02 for zagan18 w/AJ
Trade: bound02 for cousin01 w/Mazoku
Trade: detectives18 for zagan02 w/Styx
Trade: broomstick11 for fashion15 w/Astral
Trade: wish17 for zagan10
Level to Purple: lunatic19, hollywood11, tauburn09 + purple crayon
Level to Brown: escaped06, herbs13, tauburn19 + brown crayon

August 13, 2013
Mysterious Mastery: calming15, cigarettes09, tauburn20 + green crayon
Tauburn Mastery: performer15, orthopedics10, wayward19 + orange crayon
Wayward Mastery: psybeam19, private01, memorized07 + blue crayon
Recycled Art: 66706, april10, broomstick11, cheri11, kekkai07, maou17, reshbal14, green02, megaten15, pilots12
Trade: lunatic19 for four10 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: guertena06 for zagan08 w/Eri
Trade: father15 for musket09 w/Tot

August 14, 2013
Trade: hydrangea07 for sevenseas10 w/AJ
Art Lessons With Rukia 150: excellent15, cool07
Quilting 51: krita-yuga06, rise19, fool09
Pick a Color 77: cureberry11, blackbelt16, primo09
Trade x2: rival15 and psybeam19 for ayingott06 and ruin11 w/Dialny
Trade: cool07 for coolene15 w/Berri
Trade: locket14 for zagan11 w/Christy
Pokeradar 155: crusnik10, spicyageha19, parallel19, clover15
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 157: notequal20, chupa07, coffee12

August 15, 2013
Sketchpad 18: selfless15, freedom07 + blue crayon
Art Shop: purple crayon x13 for mysterious01, mysterious03, mysterious04, mysterious05, mysterious06, mysterious07, mysterious09, mysterious10, mysterious11, mysterious12, mysterious14, mysterious17, mysterious19
Art Shop: green crayon x7 for wayward03, wayward05, wayward07, wayward10, wayward11, wayward14, wayward16
Trade: six03 for sevenseas07 w/Nayami
Trade: orthopedics10 for guertena20 w/Lua
Conan's Clues 157: tails10, asset18

August 16, 2013
Trade: krita-yuga06 for christmas16 w/Lauren

August 17, 2013
Trade x2: kyoturyuu10 and junk11 for balbadd17 and zagan12 w/Chizu
Trade: notequal20 for maou02 w/Dev
Neku's Music Station 157: scholarship11, scan12, submit16
Trade: tails10 for goodluck03 w/Ankari
Trade: coffee12 for zagan13 w/Ashley
Trade: magician02 for zagan06 w/Blue
Trade: principal15 for balbadd05 w/Mora
Trade: guertena20 for zagan14 w/Erin
Sketchpad 19: haicopy13 draciel06 + grey grayon

August 18, 2013
Trade: kiseru16 for seminar15 w/Melissa
Trade: paradox12 for swearing02 w/Anna
Trade: guts18 for zagan16 w/Jane

August 19, 2013
Trade: conductor12 for bell19 w/Lita

August 20, 2013
Scrapbook Theme Poll: rebirth16, kekkai01, miracles08
Versicolor special deck suggestion: ditzy02, taurus04, regina14
Trade: scan12 for earthshaker02 w/Lizzy
Trade: taurus04 for ashikabi03 w/Bao

August 21, 2013
Trade: akagami01 for fantasia12 w/Mavis
Trade: selfless15 for fisttype10 w/Naociak
Reading Between the Lines 74: eyeshadow08, freshgreen07, sincerity20
Host Club Giveaway 69: odd08, tsunshun10, heropon07
Trade: fool09 for oldlion18 w/Thao
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 158: pro13, doctor11, dedicated02
Trade: dedicated02 for ayingott01 w/Miles
Trade: tengu09 for al-thamen18 w/Johanna
Trade: gorilla17 for classical16 w/Venice
Trade x3: negate06, negate09, udonge11 for bell06, luna09, fantasia06 w/Emma
Trade: conflicted05 for al-thamen06 w/Shuri
Trade: tsunshun10 for coolene12 w/Floor

August 22, 2013
Trade: crow13 for al-thamen17 w/Cassidy
Trade x2: dojo10 and ambitious14 for drums03 and basketball10 w/Raven
Trade: hyourinmaru17 for zagan15 w/Lyrael
Trade: rise19 for minami20 w/Makoto
Trade: rookie17 for zagan04 w/Ayla
Trade: clover15 for minami14 w/Styx
Trade: reshbal14 for noble16 w/Pam
Sketchpad 20: order05, unwavering01 + purple crayon

August 23, 2013
Trade: sincerity20 for umn14 w/Angie
Conan's Clues 158: unruly13, items10
Trade: college17 for al-thamen16 w/Aletha
Musical Magazine 1: iwant11
Trade x2: basketball10, drums03 for fashion05, balbadd13 w/Heather
Musical Magazine 2: loligothic08
Crosswords 62: darkknight09, aura09, narcissist02, pointer05
Musical Magazine 3: father17

August 24, 2013
Trade x2: neptune18 and oblivion06 for al-thamen11 and oceanwave02 w/Michelle
Trade: guitar11 for swearing19 w/Yeol
Trade: strikers12 for musket15 w/Vincent
Art Studio: abel17, cain01, cain06, cain07, cain08, rising04, taisa11, taisa19, taozi14, taozi15, taozi16, taozi17 for memorized11, memorized14, memorized16, memorized17
Musical Magazine 4: kitten19
Musical Magazine 5: code0404

August 25, 2013
Trade: empathy10 for oceanwave14 w/Harukami
Trade: shishi-oh04 for bell03 w/Caitie
Trade: fifthroom06 for bell05 w/Belle

August 26, 2013
Trade x2: feminine01 and green02 for conqueror16 and fantasia14 w/Mora
--- (carry 1)
Trade: rebirth16 for keyblade06 w/Aave
Trade: primo09 for skateboard05 w/Fumika
BOTB Round 5: use scientist07, get accurate10, mariebelle01
Pick a Color 78: arcroyal14, poppo18, combat01, sunshine18, belarus17

August 27, 2013
Quilting 52: alexandria10, secondroom17, bloodelf03
Level to Gray: ishval04, traitor06, memorized18 + yellow crayon
Trade: eris06 for zagan19 w/January
Trade: another17 for seasalt16 w/Blue
Trade: tuna09 for rebellious20 w/Chels
BOTB 3rd Place: gunjou13, nyan02, patissier05, safety09, revizer18, peppy06, recessive12, steam16, octbirthday13, mascots07, assertive01, haughty16 + blue crayon, purple crayon x2, red crayon
Trade x2: narcissist02 and haughty16 for bikinis08 and marbirthday20 w/Ouji
Sketchpad 21: apple10, normal09 + green crayon

August 28, 2013
Trade: cureberry11 for skateboard01 w/Fumika
Trade: traitor06 for forbidden10 w/Dialny

August 29, 2013
BOTB Choice Card: nonary02
Trade: 66616 for four06
Switch it Up: cain17 for fisttype11
BOTB Round 16: claw08. tsukihime02, lollipops13, average07, swearing16
Neku's Music Station 158 and 159: akatsubaki09, commoner19, cutegirls12, accurate13, blackcat19, gankutsuou11
Trade: newkama13 for obliged05 w/Netbug
Trade x2: alexandria10 and betreida10 for bride09 and wires07 w/Qu-ko
Seiyuu Guess 134: manba14, ukraine03, einstein01
Trade x2: deny09 and volleyball01 for seasalt11 and oldlion12 w/Nata
Trade: symmetry07 for zagan17 w/Li
Trade x3: fish11, headband08, t-shirt02 for minami19, obliged12, phones12 w/Moon
Trade: accurate10 for judecca07 w/Vincent

August 30, 2013
Trade x2: crusnik08 and crusnik10 for judecca19 and skateboard14 w/Ashley
Trade: claw08 for fashion11 w/Nayami
Trade x2: eclipse02 and ruin11 for umn20 and wish17 w/Raven
Musical Magazine 6: sinner20
Musical Magazine 7: bunnydoll07
Musical Magazine 8: illomen15
Musical Magazine 9: goldsmith14

August 31, 2013
Trade: wish17 for keyblade03 w/Fumika
Trade: goldsmith14 for samekh05 w/Aaron
Trade: loligothic08 for guertena01 w/Trias
Musical Magazine 10: ousaka05
Musical Magazine 11: amarcian17
Musical Magazine 12: mutt10
Musical Magazine 13: strip05
Musical Magazine 14: adolescent08
Musical Magazine 15: parasol17

September 1, 2013
Musical Magazine 16: hypermonk19
Musical Magazine Final: seconds18
Trade: regina14 for oceanwave07 w/Miles
Trade x2: foreigner07, leasing16 for minami09, minami13 w/Lucathia
Trade: sunshine18 for sevenseas12 w/Debs
Trade: mutt10 for mourning09 w/Nayami
Trade: kekkai01 for noble07 w/Sammich
Trade x2: asset18 and bills10 for prince12 and samekh17 w/Raven
Trade: unwavering01 for arrogant16 w/AJ
Trade: fortune03 for oldlion06 w/Berri
Conan's Clues 159: fight06, traitor15
BOTB Round 12: darkangel16, warfare17, whiterabbit14, boss16, illomen07, pragmatic17, nii-nii01, twinstar16, volcanic10, conceited11
Sketchpad 22: fan01, swallow20 + blue crayon
Trade: prince12 for seasalt14 w/Vincent

September 2, 2013
Trade: gunjou13 for fashion01 w/Katy
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 159: fragarach20, bell19, euphoria06
Trade: doctor11 for fanalis10 w/Fumika

September 3, 2013
Recycled Art: kekkai01, kekkai02, kekkai03, kekkai04, littledevil16, oceanwave11

September 4, 2013
Trade: cousin01 for sevenseas09 w/Ankari
Reading Between the Lines 75: hakuryou07, obstinate09, blondie05
BOTB Round 3: record20, playboy05, benishigure15, kijin13, prideful14 + 2 purple crayons
Trade: benishigure15 for littledevil07 w/Melissa

September 5, 2013
Trade x2: chupa07 and spy06 for eris06 and rainfell20 w/Delitan
Neku's Music Station 160: cups02, skyjack01, motorcycle20
Trade: tsukihime02 for cheri14 w/Octa
Switch it Up: natsuo02 for earthshaker04

September 6, 2013
Host Club Giveaway 70: proud05, sniper11
Trade: mariebelle01 for paopufruit20 w/ Naru
Trade: ukraine03 for zagan20 w/Len
Trade: transform04 for kingkazma14 w/Aru
Trade: fragarach20 for musket06 w/Ouji
Zagan Mastery: x-scissor09, coach09, memorized19 + gray crayon
Memorized Mastery: firefist16, cryokinesis20, mws03 + yellow crayon
Trade: storm18 for bride05 w/Melissa
Trade: maou02 for swearing06 w/Lyrael
Crosswords 63: aerialace19, childofgod04, worst12, alter05
Trade: alter05 for butler12 w/Harukami
Pokeradar 158: silpheed07, ghostgirl07
Pokeradar 156: icefairy06, fragile10

September 7, 2013
Trade: amarcian17 for shattered17 w/Lepidopteran
Trade x2: illomen15 and swallow20 for seminar14 and cheerful12 w/Moe
Trade: 1stlt09 for bride13 w/TrueBlueSpark
Sketchpad 23: reporter10, golem10 + purple crayon
Trade: cigarettes06 for minami03 w/Poi

September 8, 2013
Beauty Pageant 66: powerpuff10, line19, flower08, elite02 + red crayon
Trade: safety09 for nishi11 w/Mal
Trade: performer15 for earthshaker13 w/ReneeTwist
Trade: motorcycle20 for phones13 w/Ets
Trade: private01 for luna17 w/Netbug
Trade x2: manikatti16 and blessed14 for mystery03 and nindou07 w/Stareyes
Crayon Exchange: purple x2 for brown x2 w/Lepidopteran
Switch it Up: conceited11 for maguskiller10
Trade x2: kijin13 and eyeshadow08 for fairies11 and wakening05 w/Johanna
Switch it Up: scientist11, text01, aqua16 and taozi19 for noble05, wires02, kid20 and phones05

September 9, 2013
Hokuto deck donation: cantus01, boy-crazy15, precepts10 + blue crayon
Trade: cousin06 for paimon18 w/Jen
Trade x4: volcanic10, dubhe12, parallel19 and reporter10 for paimon10, attache01, megaten16 and partner19 w/Qu-ko
Trade: illomen07 for paimon06 w/Moe
Trade: cry08 for paimon11 w/Pam
Trade x3: ghostgirl07, maskedg16, iwant11 for homunculus04, wine20, answer06 w/Tale
Trade: helpful10 for paimon07 w/Mii
Release 41: diamonds02, mokkun02, 20th04, medicines14, blackblood20, rabbitears02, redeyed02, raider12, survive06, yanderes05, fairytales09, noble01
Trade: yanderes05 for paimon01 w/Lita
Trade: rabbitears02 for paimon15 w/Berri
Trade: mokkun02 for paimon05 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: raider12 for paimon17 w/Ari
Trade: blackblood20 for paimon14 w/Kati
Trade: 20th04 for paimon04 w/Raven
Trade: survive06 for paimon16 w/Johanna
Trade: instructor09 for prithivi06 w/Trias
BOTB Round 13: bio-weapon19, choker16, bangle05, logout09, loligothic20, melons13, uryu14, fire18, responsible15, manners20, slob01, takoyaki20 + brown crayon, gray crayon
Trade: loligothic20 for agni08 w/Trias
Trade: freshgreen07 for paimon19 w/Coco
Trade: silpheed07 for antique09 w/ Lycoris
Trade: golem10 for two12 w/Melissa
Trade: father17 for paimon09 w/Riidaa

September 10, 2013
Trade: medicines14 for paimon13 w/Noxie

September 11, 2013
Trade: redeyed02 for paimon20 w/Tot
Trade: gankutsuou11 for fanalis08 w/Astral
Trade: diamonds02 for paimon03 w/Ivoryandhorn
Level to Strawberry: marimo03, shujaa15, sultry13, mws04 + blue crayon
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 160 and 161: goldsmith03, tsunpo09, outlook15, capturer08, accounts11, across06
Trade: capturer08 for ladyluck12 w/Mazoku
Trade: accounts11 for eyes03 w/Miles

September 12, 2013
Pick a Color 79: taurus12, responsible12, sweat10, alcohol13
Trade: unruly13 for fisttype02 w/Floor
Trade: curepine16 for fanalis06 w/Ivoryandhorn
Trade: marimo03 for vinea09 w/Naru

September 13, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 135: nests01, nayatte01, reason03, adam17
Trade: average07 for ashikabi07 w/Lain
Trade: melons13 for earthshaker19 w/Octa
Sketchpads 24, 25, 26: sew03, blondie17, pke02, archadia02, alcohol14, zessen13 + blue crayon, yellow crayon, orange crayon
Conan's Clues 160: gears06, pervert13
Conan's Clues 161: forelock19, brash11
Trade: planeptune15 for paopufruit10 w/Kiss
Trade: record08 for paimon08 w/Francy

September 14, 2013
Trade: raison19 for nonary17 w/Namika
Trade: cantus01 for homunculus14 w/Rein

September 15, 2013
Trade x2: childofgod04 and x-scissor09 for oceanwave13 and sew02 w/Moon
Trade: fanservice01 for playbirdie03 w/Mavis
Trade: attache01 for umn19 w/Stareyes
Seiyuu Guess 136: television05, androgynous17, windmill11

September 16, 2013
Trade x2: kekkai02, kekkai03 for cleaver01, mourning01 w/Namika

September 17, 2013
Trade: bloodelf02 for paimon02 w/Pikari
Trade: whiterabbit14 for paimon12 w/Ouji
PoG Give: pipi01, abh20, hollywood11, shenlong20 (Note: technically given at the end of last month, but PoG awards went out this day, so I'm subtracting these cards on this date.)
Give Gift: bell19 to Anrui
Pot of Gold Rewards: delusions20, heichou02, counter07, cyborgidol13, honorific17, elegance01, mansion15, anaru01, marchhare14, selfless20, fanservice07, reiki16, optimist17, changshan11, east19, blachsmith15, watcher05, skydragon05, loveletter08, saikoku10, mechanical15, parasite14, caliber03, pottery16, protestant07, armored01, diamond06, ecure11
Trade: mansion15 for seashells10 w/Qu-ko
Trade x2: blondie05, blondie17 for bell14, shattered12 w/Harukami

September 18, 2013
Crayon trade: purple crayon x2 for phones04 and fogtroupe11 w/Christy
Recycled Art: kekkai09, kekkai10, kekkai11, kekkai13, ronin03, ronin13
Trade: blacksmith15 for balbadd03 w/Lepidopteran
Recycled Art: ignored12, marry15, ronin14, ronin15, rebellious01, mars13
Trade x2: bangle05 and choker16 for obliged20 and seashells04 w/Ten
Trade: goldsmith03 for vinea03 w/Aave
Trade: pottery16 for two18 w/Katy
Trade: marchhare14 for balbadd16 w/Ouji
Trade: fanservice07 for ashikabi12 w/Diana

September 19, 2013
Trade x2: cups02 and bunnydoll07 for keyblade11 and minami17 w/Delitan
Paimon Mastery: shingetsu14, destined19, four05 + green crayon
Reading Between the Lines 76: indra05, wutai03, figurine11
Trade: sweat10 for al-thamen19 w/Sammich
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 162: canary17, wires04, entertainer15
Crayon trade: orange crayon for protector20 w/Ivi
Trade: spicyageha19 for earthshaker05 w/Trias

September 20, 2013
Trade: misfortune02 for fisttype14 w/AL
Gift: herbs13 to Len
Trade: loveletter08 for rainfell19 w/Miles
Trade: ecure11 for al-thamen09 w/Harukami
Trade: belarus15 for fogtroupe12 w/Ouji
BOTB Round 7: gadgeteer05, alien05, shamisen13
Crosswords 64: melchsee10, aqua13, saturn08, paladin11, undertaker14, villains01
BOTB Round 9: musicboxes13, mind05, mystery01, answer05, healthcare04
Sketchpad 27: batanima10, yeast06 + brown crayon
Trade: combat01 for luna10 w/Melissa

September 21, 2013
Trade: aerialace19 for fairytales01 w/Wolf
Trade: villains01 for tanabata19 w/Diana
Trade: moonwalker07 for judecca20 w/Lucathia
Trade: eyes03 for arrogant20 w/Nea
Ryoga's Directions 72: excalibur20, 10join15, choker09, fireball08, seminar11, footloose05 + brown crayon

September 22, 2013
Trade: adam17 for seashells15 w/Ashley
Trade: musicboxes13 for wires09 w/Sammich
Host Club Giveaway 71: seiryuu12, faithful18
Art Lessons With Rukia 151: aimo04, cat02
BOTB Round 11: manipulate17, kitten18, nyoro08, kodama16, soldier13, sockpuppet19
Trade: logout09 for wires16 w/Jen
Trade: seconds18 for gangster01 w/Styx
Gift: icefairy06 to Arc

September 24, 2013
Trade: calming15 for fogtroupe05 w/Gabe
Trade: figurine11 for halloween08 w/Mae
Recycled Art: devil04, devil07, devil08, devil10, devil11, devil13

September 25, 2013
Sketchpad 28: answer09, lionheart18 + red crayon
Art Studio: devil04, devil07, devil08, devil10, devil11, devil13, blackcat01, blackcat19, lollipops13, heybo03, heybo17, shooter06 for four07, four11, four12, four14
Art Studio: escaped06, changshan11, fairies11, halloween08, mascots07, octbirthday13, ousaka05, ousaka08, partner19, tanabata19, thieves02, wakening05 for nonary06, nonary07, nonary11, nonary14
Trade: poland06 for fashion09 w/Kiss
Trade x2: kekkai10 and kekkai13 for rainfell13 and magi18 w/Sammich
Trade: miracles08 for fairytales12 w/Berri
Trade: shamisen13 for marbirthday07 w/Venice
Trade: ditzy02 for bride19 w/Chikky

September 26, 2013
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 163: mockingbird04, cello12, magnet11, soothsayer10
Pokeradar 159: strength12, inferior11
Pokeradar 162: cooking16, sinnoh16
Trade: cello12 for northstar10 w/Riidaa

September 27, 2013
Conan's Clues 162: mascot13, deities15, ignored17
Trade: twinstar16 for paopufruit08 w/Sammich
Switch it Up: anko20, costumes05, siscon12, text20 for junes20, obliged08, breeder15, playbirdie17
Trade: sultry13 for varnani05 w/AJ
Crazy Colors (take 1): darkangel16 for pilots05, screams01, butler07
Crazy Colors (take 2) chu-hi14 for police11, quality09, 66614

September 28, 2013
Trade x2: pro01 and excalibur20 for trapnest15 and arcana08 w/Delitan
Switch it Up: bubbly09 for deny08
Trade: anaru01 for playbirdie02 w/Melissa

September 29, 2013
Trade: items10 for bell02 w/Anna

September 30, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 137: shujaa17, joajna11, rouge02
Trade: outlook15 for cleaver13 w/Qu-ko
Trade: hakuryou07 for electricity03 w/Netbug
Trade: batanima10 for wien15 w/January
Trade: zessen13 for fairytales02 w/Arianne
Sketchpad 29: curehappy12, butt07 + red crayon
Recycled Art: dawn02, dawn06, fashion06, fantasia05, fantasia19, megaten13
Trade: canary17 for bored17 w/Namika
Trade: normal09 for rhythmic13 w/Qu-ko
Trade: warfare17 for kurogamon15 w/Nayami

October 2, 2013
Pot of Gold: rat10, yanderes14, t-shirt08, honoo07, 4-dpocket08, exsphere02, demonrose04, undead15, choromi13, junk20, wisewolf15, pipe10, cybernetic01, aries11, gretel19, iss07, copying01, meruru12, four18, villains15, fan10, binbougami12, breath10, alias01, rafale13, rafale15, housewife11, kodama04, shogun18, vest17, cake11, old06, frigid02 + red crayon, gray crayon
Trade: mascot13 for xrosheart09 w/Moon
Trade: rat10 for mystery05 w/Harukami
Trade: firefist16 for samekh10 w/Vincent
Coloring Book 59 (part 1): old17 for bronco20 and longdau02
Coloring Book 59 (part 2): second19 for merciless17 and cointoss12
Trade: fire18 for paopufruit04 w/Delitan
Trade: four18 for luna01 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: freedom07 for homunculus09 w/Lizzy

October 3, 2013
Trade x5: overpower07, blaster19, obstinate09, undead15, loudmouth14 for hair05, unicolyon11, izuna-otoshi01, conquest01 w/Awe
Trade x2: nyan02 and optimist15 for dawn04 and balbadd20 w/Lili
Trade: choker09 for luna20 w/Ten
Trade x2: parasite14 and watcher05 for ashikabi01 and luna16 w/Anna
Trade: armored01 for gynoid02 w/Li
Seiyuu Guess 138: pianist06, adam08, confrontal01
Trade: confrontal01 for wires03 w/Mii
Reading Between the Lines 77: goodcop12, dandelion16, home03, ko04
Trade: kitten18 for ambidex06 w/Ankari
Nonary Mastery: gamble03, 8-bit06, engrish02, ambidex01 + blue crayon
Trade: pro13 for poland06 w/Raven
Trade: iga16 for mourning12 w/Venice
Trade: dandelion16 for empty09 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: meruru12 for magi11 w/Laurant

October 4, 2013
Trade: shooter08 for seashells09 w/Rozen
Trade: mind05 for prithivi11 w/Lauren
Trade: arcroyal14 for prithivi10 w/Floor
Trade: elegance01 for protector18 w/Stareyes
Level to Tangerine: fan02, yasako03, hod14, four15 + red crayon
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 164: pyrokinesis08, american05, appetite01, ikebukuro20
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post 1: ophiuchus16, demonking03, marionette07, foxes06
Trade x2: kekkai04 and kekkai07 for varnani02 and two16 w/Namika
Neku's Music Station 162: health-care15, akagami20, foxmagic01, ryouran17
Trade: longdau02 for ambidex14 w/Caitie
Trade: brash11 and frigid02 for seasalt15 and bigkitty02 w/Tale
Seiyuu Guess 133: comedy06, yellow11, frozen11, stealth05

October 5, 2013
Ansem's Player Report 1: antoinette05, sympathy13, obsessed10, melchsee07
Trade: home03 for earthshaker12 w/Mazoku
Trade: wisewolf15 for ronin17 w/Pam
Trade x2: hod14 and pyrokinesis08 for luna02 and mourning19 w/Mii
Trade x2: copying01 and rouge02 for ayingott18 and gamer20 w/Ten
Trade: pianist06 for fashion02 w/Duo
Trade: american05 for judecca18 w/Ori
Crosswords 65: fortune19, zangetsu11, generation14, private03
Crazy Colors 52 (part 1): photographs20 for chronicle10, buster09, gakuen19
Crazy Colors 52 (part 2): junk20 for darktailor14, small13, expelled14
Help Miss Kamila 1: limiters12, telepathy01
Trade x2: nindou04 and nindou07 for keyblade09 and varnani08 w/Naoto
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post Monthly: 66707, england03, schemer09, mature10, orichalcos14, elrond11, operator07, frog13, romance02, tanabata02, shinigami04, byakko19, toon15, hotdog20, flamboyant14, petal14, twilight20, furniture14, kbt03, western05

October 6, 2013
Trade: yanderes14 for christmas07 w/Noxie
Trade: yellow11 for playbirdie15 w/Erin
Switch it Up: yeast06 for kurogamon10
Trade: marionette07 for judecca06 w/Aave
Trade: generation14 for vinea11 w/Ori
Delete Shiritori With Medaka 1: gadgeteer05 for antoinette05, onion15, code0420
Ryoga's Directions 73: nephilim01, mist19, anti18, whipsmack06
Trade: scars17 for umn02 w/Harukami
Trade: delusions20 for rainfell18 w/Moth
Trade: magnet11 for classical19 w/Makoto
Trade: traitor15 for magi01 w/Mii
Beauty Pageant 68: varna06, zaibatsu02, analyzation06, sexta06
Trade: aimo04 for varnani03 w/Anna

October 7, 2013
Spare Parts 127: viola20, harmonious17, nurturing15, mokkun05, mage14
Gift: pentagram10, ruin12, kinkan05 from Gigi

October 8, 2013
October Release: thedevil01, self-help01, vjedogonian01, dead01, fortissimo01, rusty02, selfish01, survey01, shadowless03, virage02, raildex07, homunculus01
Trade: studybug12 for octal12 w/Riidaa
Trade: playboy05 for octal14 w/Styx
Trade: self-help01 for octal02 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: shadowless03 for octal16 w/Caitie
Trade: archadia02 for octal19 w/Kristi
Coloring Book 59 bonus: yellow crayon
Trade x2: soothsayer10 and 8-bit06 for gynoid04 and fairytales15 w/Adeline
Trade: alien05 for octal11 w/Netbug
Trade: raildex07 for octal03 w/Heather
Trade: vjedogonian01 for octal08 w/Harukami
Trade: skyjack01 for marry08 w/AL
Trade: fortissimo01 for octal04 w/Delitan
Trade: old06 for octal15 w/Rozen
Trade: inferior11 for octal17 w/Kinks
Trade: record10 for octal10 w/Pam
Trade: health-care04 for octal01 w/Ivi
Trade x2: seiryuu12 and villains15 for al-thamen01 and playbirdie13 w/Lycoris
Trade: boss16 for octal13 w/Moth
Trade x2: code0404 and code0420 for playbirdie06 and two07 w/Hijiri
Trade: sockpuppet19 for fairytales11 w/Kinks
Reading Between the Lines 78: guertena18, akatsubaki14, amulet14, coolene08, undead12, seiyuu16, dialect13, nonchalant02, blackknight15, crocodile02 + yellow crayon
Trade: nonchalant02 for 66608 w/Sammich
Trade: appetite01 for fairytales20 w/Katy
Trade: mars13 for seasalt08 w/Arianne
Trade x3: assertive01, introvert08, pipe10 for earthshaker10, nishi06, paternal20 w/Kippi
Trade: adam08 for classical15 w/Lili

October 9, 2013
Trade x2: cybernetic01 and sexta06 for dawn01 and keyblade18 w/KellieDee
Trade: kitten19 for octal20 w/Astral
Trade: commoner19 for fogtroupe15 w/Gargant
Trade x2: virage02 and zangetsu11 for octal07 and gangleader13 w/Tot
Trade: selfish01 for octal06 w/Floor
Trade: dead01 for ignored20 w/Mazoku
Trade: thedevil01 for ayingott03 w/AJ
Trade x2: 4-dpocket08 and alias01 for noble02 and spiritmagic18 w/Raven
Guess the Color 138: immortal12, grandetoile13, pipe04, kickboxer02, rude11
Seto Midori Deck Donation: sandrock03, spear07, experiments11 + yellow crayon
Raimon Natsumi Deck Donation: spirit05, morotcycle15, algorithm03 + blue crayon
Otonashi Haruna Deck Donation: astraphobia02, focused01, northstar16 + purple crayon
Host Club Giveaway 72: kissing06, assassin11
Trade: harmonius17 for kamisarizuki18 w/Sammich

October 10, 2013
Trade: screams01 for bell17 w/Kiss

October 13, 2013
Trade x2: unpopular11, kamisarizuki18 for luna11, seashells05 w/Fumika
Trade x3: rusty02, broke15, wutai03 for octal18, deny10, kurogamon05 w/ReneeTwist
Trade: fireball08 for earthshaker06 w/Awe
Recycled Art: endless02, gretel02, kurogamon12, shattered03, megaten09, megaten14
Ansem's Player Report 2: moonchild02, lithuania06, unique02, major12
Trade x2: moonchild02 and mokkun05 for fantasia02 and uranus05 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: lionheart18 for keyblade15 w/Caitie
Kyuubey's Information Exchange 58: haicopy13 and hotdog20 for escaped07, meat13, hell11, chui18, rumraisin12, villain19
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 165: singing04, goddess16, citro10, fireball20
A Challenger Appears 1: chibimoon17, newgen05, anti-hero06, slacker18
Trade x2: ko04 and bronco20 for judecca16 and vinea13 w/Delitan
Trade: chibimoon17 for cleaver11 w/Mazoku
Trade: motorcycle15 for fantasia01 w/Alex
Trade x2: honoo07 and einstein01 for kid10 and seasalt01 w/Katie
Trade: spaz17 for tsunderes03 w/Lyrael
Trade: chui18 for phones15 w/Heather
Trade: spiritmagic18 for prithivi15 w/Laurant
Switch it Up: solar11 and trapnest15 for rebellious10 and varna07
Conan's Clues 165: scientist04, rollout05, 92fs20, shadow02

October 14, 2013
Trade: planeptune18 for funyarinpa20 w/Awe
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post 2: old18, impossible14, snowfield17, curesunny02
Help Miss Kamila 2: heichou14 and whispered20
Seiyuu Guess 139: miasma16, themoon13, kindhearted15
Delete Shiritori with Medaka 2: rafale13 for enforcer04, admired20, scarf17
Spare Parts 128: comnet02, hostile05, chamomile01
Crazy Colors 53: line05 and nests01 for fifthroom17, peony09, savate08, flamingo15, epsilon16, uu15
Trade: shujaa15 for vinea18 w/Lauren
Naze's Remodeling Station 1: cryokinesis20 and cake11 for archer20, fullmetal10, clocks03, darksun19 and younger01
Trade: pragmatic17 for gangster17 w/Melissa
Trade: mage14 for kurogamon02 w/Nayami
Trade: archer20 for phones07 w/Mii
Graffiti 59: border06, homicidal05, bridge14, kape08
Trade: record15 for ridiculed14 w/Laurant

October 15, 2013
Trade x2: toon15 and major12 for varnani19 and four17

October 16, 2013
Trade: romance02 for unpopular20 w/Ets
Guess the Color 139: caged18, octava17, ukraine11
Trade: caged18 for ambidex16 w/Miles
Reading Between the Lines 79: redeyed10, lockedin14, america15, eleventh20
Trade: redeyed10 for al-thamen14 w/Melissa
Trade: furniture14 for sevenseas16 w/Aave

October 17, 2013
Trade: elrond11 for names20 w/Aly

October 19, 2013
Four Mastery: crimson07, fantasize03, musket03 + yellow crayon
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 166: farseer18, manga16, badcop14, costumes20
Coloring Book 60: kodama16 for iwa-chan15 and janken03; costumes20 for impressions02 and thesun07

October 21, 2013
Trade: 92fs20 for prithivi17 w/Delitan
Trade: villain19 for bigkitty12 w/Octa
Help Miss Kamila 3: grapes15, electricity19
Trade: electricity19 for lightmusic06 w/Mazoku
Trade x2: curehappy12 and curesunny02 for unpopular11 and kurogamon17 w/Chikky
Delete Shiritori with Medaka 3: takoyaki20 for uguu02, ophiuchus20, summoner02
Recycled Art: antique11, apathetic15, ladyluck02, order01, stowaway02, zanarkand05

October 22, 2013
Conan's Clues 166: carcosa12, innkeeper15, senbon04
Ansem's Player Report 3: akatsubaki07, earnest07, caligraphy17, effort09
Crosswords 66: cancer01, inside04, dearbaby18, benefits17, sadistic06, viola08
Poet's Acrostic Trade Post 3: honor18, infant08, hair09, french08, blaster04
Trade: line19 for northstar15 w/Caitie
Trade: saikoku10 for homunculus06 w/Stareyes
Trade: akagami20 for keyblade12 w/Moe
Trade: bridge14 for coolene05 w/Hijiri
Trade: kindhearted15 for skateboard09 w/Mazoku
Trade: citro10 for two08 w/Awe
Trade: mockingbird04 for ignored05 w/AJ

October 23, 2013
Trade: owl15 for wires17 w/Styx
Trade: peony09 for dawn19 w/Yun
Switch it Up: astraphobia02 and newton07 for 66610 and gunblade05
Spare Parts 129: christianity20, dissect03, poppo13
Kiss the Cook 1: nun14, infant15
Colors Chat 1: heavyarms20, scorching14, thinking04, escaped15, doha18
Trade x2: buster09 and pilots05 for fairytales07 and fairytales17 w/Aru
Level to Lemon: musket04, aimo19, pikopiko05, yanderes06 + green crayon

October 24, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 80: gynoid15, curious15, freedom06, shenlong05, professor04, besek10, coach06, accounts19, anterograde15, reality07 + gray crayon
Trade: cooking16 for noble14 w/Lita
Trade: kodama04 for two01 w/January
Trade: thinking04 for ambidex07

October 26, 2013
Trade x2: impressions02 and eleventh20 for indra14 and gamer10 w/Ivoryandhorn
Art Lessons With Rukia 152: escape05 and greeneyes02
Trade x2: rollout05 and escape05 w/Dialny
Guess the Color 140: drifter05, tagged20, admire16 + blue candy
Crazy Colors 54: petal14 for daru14, chat20, kindness13
Seiyuu Guess 140: 098805, peachpie17, stew01, yukipon14, flirting18, reality06, smelt16, schemer10, morning07, dauntless09 + purple crayon
Trade: gynoid15 for recall08 w/Qu-ko
Seiyuu Guess 141: datadrain09, insomnia18, beats11
Coloring Book 60: costumes20 for feminist08 and thesun03

October 27, 2013
Miria and Isaac's Costume Part 167: berrybell09, bloodyrose13, plumber08, reporter07
Gave gift: flamboyant14 to Floor
Coloring Book 60 (2): bio-weapon19 for gsleague01 and swordlike19
Crazy Colors 54: darktailor14 for darkness07, wind01, gamevil18

October 28, 2013
Trade x2: accounts19 and mizar12 for deny09 and varna08 w/Kiss
--- (one over)
Beauty Pageant 69: wealth13, steiner04, gadgets08, sing20, lungs14, cool18 + purple crayon
Trade: peachpie17 for obliged17 w/Noxie
Trade: blackknight15 for fanalis02 w/Ashley
Trade: effort09 for oceanwave04 w/Rune
Trade: saturn08 for seashells12 w/Dove
Trade: crimson07 for fanalis01 w/Lycoris
Trade: heichou14 for tanabata16 w/Netbug
Trade: homicidal05 for varna03 w/AL
Trade: honorific12 for prithivi08 w/Stareyes
Graffiti 60: pms07, experience20, jellyfish19, iwant13, telekinesis16
Trade: shujaa17 for protector04 w/Lauren

October 30, 2013
Peach's Birthday Present 3: shattered17, myths13, dubhe09, gnaw01 + murasakicandy, mikancandy
Ansem's Player Report 4: absolute12, plumber05, carefree03, toyboat09
Trade: sadistic06 for fantasia13 w/Miles
Trade: berrybell09 for oldlion10 w/Sami
Trade x2: sing20 and wind01 for seasalt05 and samekh09 w/January
Trade x2: experience20 and farseer18 for burn11 and shirogamon14 w/Qu-ko
Trade: prideful14 for keyblade20 w/Leena
Trade: tagged20 for rebellious05 w/Anrui
Trade: lungs14 for oldlion01 w/Ori

October 31, 2013
Neku's Music Station 163: sharnoth02, jupiter13, selfish02, successor05

November 1, 2013
Recycled Art: cheri04, gaedearg16, light13, maestro06, oldlion02, wolf05
Yellow crayon for musket10
Sketchpads 30-36: heroine09, thestar15, klutz09, patriot11, lapistier03, peterpan11, besek08, pal02, redeyes02, effeminate13, fool08, kaminome20, aquaria08, goals04 + blue crayon, red crayon, green crayon x2, purple crayon, orange crayon x2

November 2, 2013
Ansem's Player Report 5: rorona08, fog02, smoke16, cats07
Trade: rorona08 for homunculus15 w/Laurant
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 140: usocom12, underworld04, punisher07, gambling04, eight12, anti-hero11
Help Miss Kamila 4: gamuza13, swimtrunks13
Go Fish 149: forecaster07, forkball16

November 3, 2013
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post 4: venoshock02, lettuce08, sadako05, soulunion07
Trade: klutz09 for wires18 w/Noxie
Trade: cheri11 for wires15 w/Mei
Spare Parts 130: whisker12, buddha12, saikoku13, nekotalia12, godofdeath20, effort16 + purple crayon
Trade: effort16 for fantasia08 w/Lepidopteran

November 5, 2013
Trade: saikoku13 for nishi12 w/Stareyes
Trade: aimo19 for coolene19 w/Lizzy
Delete Shiritori with Medaka 4: uriah08 for snacks10, thumbsup20, guilty11
Trade: besek08 for skateboard08 w/Melissa

November 8, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 82: kakaka18, rozan20, steiner07, assertive12, kaka09, bunnydoll07, utahime04, manipulative13, spirited14, thumbsup18 + red crayon
Neku's Music Station 164: anatoray02, sake04, obsession03, estabul06
Trade: estabul06 for swordswoman02 w/January

November 10, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 81: amita10, geisha16, naive18, oriental02
Trade x3: 10join15, crocodile02, senbon04 for ladyluck16, antique07, maestro07 w/Lepidopteran

November 11, 2013
Trade x2: utahime04 and manipulative13 for 66615 and acewitches02 w/Yun
Coloring Book 60 Bonus: gastark14
Guess the Color 141: literary02, sexfavors04, bearcat05, aquarius10, optimistic20
Recycled Art: exorcise04, forelock11, forelock18, quack10, quack18, quack20
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 168: darling01, paopufruit04, science14, escaped05

November 12, 2013
Peach's Birthday Present 05: kill06, strategy12, twintails12, mercenary03
Colors Chat 2: forced08, kamisarizuki06, legend14, hollywood07, impetuous13
Trade x2: kamisarizuki06 and kill06 for vinea01 and wrestler11 w/Fumika
Trade: binbougami12 for earthshaker17 w/Lita
Art Studio: 098805, akatsubaki07, akatsubaki09, akatsubaki14, antoinette5, antoinette05, biscuit02, camaraderie10, coach06, coach09, cointoss12, cutegirls12 for fashion04, fashion12, fashion13, fashion19
Art Studio: christmas07, chronicle12, deities15, escaped07, escaped15, gakuen19, marbirthday07, police11, sinnoh16, tanabata02, tsunderes03, yanderes06 for ambidex02, ambidex04, ambidex05, ambidex09
Peach's Birthday Present 4: ayingott02, companion12, games15, birdcalls02
Crosswords 67: legs10, plain19, muga15, comrades13, childstar08, oath16

November 13, 2013
Trade: games15 for kurogamon07 w/Netbug
Trade: gamevil18 for musket20 w/Yuuna
Seiyuu Guess 142: surnames07, positive02, upbeat09
Help Miss Kamila 5: feminine18, deer18

November 16, 2013
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post 5: blade01, orthopedics11, snapshot14, ryouran03
Recycled Art: council18, duck13, freeshooter01, fugaku05, onmyouji17, heartless18

November 18, 2013
Trade: kaka09 for onmyouji03 w/Lycoris
November Release part 1: fairytales05, misguided04, vengeful01, gekokujou02, focusing02, reptile10, hawkeye08
Trade: vengeful01 for forazsaiqa06 w/Harukami
Trade x2: beats11, thumbsup18 for forazsaiqa16, obliged07 w/Delitan
Trade: gamuza13 for light06 w/Lyrael
Trade x3: private03, upbeat09, escaped05 for funyarinpa17, shattered02, ghibli09 w/Kiss

November 21, 2013
Trade: hawkeye08 for forazsaiqa01 w/Ari
November Release (part 2): narcoleptic02, fantail04, mountain01, forazsaiqa03, 66905
Spare Parts 131: left15, cups05, stress09, haiku05
Trade x2: pipe04 and redeyes02 for samekh16 and umn16 w/Mii
Trade: impetuous13 for seashells01 w/Sammich
Trade x2: amulet14 and kaminome20 for deny02 and northstar17 w/AL
Kiss the Cook 2: needles19, gigolo15
Guess the Color 142: revolution20, hamha08, onmyouji12
Sketchpad 37: ladyship09, minicon05 + gray crayon
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 169: dorm10, save04, adeptrogue07, eighth20
Pot of Gold October: weasel14, trusty02, iwa-chan16, un-sorceror16, menace19, sommelier19, paradox09, observing01, marine07, taser18, beautiful16, military05, peshent19, heaven10, blackblood03, fullbloom10, notequal07, gungnir07, homophobe12, irises11, incivil05, psychometry20, 66718, four-leaf19, harmonica12, azoth11
Trade x3: azoth11, observing01 and misguided04 for rebellious18, kurogamon20, ashikabi04 w/Fumika
Trade: besek10 for kurogamon18 w/Melissa
Host Club Giveaway 73: repair08, qipao11, crest07
Conan's Clues 168: monado04, points18, umbra02, kill04, mateba16, whisker08
Ansem's Player Report 6: cursedtwin13, seahorse19, isako02, warfare14
A Challenger Appears 3: fightmoney06, sadako03, sadistic19, billionaire08
Fairytales Scrapbook Donation: faction16, ooparts08, rip-off05 + gray crayon
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 142: novelist06, costumes06, ladyluck14, emotion15

November 22, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 143: tanabata02, ragnell02, saturn16
Spare Parts 132: thumbsup11, parasite03, glory19, charisma13
Graffiti 61: worms19, northstar11, zangetsu08, equation18
Help Miss Kamila 6: sailune01, giver06
Fashion Mastery: bluebomber15, pride09, musket11 + blue crayon
Akitsu deck donation: appearance02, vampirecat14, hydrangea07, cyborgidol18 + orange crayon
Mutsu Deck Donation: maester04, avarice11, effort10 + gray crayon
Mikogami Deck Donation: syringe09, pitcher20, cancer13 + red crayon
Recycled Art: marry18, marry19, marry20
Sketchpad 38: analyze16, tristan20 + orange crayon
Quilting 54: sympathy14, ooparts10, haro17
Ansem's Player Report 7: flashcard11, ramen13, neshitteru19, lionheart11
Crosswords 68: rep01, mameshiba18, eldarian18, daathic19, panda15, coolene09
Art Lessons with Rukia 154: secrecy01, burglar11
Rolling Down the UMN 2: dreams09, chiefmaid05, mugen14, assault18, prosthetic02
Pick a Color 80: utsuwa15, pms09, cowbell04, horizon19
Switch it Up: blackbelt16 for ashikabi05
Kiss the Cook 3: positive04, littleevil02
Level to Lime: starhealer01, vixen06, drugs14, musket14 + green crayon
Reading Between the Lines 84: typhoon20, astronaut06, umbra06, ichor16, lively16, howling19, knight14, pureblood15, zombie10, despair14 + orange crayon
Recycled Art: chocobo17, kita17, tattoo07
Recycled Art: light11, spoiled07, submit18
Sketchpad 39: thinking11, ko07 + yellow crayon
Ansem's Player Report 8: fang02, orbs04, machiavelli19, mysterious06
Trade: gekokujou02 for funloving20 w/Ceesoo
Trade x3: experiments11, daru14 and umbra02 for luna13, ridiculed18 and two10 w/Christy
Trade: ussocom12 for forazsaiqa12 w/Allmia
Trade x3: myths13, parasite03, pureblood15 for paopufruit18, paternal07, vayu08 w/Ivoryandhorn
Trade: littleevil02 for forazsaiqa10 w/Floor

November 23, 2013
Candy trade-in (Purple Poison): ambidex11, ambidex13, ambidex17, umn03, umn06
Sketchpad 40 + Halloween Sketchpad x4: brokenrose19, harsh08, fortissimo16, hammer11, odyssey03, sorcerer20, tsunderes19, network16, rude06, cliff19 + red crayon, orange crayon, yellow crayon, purple crayon x2
Trade: iwant13 for ashikabi09 w/Adina
Trade x3: cursedtwin13, sadako03 and sadako05 for fantasia20, massage16 and voidgear08 w/Octa

November 24, 2013
Candy Trade-in (Glorious Green): musket16, musket17, musket18, mws07, mws08, prithivi03, prithivi05, prithivi07, balbadd01, balbadd06, balbadd07, forazsaiqa04, forazsaiqa07, forazsaiqa08, forazsaiqa09, forazsaiqa11, wires01, wires05, wires06
Ambidex Mastery: morganatic15, honor02, control16, umn07 + brown crayon
Trade x2: effort10 and mysterious06 for antique15 and protector03 w/Sami
Trade: trusty02 for funyarinpa18 w/Nayami
Trade: cool18 for cleaver18 w/Chris
Trade: heaven10 for forbidden15 w/Len
Trade: reptile10 for forazsaiqa02 w/Moon
Trade x2: bluebomber15 and horizon19 for junes03 and paopufruit11 w/Sammich
Trade x2: legend14 and neshitteru19 for ashikabi20 and rebellious19 w/Aave

November 25, 2013
Trade x10: absolute12, charisma13, faithful18, flirting18, hell11, ophiuchus16, seahorse19, secondroom17, lapistier03, tsunderes19 for balbadd10, protector08, darkness01, fugaku01, goodcop19, kita16, light05, nindou06, onmyouji19, schemer15 w/Bao
--- (9 over)
Colors Chat 3: promiscuous13, money15, astronomy15, ocean03, fiancee09
Musket Mastery: lasagna05, merines05, mws11 + red crayon
Spare Parts 134: ossan19, yoyoi03, pureblood03, adorable15
Level to Blueberry: rabbitears02, joajna04, zaibatsu18, arrogant11 + yellow crayon
Trade: merines05 for classical07 w/Lepidopteran

November 26, 2013
Sketchpad 41: athletic03, zgundam06 + purple crayon
Trade: focusing02 for arrogant05 w/Debs
Trade x4: cats07, deer18, fragile10 and saillune01 for 66617, ashikabi15, butler17 and ignored15 w/TrueBlueSpark
Trade x2: freedom06 and haro17 for rainfell12 and precepts04 w/Pam

November 27, 2013
Reading Between the Lines 85: tackle07, pyo09, clover20, maniac15
Trade x2: pal02 an vest17 for earthshaker07 and earthshaker08 w/Stareyes
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 172: nurturing19, tenchou20, smelt13, villains02
Trade: ragnell02 for fantail03 w/Awe

November 28, 2013
Trade: scarf17 for sevenseas05 w/Kim
Trade x4: carcosa12, four-leaf19, legs10, shattered17 for bride15, 66717, answer12, drugs11 w/Harukami
Quilting 55: room15, four-leaf05, breaker01
Sketchpad 42: caduceus01, egret07 + green crayon
Trade x4: breaker01, cowbell04, honorific17 and eighth20 for coolene16, swimmer06, mystery04, successor15 w/Stareyes

November 29, 2013
Ansem's Player Report 9: purple17, alien04, geika18, sunflower10
Crosswords 69: mateba03, roland07, hopeless05, meramera14, pageant05, smelt02
Trade x5: appearance02, irises11, lionheart11, science14, tackle07 for paopufruit05, novoselic06, gretel17, gamble13 and kinkan09 w/Dialny
Recycled Art: fugaku11, light19, sayo13
Trade: roland07 for conqueror07 w/January
Recycled Art: ashikabi14, bell13, dyaus01, northstar01, northstar20, henshin10

December 1, 2013
Trade: nyoro08 for fantasia03 w/Arianne
Trade: across06 for obliged16 w/Aave
Trade: feminist08 for samekh02 w/Lycoris
Seiyuu Guess 146: morphus12, onion17, chronicle05
Conan's Clues 167: birthmark14, reporter01, tomboyish14, kyrie08, silvana05, cosmoses15
Trade x2: novelist06 and sunflower10 for brothers01 and sekit19 w/Lyrael
Art Studio (regular): accurate13, athena13, aura09, blaster04, buddha12, worst12, bunnydoll07, childstar08, christianity20, cigarettes09, costumes06, excellent15 for mws18, mws19, arrogant02, arrogant04
Art Studio (special): acewitches02, fullbloom10, gsleague01, hamha08, nekotalia12, odyssey03, oriental02, qipao11, soulunion07, swimtrunks13, tanabata02, tanabata16 for umn09, umn10, umn12, umn15
Advent Calendar 1: prithivi12
Trade: adeptrogue07 for swearing01 w/Harukami
Trade: literary02 for varna17 w/Kiri
Art Shop: gray crayon for arrogant19
MWS Mastery: underwear14, air04, arrogant14 + red crayon
Arrogant Mastery: akizora02, unwavering16, bell01 + green crayon
UMN Mastery: nanamin03, epyon10, voodoo03, fantasia04 + gray crayon
Palette Portfolio 1 Completion: antares11, bsaa18, forazsaiqa05, fairytales18 + red crayon, orange crayon, purple crayon x2
Spare Parts 135: traveler15, y-ko10, cupid08, exactly17, cold07

December 3, 2013
Guess the Color 146: fantasize12, bluerose12, windmill20
Help Miss Kamila 9: shark09, tattoo03

December 4, 2013
Art Lessons With Rukia 157: armored19, gryph13
Sketchpad 43: regulus06, affinity02 + yellow crayon

December 5, 2013
Advent Calendar 5: sevenseas03
Trade: chiefmaid05 for shirogamon05 w/Anna

December 6, 2013
Host Club Giveaway 75: starfighter04, waterdrop16, stoic19
Ansem's Player Report 10: lion07, homicide05, stylist12, soldier20
Trade: telekinesis16 for noble03 w/Rein
Conan's Clues 172: raison16, harmonica20, firstaid09
Trade: androgynous17 for fairytales04 w/TrueBlueSpark
Trade x2: iwa-chan15 and iwa-chan16 for fogtroupe13 and mountain04 w/AJ
Trade x2: spear07 and swordlike19 for varna13 and playbirdie04 w/Nu
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 173: knotroot06, scythe20, geisha09, falling16
Gift from Michelle: cleaver17
Gift from Kisa: skateboard03
Reading Between the Lines 86: peacekeeper14, restoration16, ooparts12, calnus11, cielagate11, shadows03, bear18, anima01, earth15, viewpoint11 + orange crayon
Trade: harmonica20 for protector01 w/Pam
Trade: pms07 for bride04 w/Aeris
Trade x3: beautiful16, ooparts08 and ooparts12 for maguskiller19 and protector11 (last one gifted) w/Qu-ko

December 7, 2013
Advent Calendar 7: prithivi09

December 8, 2013
Seiyuu Guess 147: fruitist10, mongrel07, piercings20
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 146: coroner16, fraternity17, gunner12, cupid13
Trade: gigolo15 for northstar04 w/Anrui
Gift: sympathy12 from Netbug
Pick a Color 81: daathic02, presidente20, nurturing13, mizuki13
Advent Calendar 6: coolene07, enforcer14

December 9, 2013
Trade x3: akizora02, cold07 and thumbsup11 for cerberus18, coo15 and northstar08 w/Delitan
Gifted: four-leaf05 to Harukami
Trade: anti18 for submit09 w/Jen
Release 44: prithivi13, railway10, orion01, damocles07, ebracrypt08, proxy07, taunts06, deadly02, laurant01, nyanyaya05, jobs20, [one more]
Trade: railway10 for oceanwave12 w/Diana
Trade x2: orion01 and jobs20 for arcana06 and arcana16 w/Sammich
Trade: damocles07 for luna08 w/Moe
Trade x2: ebracrypt08 and proxy07 for funyarinpa03 and funyarinpa12 w/January
Trade: taunts06 for obliged18 w/Michelle
Trade x2: deadly02 and laurant01 for samekh07 and mountain07 w/Yun
Trade: nyanyaya05 for novoselic17 w/Laurant
Pot of Gold: lunar17, teller11, survivor05, nature16, curryudon20, manba02, souleater14, odinsword03, bk-20107, kyuudou01, mugen01, greatest18, bullfighter03, vest01, barriera17 + purple crayon
Help Miss Kamila 10: sports12, lotus05
Blue Crayon for magi19 w/Nu
Trade: meat13 for fantail01 w/Venice

December 10, 2013
Spare Parts 136: nonexistent06, sexfavors03, thing17, relaxed06
Trade: emotion15 for oldlion15 w/Harukami
Trade x2: butt07 and clocks03 for fogtroupe17 and phones02 w/Kim
Trade: viewpoint11 for fantasia07 w/Sammich
Trade: purple17 for wires10 w/Nayami
Advent Calendar 5: kingsaw11
Advent Calendar 8: theend12, perfection01 + orange crayon
Advent Calendar 9: noble04 and bride01
Sketchpad 44: nelde10, souleater17 + red crayon
Graffiti 63: conductor18, bushido07, twosides03, calligraphy10
Reading Between the Lines 87: magnet07, pain01, exchanger05, programmer20
Gifted: pain01 to Mazoku
Gifted: exchanger05 to Lepidopteran
Gifted: piercings20 to Nayami

December 11, 2013
Guess the Color 147: identity09, cage03, engaged04
Art Lessons with Rukia 158: bride10, paopufruit17
Tsukiumi Deck Donation: dollmaster13, bandit15, repeat13 + orange crayon
Kazehana Deck Donation: mute18, intuition04, kodama17 + red crayon
Kuu-chan Deck Donation: acewitches08, ooparts07, 3moles10 + brown crayon
Trade: sorcerer20 for chernabog03 w/Lili
Advent Calendar 10: greenvale08, distance08, teases12
Advent Calendar 11: noble11
Trade: foxes06 for samekh01 w/Naru
Gifted: cupid08 to Ralene
Gifted: strength12 to Ryn

December 12, 2013
Trade x2: jupiter13 and rhythmic13 for breeder20 and bride18 w/Adina
Trade: nephilim01 for kurogamon01 w/Ivoryandhorn
Gifted: antares11 to Saya
Advent Calendar 12: balbadd11

December 15, 2013
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 174: effort12, eccentric10, addiction11, saiyawoman04
Rolling Down the UMN 4: internet10, nurse10, forced15, megane19, sen15, 7thheaven05, asset20
Advent Calendar 13: magi13

December 16, 2013
Trade x2: reality06 and greenvale08 for cleaver19 and arcana01 w/Mazoku

December 17, 2013
Quilting 56: silk11, motorcycle20, sabbat16
Sketchpad 45: overpower06, perutan03 + purple crayon
Ansem's Player Report 11: marriage02, adventure17, gamble15, green06
Conan's Clues 173: kingo06, ethics05, chartreux14
Crosswords 70: fragarach08, monta19, poet19, focused08, bard10, pyroqueen13
Beauty Pageant 72: peterpan11, hostess06, epyon15, umbrellas10, vengeance07, horizon01
Advent Calendar 15: minami15

December 18, 2013
December Release: bar05
Trade: bar05 for narcoleptic11 w/Hijiri
Trade x3: adventure17, manners20, zangetsu08 for funyarinpa16, oceanwave03, phones11 w/Chuu
Trade: fragarach08 for fantasia16 w/Ouji
Trade x2: calnus11 and conductor18 for littledevil08 and redscarf07 w/Ten
Trade: eldarian18 for al-thamen13 w/Aru
Trade x2: ooparts07 and ooparts10 for homicide12 and shattered11 w/Ruriair
Trade: silvana05 for keyblade04 w/Ashley
Advent Calendar 16: prithivi20
Recycled Art: attache18, chocobo07, knight02, knight03, knight05, submit01
Recycled Art: duck20, endless20, gynoid10, gynoid14, littledevil18, shattered08
Advent Calendar 17: noble08 and bell10
Help Miss Kamila 11: magic02, border12
Pokeradar 171: kekou09, masamune12, childstar18
Trade x2: cyborgidol13 and cyborgidol18 for coo19 and forelock06 w/Jen
Advent Calendar 18: fantasia09
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post: billiards12, corrine17, bestsenpai17, seductive11

December 19, 2013
Trade x3: earnest07, conclusions12, dattebayo19 for funyarinpa04, oceanwave06, oceanwave10 w/Chuu
Trade x2: lotus05 and steiner04 for protector12 and gangster14 w/Octa
Guess the Color 148: heroes17, science15, ciaossu02
Spare Parts 137: virage10, admired19, cryokinesis13, glazinglove09
Reading Between the Lines 88: crybaby19, sakanade06, twinstar07, driver13, mjolnir06, letranger09, gymnast11, dragon20, pinkpearl14, stardust02 + red crayon
Advent Calendar 14: nanoda13, unsatisfied08 + brown crayon
Trade: reporter01 for coolene13 w/Charlotte
Level to Grape: rayofhope18, nichirin16, medicans19, prithivi14 + purple crayon
Trade: thing17 for wires08 w/Melissa
Art Lessons With Rukia 159: profiler15, lascivious15
Trade x2: dearbaby18 and venoshock02 for conclusions12 and dattebayo19 w/Chikky
Trade: sympathy12 for forazsaiqa15 w/Katie
Advent Calendar 3: nanyatte13, lemonade11, gsleague04
Sketchpad 46: devour15, big11 + red crayon

December 20, 2013
Trade x3: air04, ocean03 and plain19 for dyaus15, paternal02 and recall06 w/Abby
Peach's Birthday Present 9: detached07, archadia10, stressed18, romaantiqua19, iwa-chan05
Advent Calendar 20: noble12 and octal09
Host Club Giveaway 76: luck17, engokuki12, nfu11
Trade x2: strip05 and magnet07 for protector13 and coo01 w/Kelsey
Trade x2: worms19 and curryudon20 for judecca08 and fogtroupe19 w/Ouji

December 28, 2013
Advent Calendar 21: sevenseas08
Advent Calendar 22: noble18, bride02
Advent Calendar 23: bell11
Advent Calendar 25: fantasia15
Trade x3: typhoon20, strategy12 and pitcher20 for two17, conqueror19 and sew15 w/Ash
--- (carry 2)
Ansem's Player Report 12: d-hero04, dux17, names01, meltdowner16
Seiyuu Guess 148: aries15, unruly09, macaroon08
Pick a Color 82: sunshine02, aniue16, saluki09
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 175: photon20, withlove18, integrity09, starmaker11
Trade x6: avarice11, bear18, glazinglove09, howling19, paopufruit04 and poet19 for wine17, ashikabi10, nishi02, goodcop18, punisher02 and punisher18 w/Harukami
Ansem's Player Report 13: samekh19, sabbat17, hawk18, northitaly10

December 29, 2013
Trade x2: billiards12 and d-hero04 for ladyluck20 and boxer16 w/Qu-ko
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 148: starmaker17, eyeshadow08, spicyageha13, olive12
Help Miss Kamila 12: karaya15 and worms15
Kiss the Cook 5: luck07, soccer02
Seiyuu Guess 149: converted01, junkshop12, wildchild15
Spare Parts 138: classical19, contacts16, magiccancel09, seychelles08
Advent Calendar 19: blue crayon
Graffiti 64: imitating15, playwright10, resolute12, nose07
Advent Calendar 18: raildex12
Rolling Down the UMN 5: greythorne12, strongest14, reliability01, answer19, shocking16, zephyr20
Reading Between the Lines 89: sia15, colony05, earl03, robin10
Go Fish 157: kawasumia01, erhu02
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 176: bluemoon11, mirage11, wanderer13, knave14
Guess the Color 149: wait07, demifiend05, brute17
Art Lessons with Rukia 160: orion14, infertile12
Crosswords 71: lacytanga01, admiral09, fantasize03, mockingbird19, advisor04, cartology06, hostess05, kritya19

December 31, 2013
Trade x2: effort12 and fraternity17 for apathetic12 and obscenity17 w/Ten

January 1, 2014
Trade: aqua13 for coo12 w/Debs
Trade: archadia10 for cleaver02 w/Adina

January 2, 2014
Trade x2: integrity09 and epyon10 for swordswoman15 and legalwife13 w/Anrui
Trade: science15 for varna04 w/Shuri
Conan's Clues 175: tophat03, supportive16, quincy02
Seiyuu Guess 150: seconds05, capsule18, attache14
Help Miss Kamila 13: seductive19, kasshin04, magma13
Trade: virage10 for phones08 w/Tot

January 3, 2014
Trade x4: classical19, cupid13, shadow02 and saluki09 for antique16, gawrsh20, maou06 and spoiled01 w/Dialny
--- (2 over)
Trade x4: focused01, muga15, nfu11 and orion14 for antique04, antique18, kurogamon11 and deadly14 w/Ori
Trade: medicans19 for paopufruit12 w/TrueBlueSpark
Trade: plumber08 for magi07 w/Dove
Spare Parts 139: non-human08, raider10, scythes19, chartreux10
Art Studio: admired19, assault18, bearcat05, boy-crazy15, childstar18, fan01, frog13, hair05, homophobe12, scientist04, unwavering16, windmill20 for noble19, noble20, bell16, minami05
Art Studio: acewitches08, anima01, caduceus01, chronicle05, green06, greythorne12, gsleague04, nature16, ossan19, raildex12, restoration16, sports12 for fantasia17, fantasia18, fairytales03 and fairytales06
Colors Chat 5: moonlight10, theyounger13, sommelier05, burmecia15, valkyria09
Sketchpad 47: thirdroom16, maidcafe01 + blue crayon
Guess the Color 150: comedy15, editor15, seventh03
Reading Between the Lines 90: code04, meteor07, forbidden05, smitten11, bells17, sinnoh03, fitness04, mobile10, avenger05, radiohost15 + purple crayon
Advent Calendar 4: usagimimi06, busty18, misinterpret17, y-ko08
Advent Calendar 2: boisterous14, flapping09, newton15, converted15
Advent Calendar 16: lander02, successor03
Advent Calendar 21: m1615, seychelles08
Go Fish 158: vjedogonian07, doujinka05
Trade: nanamin03 for rainfell07 w/Kiri
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 177: winter10, fantasize20, technician19, demifiend18
Advent Calendar 12: line17, fabulous11, onod11
Host Club Giveaway 77: actress07, trapnest12, iwa-chan05
Advent Calendar 25: toeflash08, seasalt09, oddjobs03

January 4, 2014
Advent Calendar 24: feathers17, thinking01, sprinter18, demonstone15, septette07
Trade x3: datadrain09, kingkazma14, powerpuff10 for ashikabi18, deadly01, mountain09 w/Kaia
Coolene Mastery: oyajijokes02, pointer04, minami07 + gray crayon
Prithivi Mastery: freeze15, realian08, minami08 + brown crayon
Octal Mastery: odyssey15, kalina03, minami16 + green crayon
Noble Mastery: kaminome06, usagimimi17, skateboard02 + purple crayon
Bell Mastery: termina01, sage12, skateboard15 + blue crayon
Minami Mastery: octbirthday02, guardian04, earthshaker01 + purple crayon
Skateboard Mastery: stubborn01, y-ko15, earthshaker11 + blue crayon
Fantasia Mastery: 66718, amita01, cage17, fairytales08 + brown crayon
Monochrome Portfolio (Red) Mastery: akuma04, mizuchi11, aquapearl17, agriculture15 + green crayon, purple crayon x2, brown crayon
Conan's Clues 176: elemio11, silvana10, playboy06
Ansem's Player Report 14: amulet15, swimming17, seal01, vayu18
Sketchpad 49: polarbear05, anko11 + orange crayon
Help Miss Kamila 14: buddha02 and witchhat10
Trade x2: mizuchi11 and theyounger13 for sew14 and swordswoman12 w/Harukami
Level to Apricot: ukraine02, reserved12, angel13, earthshaker14 + blue crayon
Trade: haiku05 for fairytales10 w/Fel
Trade: health-care15 for wires12 w/Naegg

January 6, 2014
Spare Parts 140: capturer05, paimon16, snowfield18, copy11, avenge17, mirage09, cycle10 + red crayon
Trade x4: amulet15, distance08, pointer04, pointer05 for 66702, 66720, discarded12, onion04 w/Anna
Trade: left15 for judecca11 w/Fumika
Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 150: rocker01, riverbank02, whitemage10, wutai04
Trade: karaya15 for magi16 w/Lepidopteran
Trade x2: rep01 and admire16 for obliged10 and oldlion14 w/Kiri
Recycled Art: ballerina15, council15, submit04, voidgear02, usas18, arcana20
Trade: gungnir07 for seashells06 w/Aru
Neku's Music Station 170: droopy18, descendant18, warlock06, regret06
Neku's Music Station 171: gangster01, mayor14, g-8914, maouryuu19
Trade x4: egret07, moonlight10, septette07, themoon13 for darkside12, endless12, funloving14, obscenity18 w/Shay

January 8, 2014
Trade: mature10 for demonic19 w/Yun
Trade: xrosheart09 for mourning20 w/Katie
Trade: admiral09 for arcana14 w/Kuri
Peach's Birthday Present 11: home04, scooter01, submissive20, repeat18, aimo12
Release 45: judecca03, samurais09, wisteria04, jadedragon01, salt01, lynx01, afternoons03, beautymark03, branchgate02, monochrome02, honeyflash07, classrep14
Trade: wisteria04 for leraje02 w/Yun
Trade: afternoons03 for leraje05 w/Ivoryandhorn
Trade: capturer05 for leraje08 w/Qu-ko
Trade: samurais09 for leraje01 w/Sammich
Sketchpad 49: libero18, pistol04 + red crayon
Graffiti 65: cleaning09, hymmeli14, totori10, illomen12, ladiesman05 + brown crayon
Trade: salt01 for leraje03 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: classrep14 for leraje13 w/Ruriair

January 9, 2014
Rolling Down the UMN 6: exorcist15, forward09, pururun02, ropes07, pendulum02, admire15
Guess the Color 151: strike04, deadly10, perception12
Art Lessons With Rukia 162: taurus08, victim14
Trade: 3moles10 for mountain20 w/AL
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 178: steam07, shooter09, reddevil12, twig14
Reading Between the Lines 91: arrogant16, bsaa06, catmask05, wild13
Trade: octbirthday02 for two09 w/Moon
Pot of Gold (give): windmill11, admired20, isako02, mameshiba18, apple10, pacifist13, pms09, lettuce08, lunar17, peterpan11, coroner16, detached07
Pot of Gold (get): mamushi17, imperial14, uriah02, darktailor20, jimuguri07, wahoo11, heartbreak08, logical08, clueless07, abusive05, masochist15, ngrecords01, desu15, wutai09, gransys04, fisttype03, temperance02, crane06, heir08, comnet15, creampuff01, twinstar07, phoenix11, eighth06, prithivi13, luck05, fashionable17, sweets18, journalist20, tears18, top105, letter18, rafflesia15, pendragon04, emotions12, atonement18, mischief07, youngest12, japanese03, housework18, serious10, dubhe16, t-shirt13, ashikabi12, shattered04, music01, council02, judgment06, control01, smoke07, deus14, demoneyes15, cake10, were-cat17 + orange crayon x3, blue crayon
Trade: beautymark03 for leraje04 w/Mal
Trade x5: stowaway02, falling16, scythe20, syringe09, stress09 for leraje16, phones16, homunculus11, jabot06, oceanwave01 w/Nu
Crayon trade: red crayon x3 for varnani09, wrestler16 and griefseed09 w/Nu
Trade: imperial14 for gangster20 w/Anrui
Tarde: joajna11 for leraje15 w/Kati
Trade: lynx01 for leraje14 w/Harukami
Trade: monochrome02 for leraje11 w/Raven
Trade: kasshin04 for varnani06 w/Styx
Trade x3: arrogant16, octava17, seasalt09 for balbadd15, mourning08, ridiculed17 w/Michelle
Trade: jellyfish19 for leraje17 w/Greer
Trade: demoneyes15 for leraje10 w/Delitan
Trade x2: regret06 and uu15 for fisttype05 and recall17 w/Fumika
Trade x2: bluerose12 and peterpan11 for agni04 and mourning15 w/Kiss
Trade: jadedragon01 for leraje07 w/Tot
Trade: home04 for homunculus03 w/Sammich
Trade x3: japanese03, profiler15 and stressed18 for varna16, successor09 and greengirl20 w/Aave
Trade x2: dubhe16 and feminine18 for agni03 and usas09 w/Qu-ko

January 10, 2014
Trade: addiction11 for novoselic20 w/Stareyes
Trade: honeyflash07 for leraje12 w/Aru
Trade: submissive20 for leraje18 w/Ori

January 11, 2014
Sketchpad 50 and 51: cool18, volunteer17, snowwhite09, 12thpillar06 + red crayon, orange crayon
Ansem's Player Report 15: atonement11, taforashia11, timegear14, celestial09
Trade: imitating15 for olive01 w/Ly
Trade: prithivi13 for two03 w/Jen
Trade: logical08 for northstar12 w/Octa
Trade x4: dux17, ladyship09, presidente20 and repair08 for dyaus11, greengirl10, veil14 and yakisoba02 w/Melissa

January 12, 2014
Crosswords 72: misfortune08, frail12, lovers17, fantasize18, ridiculous11, hawkeye09
Conan's Clues 177: salute20, kira19, emotional11
Trade x6: hawk18, rayofhope18, shadows03, raider10, secrecy01, sunshine02 for fake12, keyblade08, sohcahtoa15, burn13, kid16, gunblade12 w/Senren
---(3 over)
Trade: g-9814 for leraje20 w/Aria
Trade: nanoda13 for leraje19 w/Cedar

January 13, 2014
Haraezuki donation: complex04, werewolf17, d-hero04 + purple crayon

January 14, 2014
Trade: timegear14 for indra15 w/Qu-ko
Trade: maouryuu19 for varnani20 w/Stareyes
Trade: hawkeye09 for mountain02 w/Ten
Trade: exorcist15 for luna12 w/Kati
Pick a Color 83: alter19, gunblade16, brag02, camazotz02, friendship18, iceland12, wayward15, precious05, flash02, androgynous08
Trade: macaroon08 for classical02 w/Kiss
Help Miss Kamila 15: magical05, roseprince13
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post 14: asleep11, fullbringer18, academy16, servbots09
Sketchpad 52: hardworking02, telepathy07 + brown crayon
Spare Parts 141: sunshine14, mateba14, belarus06, seminary06
Trade: meltdowner16 for rukh10 w/Greer
Recycled Art: ashikabi16, ballerina03, conqueror04, ghibli08, ghibli17, ghibli18
Trade: sage12 for arcana18 w/Ivoryandhorn

January 15, 2013
Recycled Art: attache09, discipline02, voidgear13, heartless02, heartless04, heartless10
Trade x7: aquarius10, cancer01, forced08, forced15, hardworking02, morganatic15, top105 for ignored14, jabot15, knight19, order10, oyajijokes03, maou20, sympathy11 w/Yun
Trade: umbrellas10 for al-thamen08 w/Aeris
Trade: smelt13 for classica10 w/Kuri
Trade: aimo12 for leraje06 w/Debs

January 16, 2014
Trade: ngrecords01 for vayu15 w/Yun
Trad x2: fog02 and zephyr20 for conqueror17 and fantail12 w/Dialny
Trade: slob01 for varna05 w/Kiss
Beauty Pageant 74: nejiko01, aimstalker09, lollipops04, dempsey09, insei16, star15
Guess the Color 152: euphoria02, rasetsu05, hiraikotsu11, oceanwave18, wildlion17
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 151: sogeking16, pageant09, bolverk19, paternal13
Trade: uriah02 for oldlion11 w/Lepidopteran
Trade: meteor07 for engetsu06 w/Aaya
Trade: wayward15 for wish05 w/Michelle
Trade: sinnoh03 for griefseed10 w/Nu
Trade: hymmeli14 for two15 w/Laurant

January 17, 2014
Colors Chat 6: kritya02, drums07, davinci14, composure14, complex16
Art Lessons with Rukia 163: stoic06, pixie15
Reading Between the Lines 92: soccer07, stressed20, raise06, miracles08, golems17, hobbyist11, fullest06, musicians04, lapistier19, boisterous03 + gray crayon
Trade: musicians04 for vinea14 w/Ash
Trade: epyon15 for playbirdie18 w/Anrui
Trade: blackblood03 for arcana19 w/Aave
Host Club Giveaway 78: sixthroom11, butt18, cantonese20
Level to Dragon Fruit: concealing14, maihime20, armored06, earthshaker18 + blue crayon
Sketchpad 53: ditzy03, fashionable02 + yellow crayon
Trade: whipsmack06 for al-thamen15 w/Shay
Trade: hobbyist11 for virginbride11 w/Kazuchii

January 19, 2014
Trade x3: erikappa05, telepathy01 and telepathy07 for swearing03, dawn07 and mustasim16 w/Harukami
Trade: pendragon04 for funyarinpa05 w/Aaya

January 27, 2014
Seiyuu Guess 152: orojya12, lure03, personality08
Seiyuu Guess 153: hungary05, demon14, peppy16
Ansem's Player Report 16: chawanmushi08, ruthless20, pipi15, trusty20
Conan's Clues 178: rumors02, force18, pms14
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 179: taforashia04, waiting16, lithuania09, harsh02
Spare Parts 142: eris04, m020, submissive08, tartar07
Help Miss Kamila 16: jump05, bluesea01
Graffiti 66: virginbride08, nekotalia18, lungs07, solarhands07
Trade: focused08 for fantail05 w/Aria
Sketchpad 54: rozan01, kissing14 + orange crayon
Guess the Color 153: digimon05, closest18, 3-a04
Rolling Down the UMN 7: nurse02, silverblade01, geek13, diabolist04, unchanging09, fate05
Trade x4: elemio11, androgynous08, brag02, davinci14 for coo06, idol01, obliged02, wine16 w/Katie
Trade x2: converted15 and flashcard11 for endless01 and griefseed07 w/Aru
Trade: kaminome06 for forelock16 w/AL
Trade: despair14 for leraje09 w/Celi
Trade: assertive12 for phones01 w/Kippi
Trade x3: assassin11, flapping09, silk11 for fisttype09, kurogamon03, sohcahtoa13 w/Moon
Trade x6: breath10, newgen05, nonexistent06, sabbat16, sabbat17, volunteer17 for deny18, discipline06, disney11, legalwife01, maguskiller08, maguskiller16 w/Trias
Trade x3: logical08, border06, border12 for fisttype20, gynoid08, cleaver15 w/Abby
--- (2 over)
Acrostic Trading Post 15: bara06, krita-yuga12, defender07, wrath18, snowfairy10
Acrostic Trading Post January: cuter15, netherworld17, baumkuchen01, dee09, artemis17, austria15, sen03, kneel13, tricks17, vintage12, kyrie17, guns09, gadoria14, speed09, akatsubaki10, tanabata17, zanbatou13, escaped20, poet12, benishigure05, command06
Conan's Clues 179: coo19, shadaloo02, friends17
Crosswords 73: kindhearted05, 1stlt15, witch01, party20, manikatti04, seeress09
Pick a Color 84: diary13, trailblazer14, names04, mischief09
BOTB Round 6: olive06, yakuza14, analyzation13, otomeroad06, accounts18, clowndrop01
Rolling Down the UMN 1: coo13, precise08, imperious02, dresses17, eon04, rozan11, hatchin13, science11, girlsclub06 + purple crayon
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 152: albhed12, pheromone02, pure09, nice02
Quilting 58: wine19, blackmist11, 026714

January 28, 2014
Seiyuu Guess 154: affair07, composer17, asset19
Guess the Color 154: sign13, prophecy15, boss12, kenbu01

January 29, 2014
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 180: chernabog03, ghibli17, time17, ordinary11

February 1, 2014
Reading Between the Lines 93: filth07, darkfusion19, disaresta15, apothecary08
Recycled Art: blademaster10, demifiend16, submit07, voidgear15, voidgear16, scars11
Trade x3: ciaossu02, barriera17 and cake10 for answer17, protector15 and travel14 w/Abyss
Recycled Art: 66709, contract17, order19, respected03, television20, brothers05

February 2, 2014
Trade: pixie15 for rebellious06 w/Pam
Trade: branchgate02 for mustasim01 w/Ceesoo
Gift from Ivoryandhorn: varnani07
Trade: utsuwa15 for northstar02 w/Ivoryandhorn
Art Studio (character cards): abusive05, akatsubaki10, anko11, flower08, frail12, ladiesman05, seychelles08, virginbride08, virginbride11, vjedogonian07, y-ko08, y-ko10 for judecca14, magi05, magi06, magi08
Art Studio (special cards): 3-a04, bara06, bikinis08, christmas16, darkside12, escaped20, gransys04, kawasumia01, lapistier19, marbirthday20, nekotalia18, younger01 for fairytales13, fairytales14, fairytales16, fairytales19
6 Choice Cards: earthshaker20, keyblade01, keyblade02, keyblade10, judecca10, judecca13
Sketchpad 55: russia12, restoration12 + green crayon

February 3, 2014
Host Club Giveaway 79: safety17, peony04, shinigami07
Colors Chat 6: observant14, insomnia15, darkness11, dimwitted10, ptrd-4109
Ansem's Player Report 17: letter10, masked02, soothsayer14, monado03
Ansem's Player Report 18: bunnydoll03, reluctant18, jyuuken16, sakanade05
Seiyuu Guess 156: doha18, debt07, curious19
Spare Parts 144: scientist07, powerless09, smell13, escaflowne12
Earthshaker Mastery: moron06, animals15, magi09 + brown crayon
Keyblade Mastery: heart04, themoon10, magi14 + purple crayon
Judecca Mastery: well17, hyperion18, magi15 + brown crayon
Leraje Mastery: maps14, uncouth18, classical04 + purple crayon
Magi Mastery: honesty02, goldsmith07, classical05 + brown crayon
Fairytales Mastery: souleater09, moonflute11, phantom11, arcana02 + blue crayon

February 4, 2014
Trade x3: baumkuchen01, contacts16, fullest06 for seashells08, northstar06, littledevil20 w/Kiss
Trade x8: goldsmith07, starmaker11, affair07, kindhearted05, playboy06, reality07, starfighter04, starhealer01 for mountain11, coo18, onion02, endless05, ignored03, protector05, griefseed14, companions08 w/Fumika
Conan's Clues 180: conductor13, x-clips07, bishi08
Trade x6: command06, dauntless09, poet12, powerless09, pure09, rasetsu05 for forazsaiqa13, april15, april16, exorcise18, homicide17, nindou05 w/Fel
--- (5 over)

February 7, 2014
Graffiti 67: pariah11, salt08, purple07, 3rdchild18
Level to Ruby: unorthodox07, kwando14, meister20, spicy04, classical06 + brown crayon
Help Miss Kamila 18: friends06, vanship15
Kiss the Cook 7: growth07, rep04
Kiss the Cook 8: piccolo05, lightspeed17
Rolling Down the UMN 8: saga05, leraje15, flawless06, diariumejus08, reaper08
Trade: personality08 for olive19 w/Anrui
January Pot of Gold: hod18, owngoal12, locket19, claw06, cats11, demonqueen16, babylon01, extreme12, photographs14, xiv11, pixie20, lenshunter06, cobra08, guitar15, taurus10, theatrical14, personality20, witchcraft09, solo16, apathetic20, disciplinary13, mugen08 + red crayon, yellow crayon, green crayon x2, blue crayon x2, gray crayon
Trade: pixie20 for fanalis11 w/Pam
Trade: friends17 for blademaster20 w/Ivoryandhorn
Trade x3: snapshot14, snowfield18, salute20 for obscenity01, varna14, varnani14 w/Delitan
Gift from Delitan: babadd14
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 181 and 182: owner11, 12thpillar17, ore-sama10, ifraid10, nyu04, carcosa18, curebeauty04
Art Lessons with Rukia 166: imperatore13, faction14
Trade x7: delete17, deus14, sunshine14, angel13, eighth06, warlock06, wildchild15 for fake18, gynoid20, megaten18, maestro03, ronin12, uryu11, worms19 w/Ralene
Reading Between the Lines 94 and 95: norway12, wushu11, manager06, animajor03, drugs15, loveless15, seven14, buchou03, unorthodox17, hostile15, broke13, fisherman06, memorybug07, carcosa10 + red crayon, purple crayon
Ansem's Player Report 19: ruinmode18, tsubasa20, gransys13, betreida14

February 8, 2014
Crosswords 74: norespect16, strip05, caged17, orthopedics20, demonchild18, shirogamon10
Conan's Clues 181: seashells15, deathscythe10, emperor19

February 10, 2014
Release 46: classical14, figments01, mercurial10, viking03, daddy03, automata01, lonetiger01
Trade: insei16 for littledevil14 w/Kisa
Pick a Color 85: fairytales17, ashcat15, smelt20, doujinshi10, breath06, eleven11, ridiculed11, varna20
Trade: hatchin13 for junes01 w/Li
Neku's Music Station 173: rabi12, butterfly06, camellia15, dogtags12, cubes20
Pokeradar 173: cubes20, corporal02, strongone20, photographs17, comnet09
Acrostic Trading Post 18: taser18, amahara06, yami-nabe19, green09
Trade: mercurial10 for bararaq02 w/Anrui
Trade x5: cage03, dollmaster13, flawless06, horizon01, journalist20 for breeder08, littledevil02, names03, order18, rukh17 w/Bao
Trade x5: emperor19, kritya02, kritya19, thinking01, thinking11 for bararaq16, fogtroupe07, littledevil05, gangster10, indra11 w/Lepidopteran
Trade x2: america15, belarus06 for kurogamon13, nishi03 w/Wolf
Trade: daddy03 for bararaq15 w/Aave
Trade x4: kodama17, salt08, concealing14, journalist20 for wine10, teller18, martillo16, skypirate12 w/Yun

February 11, 2014
Spare Parts 145: harpy16, agriculture13, flight16, prefect15
Trade: burmecia15 for order17 w/Allmia
Pokeradar 174: envious03, stealing15, y-ko01
Recycled Art: controlled02, controlled09, noheart14, sisters06, catsndogs17, kinkan01

February 14, 2014
Guess the Color 156: variable01, weed11, doberman17
Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 155: okonomiyaki14, fujioshi15, watcher20, bamboo12
Sketchpads 56 and 57: blackcat19, clueless07, lovestruck16, shades03 + green crayon x2
Trade: diamond06 for 66603 w/Lihanortti
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 183: secretary15, supporter06, pororin20, cannon04
Reading Between the Lines 96: scientific16, empathy13, general10, ironheart07, naive12, tranquil01, petite02, trickster02, theatrical02, tomb20 + blue crayon
Host Club Giveaway 80: yari13, ruthless17, manipulate13
Seiyuu Guess 157: boulder01, model06, ideya02
Conan's Clues 182: unknown17, money07, restore15
Ansem's Player Report 20: finland17, maxter11, tenshi04, pointer08
Trade: automata01 for bararaq06 w/Celi
Help Miss Kamila 19: potato08, azuresky09
Valentine Gift Boxes (gave away): alcohol13, alcohol14, bamboo12, bells17, birthmark14, blackcat19, butterfly06, carcosa10, carcosa18, comnet02, comnet09, comnet15, companion12, demonking03, disciplinary13, doberman17, doha18, draciel06, fantasize03, fantasize03, fantasize12, fantasize18, fantasize20, hair09, infant08, infant15, innocent17, kalina03, kira19, kyrie08, kyrie17, lander02, manba02, manba14, mateba03, mateba14, mateba16, nichirin16, nun14, old18
Valentine's gift from Nu: classical12
Valentine's gift to Nu: nightshade07
Trade x3: benishigure05, bored17, jump05 for heybo17, seaeagle20, shenlong11 w/Mal
Valentine's gift to Mal: guertena13
Valentine's gift from Mal: luna07
Valentine's gift from Mora: rainfell10
Valentine's gift to Mora: wahoo12
Valentine's gift to Christy: feiris17
Valentine's gift from Kiri: rainfell15
Valentine's gift to Kiri: mystery05
Valentine's gift from Allmia: arcana03
Valentine's gift to Allmia: aerialace16
Valentine's gift from Ori: rainfell11
Valentine's gift to Ori: bubblebeam05
Valentine's gift to Lizzy: cetra10
Valentine's gift from Lepidopteran: classical17
Valentine's gift from Lita: arcana04
Valentine's gift to Lita: glutton11
Valentine's gift from Mazoku: arcana05
Valentine's gift to Mazoku: no701
Trade: hammer11 for fogtroupe10 w/Nata
Valentine's gift from Nata: arcana07
Valentine's gift to Nata: wind-up15
Valentine's gift from Pam: rainfell05
Valentine's gift to Pam: magical07
Valentine's gift from Sami: rainfell06
Valentine's gift to Sami: galax08
Trade x5: demon14, vest01, whisker08, whisker12, guardian04 for antique17, butler18, gangleader01, gangster04, shattered14 w/Stareyes
Valentine's gift for Stareyes: badda-boom03
Valentine's gift from Raven: arcana10
Valentine's gift to Raven: monochrome10
Valentine's gift from Alex: classical09
Valentine's gift to Alex: otters18
Valentine's gift from Aru: rainfell03
Valentine's gift to Aru: stmichaels08
Valentine's gift to Anna: cult16
Valentine's gift from Noxie: arcana11
Valentine's gift to Noxie: yanderes08
Valentine's gift from Coops: acana13
Valentine's gift to Coops: burmecia05
Valentine's gift to Ly: deliver15
Valentine's gift to Celi: nekoma12
Valentine's gift from Celi: luna03
Valentine's gift from Yun: luna04
Valentine's gift to Yun: valuable16
Valentine's gift from Ralene: luna14
Valentine's gift to Ralene: harpnote01

February 15, 2014
Trade x3: benefits17, d-hero04, goals04 for 66619, 66716, antique01 w/Moon
Valentine's gift to Moon: freestyle06
Valentine's gift from Moon: griefseed02
Valentine's gift from Kiss: luna15
Valentine's gift for Kiss: bunhead01
Valentine's gift from Aria: luna18
Valentine's gift to Aria: messiah02
Valentine's gift from Moe: arcana15
Valentine's gift to Moe: psp18
Valentine's gift from Kira: griefseed01
Valentine's gift to Kira: adam09
Valentine's gift for Sammich: luna06
Valentine's gift for Sammich: call10
Valentine's gift from Christy: luna19
Valentine's gift from Lizzy: griefseed03
Valentine's gift from Ash: griefseed04
Valentine's gift for Ash: musicians12
Valentine's gift from Fumika: arcana12
Valentine's gift for Fumika: regret18
Valentine's gift from Anna: griefseed06
Valentine's gift from Debs: griefseed05
Valentine's gift for Debs: carmine15
Valentine's gift for Aave: sweat07
Valentine's gift for Nayami: miyanom13
Valentine's gift for Styx: mystery17
Valentine's gift for Ivoryandhorn: impressions12
Valentine's gift for Beth: heal11
Valentine's gift for Delitan: teikoku04
Trade x2: gangster01 and daathic19 for coo02 and cheese04 w/Noxie
Valentine's gift from Ly: griefseed08
Valentine's gift from Ivoryandhorn: arcana17
Valentine's gift from Aave: rainfell16
Valentine's gift from Styx: rainfell17

February 16, 2014
Valentine's gift from Netbug: luna05
Valentine's gift from Anrui: balbadd18
Gift to Anrui: aquaria08
Trade: reporter07 for onmyouji13 w/Ruriair
Valentine's gift from Delitan: fanalis13
Valentine's gift from Beth: fanalis03
Valentine's gift (+ extra gift) from ReneeTwist: sevenseas14 and answer14
Valentine's megabox rewards: johto17, sisters11, necktie06, forazsaiqa11, yggdrasil12, branchgate17, firebrand09, convict03, gero05, snowy10, pms14, limiters03, ladyship17, arphage19, reluctant15, maester08, cobra02, bladerang17, innuendos11, tights03, jade12, koorime01, faithful02, curediamond05, kimono03, ooji-ya16, fraternity11, worthless13, prideful17, debauchery06, restoration10, f406, aqua14, ropes04, nukes01, vengeful06, rumraisin01, genesis12 + gray crayon
Valentine's big box rewards: rush06, cornelia11, adorable04, aquaria20, preventer15, paramedic08, tanagura05, apostle03, umeboshi07, gransys02, maester08, whitestorm17, guitarist05, complex01, ladiesman09 + gray crayon
Neku's Music Station 174: mascots16, engagement01, caduceus02, villains07
Valentine's small box rewards: breeder20, player214, toss18, jinchuu18, pierced02, skydragon08, contract16, acewitches14 + red crayon

February 18, 2014
Valentine's gift from Qu-ko: fanalis17
Graffiti 68: wry05, rooster02, pameruku07, deimosking20
Recycled Art: answer04, ignored02, onion18, optimistic16, redscarf11, watch18
Spare Parts 146: pursuing16, brahms09, zanber07, aokiji14, flameking10, maps01
Poet's Acrostic Trading Post 19: studybug13, kyuudou13, storm06, piratehat18, round11
Pokeradar 175: archangel01, vector04, spicy15
Guess the Color 157: hawk18, demoneyes15, france19, driving07
Trade: figments01 for bararaq01 w/Mazoku
Release 46: bloodwhip12, malkuth17, katamari16, bararaq03, artemyra01
Trade: bloodwhip12 for sevenseas18 w/Nea
Trade: malkuth17 for fogtroupe04 w/Kazu
Trade: lonetiger01 for bararaq18 w/Tot
Trade x2: petite02 and totori10 for homunculus17 and oldlion03 w/Cendol
Reading Between the Lines 97: zagan16, meruru01, escort06, raider11, shiningone14
Gift to Netbug: orthopedics20
Trade: katamari16 for fanalis09 w/Kati

February 20, 2014
Trade: buchou03 for wrestler05 w/Ember
Rolling Down the UMN 9: letters01, bloodyrose20, vector20, blocker10, haicopy11, reference17, cheersquad07
Valentine's gift from Shay: oldlion16
Trade x2: aqua14 and themoon10 for camazotz07 and endless14 w/Shay
Valentine's gift from Charlotte: sevenseas15
Valentine's gift from Kazu: sevenseas11
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 184: corn18, meat15, shy17, judge03
Kiss the Cook 9: novoselic10, futari20
Help Miss Kamila 20: lonewolf06, cubes19

February 21, 2014
Conan's Clues 183: vagrant07, ccarayhua14, granddream09
Valentine's gift from Harukami: sevenseas13
Gift from Harukami: pentagram15

February 22, 2014
Ansem's Player Report 21: mother14, spear05, reference16, icolo01
Trade x3: spicy04, spicy15 and expelled14 for answer07, nii-nii02 and forbidden11 w/Kazu

February 25, 2014
Pick a Color 86: freedom10, akfield16, adorable13, playwright11, headbutler18, bladerang19, libero16
Kyuubey's Information Exchange 66: 026714 for voile05, sonicboom14, occidental15
Recycled Art: butler16, discipline04, discipline16, electricity01, greengirl19, griefseed17
Trade: were-cat17 for narcoleptc12 w/Sky
Neku's Music Station 175: jikochuu06, collector06, fuhrer08, sen12
Trade x2: trusty20 and worthless13 for al-thamen10 and homunculus18 w/Nayami
Trade x5: norespect16, complex08, rocker01, pervert13, lovers17 for 66607, gynoid09, idol08, nishi09, paopufruit09 w/Chuu
--- (1 over)
Valentine's Gift from Lex: oldlion05
Valentine's Gift from Katie: oldlion04

February 26, 2014
Seiyuu Guess 159: garland04, corrupted20, demure14
Valentine's Gift from Nayami: oldlion17
Seiyuu Guess 158: akatsubaki09, pureheart03, tied09
Spare Parts 147: safety04, zagan02, valentine13, balut01
Pokeradar 176: insei03, fullmetal09, champion07
Guess the Color 158: lilac10, steam17, compromiser06
Colors Chat 8: charisma04, egotistical13, vritra15, seminar06, sayo08, novoselic04, breeder11
Trade: maps01 for unrequited02 w/Yun
Trade: mamushi17 for empathy07 w/Ember
Trade: umbra06 for undertaker06 w/Beth
Gifted 12thpillar06 to Ivoryandhorn
Trade x2: extreme12 and waiting16 for seashells19 and nishi07 w/Moe
Trade x2: spicyageha13 and voile05 for cycle06 and cycle15 w/Jen
Trade x13: analyzation13, asleep11, cheersquad07, fuhrer08, granddream09, johto17, kimono03, lungs07, manager06, regret06, trickster02, wild13, wildlion17 for answer20, idol14, littledevil01, ridiculed20, butler14, discarded14, discipline20, dyaus05, empathy03, jabot13, slacker09, blitzball17, izumo17 w/Ori
--- (1 over)
Art Studio (character cards): conquest01, haicopy11, heybo17, melchsee07, melchsee10, nurturing13, nurturing15, nurturing19, owner11, pipi15, pms14, pointer08 for forazsaiqa14, forazsaiqa17, forazsaiqa18, forazsaiqa19
Art Studio (specials): acewitches14, caduceus02, dogtags12, engagement01, gransys02, gransys13, unknown17, usagimimi06, usagimimi17, villains02, villains07, winter10 for griefseed11, griefseed12, griefseed13, griefseed15

February 27, 2014
Trade: oath16 for oceanwave19 w/AL
Gift from Kiss: fantail06

March 2, 2014
Art Lessons With Rukia 169: unorthodox01, flash08
Host Club Giveaway 81: caring20, drinking13, cyborg18, requests12, nqm17, crimson03
Trade: flameking10 for cerberus09 w/Ten
Trade x9: archangel01, earl03, heir08, prefect15, protestant07, pureblood09, unruly09, clueless07, coo19 for ashikabi02, dawn10, disney13, harihara05, obliged19, submit12, voidgear17, babylon15, starmaker06 w/Ivoryandhorn
Level to Amber: revenant16, sneeze16, ciaossu19, swimmer15, forazsaiqa20 + brown crayon
Recycled Art: 3rdchild02, 66703, tabris10, brothers17, swords11, swords19

March 3, 2014
Ansem's Player Report 22: ivrogne06, tattoo16, jealous12, curesunny13
Conan's Clues 184: waterdrop10, player208, mortician04
Kiss the Cook 10: competitive18, tutor15
Sketchpads x4: pizzicato06, cyborgidol18, pinzu18, demon15, carmine15, biracial08, knife20, pureblood12 + green crayon x2, purple crayon, gray crayon
Crosswords 75: paranoia04, white02, jobs08, samurais10, nature11, microbes13, neshitteru15
Classical Mastery: cureace09, themoon14, ashikabi06 + red crayon
Rainfell Mastery: tanuki09, twilight01, ashikabi08 + blue crayon
Luna Mastery: trinisette09, petal05, ashikabi13 + gray crayon
Old Lion Mastery: tomboy02, seiken05, ashikabi17 + green crayon
Foraz Saiqa Mastery: canaan02, salmon15, ashikabi19 + red crayon
Fanalis Mastery: gakuen13, crocodile07, homunculus02 + gray crayon
Balbadd Mastery: atlas15, bel13, homunculus05 + blue crayon
Seven Seas Mastery: lovey-dovey09, insei17, homunculus07 + orange crayon
Ashikabi Mastery: valuable16, jkd05, homunculus08 + orange crayon
Arcana Mastery: watchers20, veil02, johto09, griefseed16 + gray crayon
Palette Portfolio 2: stupid18, execute06, pillars11, goodcop03 + orange crayon x2, green crayon, purple crayon
Monochrome Portfolio (blue): territory06, fleur01, vocal08, defender09 + red crayon, blue crayon x2, purple crayon

March 7, 2014
Graffiti 69: mobile12, ugly20, okaro14
Guess the Color 159: inlove07, over900007, dialect18
Rolling Down the UMN 10: spoiled03, yips10, y-ko09, devon09, durandal03, sketching03, akabari09, regain08, gransys19, kiyoubinbou14, yuri08
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 185: pulse15, strike14, death17, justice12

March 8, 2014
Trade: canaan02 for peshent14 w/Lin

March 13, 2014
Reading Between the Lines 98: propagation17, toxic11, pitviper05, part-timer14, polarbear14, romance05, knotroot05, futuring20, zeus01, librarian17 + gray crayon
Pot of Gold 39 (used): artemis17, bloodyrose20, dubhe09, ladiesman09, undead17, northitaly10, akatsubaki09
Pot of Gold 39: holybell13, galaxian20, snakes20, glazinglove07, driver06, effort11, 6616, faust09, agna09, phantom14, curemarch06, editor15, biancaneve06, dance05, wings19, literary14, tennights03, water18, wutai14, shinsou07, geek11, counter20, knightmare04, hallmonitor11, position013, sorcerer10, devoured07, curemarch07, burning03, monkey06, salt05, gigant07, actress16, herbalist09, youmu16, cryokinesis06, nanodesu10, golden15, betrayed16, lonesome15, akagami10, worms16, libra09, blazers20, smitten12, agni18, whiteknight07, orbs16, smitten01, guardian17 + yellow crayon, blue crayon, brown crayon
Art Lessons With Rukia 170: liladan08, testament16

March 16, 2014
Conan's Clues 185: aztec14, howling09, immovable04, grand05
Ansem's Player Report 23: nice01, 1stlt14, ethereal03, van20
Peach's Birthday Present 18: punisher17, copying11, teacup03, immelman13
Spare Parts 148: rebellious17, skateboard06, twinknives05, banana17
Pokeradar 177: petite16, snowy06, here19, code04
Acrostic Trading Post 21: juniorjr12, pyrokinesis15, betreida19, donmai05, tristan15

March 17, 2014
Quilting 59: mulberry10, pure16, america20

March 19, 2014
Quilting 60: eyesight14, ogredemon15, itako20, maou05 + yellow crayon
March Release: mothers04, mahou04, obliged04, magoi03, sigma05, create01, everafter01, raw03, hebirote01, dearj05, invader16, natural02, sonic05, nobility14, earrings16
Trade x2: hebirote01 and dearj05 for sohcahtoa01 and sohcahtoa19 w/Jen
Trade x2: invader16 and natural02 for mentor17 and mentor20 w/Aru
Trade: sonic05 for sohcahtoa10 w/Kiri
Trade x8: nobility14, earrings16, mahou04, charisma04, closest18, demonqueen16, junkshop12, shiningone14 for ariadoney05, ariadoney10, ariadoney14, endless04, gynoid13, onion16, paternal11 w/Senren
--- (6 over)
Trade x3: azuresky09, phantom11, revenant16 for badcop07, gawrsh01, usas12 w/Kazu
Trade: avenger05 for magoi01 w/Ralene
Trade: create01 for magoi09 w/Harukami
Trade: sigma05 for magoi02 w/Mazoku
Trade: everafter01 for magoi20 w/Aave
Trade: potato08 for redscarf10 w/Nu
Trade x3: insei17, justice12, restore15 for protector19, loyal06, izumo12 w/Ten
Recycled Art: playbirdie05, playbirdie09, submit05, submit19, pilots01, swords09

March 20, 2014
Pick a Color 87: determined04, blackmage11, rs273a06, itako08

March 21, 2014
Help Miss Kamila 22: cafe13, ciaossu05
Recycled Art: 3rdchild10, 66714, antique06, caution03, precepts13, shirogamon04
Trades x10: breath06, copy11, curebeauty04, curemarch06, curemarch07, curesunny13, netherworld17, ordinary11, requests12, savate08 for butler10, fiancee18, gretel08, legalwife14, playbirdie07, twinstar04, twinstar20, voidgear07, shades20, swords20 w/Cendol
--- (7 over)
Trade x2: mist19, trinisette09 for cerberus14, littledevil15 w/Abyss

March 22, 2014
Trade x5: blocker10, libero16, strike04, strike14, & toss18 for al-thamen20, bastion15, blademaster08, detectives14, mothers11 w/Chelsea

March 23, 2014
Trade: sketching03 for pentagram03 w/Em
Trade: durandal03 for obscenity04 w/Yun
Trade: neshitteru15 for usas08 w/Kazu

March 26, 2014
Trade: atlas15 for fisttype17 w/Ouji
Trade x3: maniac15, rabi12, paternal13 for artemyra15, phones06, burgers19 w/Qu-ko
--- (1 over)
Trade x4: copying11, herbalist09, knightmare04, and sprinter18 for fisttype16, izumo05, jabot20, wish20 w/Senren

March 29, 2014
Trade: cats11 for hypnosis09 w/Archer
Trade x9: animajor03, composer17, curious15, curious19, demon15, glazinglove07, howling09, nqm17, pure16 for 66609, greengirl08, gretel09, loyal10, maguskiller09, realian12, betreida11, maou19, pulse12 w/Harukami
Trade x4: zanber07, cleaning09, demon15, blackmage11 for 66715, demonic05, discarded02, onion07 w/Stareyes

BOTB Round 10: 5 cards + crayon
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