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Dear Yuletide Author:

First of all, welcome and thank you! This is my first year doing Yuletide, and I’m very excited to read your story. I want to start by saying that you shouldn’t consider any of my specific requests binding, if that’s not what floats your boat. I just wanted to give you some ideas, to help you get started and give you a taste of the sort of things I’m into.

Let’s start with the general guidelines:

Things I Like

I love fic that captures the feel of canon, even if it’s operating in a different genre. Fic which incorporates little details of the world building. Fic which doesn’t forget the existence of characters who may not be center-stage, or their importance to the leads. I like fic where the characters sound and act the way they do in canon, without any of their edges and flaws filed off. I like complicated emotions and psychological realism, including and especially in speculative settings. I’m a multishipper, so het, slash, femslash and poly are all A++. If there’s a pairing I’m particularly fond or unfond of, I’ll mention it under that specific fandom. Otherwise, have at! Anything from gen to kinky, kinky porn is well appreciated. (And if the kink in the latter is visceral and real-world believable, even better!) I like well-earned happy endings and bittersweet ones. Happiness and tragedy are both great, but I’d prefer something other than unmitigated fluff, or ‘everything sucks, so let’s just be emo about it.’

When it comes to relationships in fic, my guideline is ‘more banter, less shmoop.’ I’m as much of a sucker for declarations of love as the next person, but put some thought into how a given character would act on those particular feelings. That, and I just plain like banter. :) Springing off from this, I have a major soft spot for unorthodox and indirect ways characters might say ‘I love you.’ The ‘as you wish,’ clause, if you will.

Not Inherently Positive or Negative - Just Needs More Detail

I love certain types of hurt/comfort, and dislike others. Particularly, what I like is characters going together through trauma, supporting each other, and bonding. What I dislike is h/c which infantilizes the hurt character and doesn’t acknowledge them as a person with agency and drive, or h/c which assumes that ‘hug and cry’ is all there is to it, ignoring other valid reactions, such as anger, denial, black humor, being surprisingly okay with it, etc.

Things I Dislike

There are few things I dislike more than character bashing, or characters who are sympathetic in canon being made to act like abusive assholes. If they are morally gray canonically, obviously that is fine, and not what I am talking about here. Extra special note for this, if said character happens to be a PoC, female, or queer.

I have no interest in Character/Reader, A/B/O or mundane AUs, such as high school of coffee shop. (I was going to say ‘modern AUs,’ but then I realized I’d be totally down with say a mafia AU, or something like that, which might still be set in the modern world. Basically, I don’t want a setting which obliterates the stakes and issues of the canon.) I have a love-hate relationship with soulmate AUs. For me, someone finding their soulmate is not a satisfying and cathartic endgame in and of itself, if it comes at the expense of good old fashioned relationship building. On the other hand, it could be interesting to explore the worldbuilding implications of a world where soulmates are a fact of life. In general, sticking with the canon setting, or canon divergence AUs are your best bet.

Crossovers aren’t particularly my bag, especially in an exchange, where you might have no way of knowing which fandoms I am or am not familiar with.

In terms of squicks, please no MPREG or reproductive coercion. Mention of a pregnancy or kid is fine, but it shouldn’t be the focus, and I ask for absolutely no scenarios where the character doesn’t want to be pregnant but has to keep it anyway. As per what I’ve said a couple paragraphs above, absolutely no rape or abuse featuring canonically sympathetic characters as the perp (or even ones who might be ruthless on occasion, but unlikely to go *that particular route* if they’re in character.)

I dislike seme/uke essentialism, and essentialist gender roles in general. Who tops (or does the penetrating, or what have you) sexually has jack-all to do with strength of character or actual power dynamics in a relationship.

Now, on to the specific fandoms and requests:

Akatsuki no Yona

I love this manga! I love its characters, and its epic plot with its believable, down to earth worldbuilding. But more than anything, I love the characters, especially Yona herself, with her character arc from frilly princess to determined badass (as well as utter *dork*, when it comes to dealing with her emotions…) This is a fandom where I have lots of ideas for fic I might want - largely because I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this fandom. :)

My particular favorites are Yona, Jae-ha, and Su-won, but I love everybody lots and lots, and would love to see them all interact forever, in any combinations. Again, I’m a multishipper. I do request that you not break up Hak and Yona, even if you pair them with others. It would just be too weird, and to me at least read OOC. But that’s what poly is for. :) Ship-wise, my favorites are the hot mess that is Yona/Hak/Su-won, the different kind of hot mess that is Jae-ha/Hak/Yona, Yona/Lili (come on, that’s just adorable!), and Jae-ha/Kija (I love the way they’ve taken to fighting back to back in the latest chapters of the manga, and the way they went from suspicion to genuine respect and liking.)

So, the entire premise of the manga can be jokingly summed up as “dammit, Su-won, you fucked up a perfectly good threesome!” Which is sad, because I really, really want that threesome. Yona, Hak and Su-won clearly all still love each other, though that love’s been pretty thoroughly tainted by Su-won’s betrayal. I would love it if someone found a way to make the threesome happen anyway. Ideally by having them at least partially resolve the baggage train of issues, but if a canon divergence would help, go for it! This is the case where I am going to specify - I want romance, rather than gen, and requited rather than pining. Which isn’t to say they can’t be dumb about it along the way. But the resolution I’m craving is romantic. It doesn’t *have* to be sexual, but if you want to go there, I will love you forever. This fandom needs more smut!

I would also love it if you come up with a reason to drag the HHB to Ryokuryuu village, so that Jae-ha can confront his past and the rest of them can watch him do it and confront it with him. He’s cagey enough about it, the whole story might not come out to others without the plot forcing the issue.

One idea I’ve been tossing around for this fandom is role swap AUs. What if, I don’t know, Yona was the Wind Tribe general, or Yun was the son of the murdered king, or Kija was Ouryuu, or… These are just examples of the concept, not specifics I need. Mix and match everyone, and see what happens! Heck, considering how much of a mover and shaker Su-won is, putting him in pretty much any role is going to net you something interesting!

I am always down for more plot involving ancestor dragon ghosts, like the Seiryuu we saw in The Forest Lushing Blue. Gimme boos! Have Kija interacting with the ancestors clustered around him. (Dude, I wonder if Guen is part of that cluster!) Show me what a Ryoku-boo might be like! Just give me more boos. I’m not fussy.

Little Busters

The thing I love above all about this canon is the way the entire main cast has bonded through adversity, and how it flows in all directions, instead of just between Riki and the girl-of-the-episode. They all love each other, and they all have distinct relationships, and that makes me so, so happy!

This is such a tiny fandom, so any variety of things would make me happy in a fic. I’m an enormous multishipper, so any and all romances are good. If I had to pick some favorites, I’d go with Riki/Kyousuke, Riki/Kurugaya, and Komari/Rin. Poly and multiple combinations are A++. Heck, if you want to do everybody/everybody, I would get out my pom-poms and cheer you on! I also love the friendships Rin develops with all the girls, Riki, Masato and Kengo being bros, Haruka and Kanata’s sibling relationship (which wasn’t actually resolved in the real world, since Kanata wasn’t in the dream,) Haruka and Kurugaya’s friendship, and Kyousuke’s importance to the whole cast.

Since this is a story where multiple timelines are all true and canon, I would love something which deals with ‘hey, I was in love with this person that time, and then that other person, and all of those feelings were real, and they’re all still there, and what do I even do?’ I would also love fic that explores the fallout of the accident and the dream world in more detail than canon did. (Disclaimer, since being a Mac user makes playing visual novels difficult, I am familiar with the anime, not the VN. If the VN went into fallout more than the anime, which fast-forwarded to ‘everyone’s okay now, and we’re going on a trip,’ that’s excellent news.) You could go into more detail with Kyousuke (or any of the others) having genuine difficulties with the extent of his injuries, and the emotional trauma experienced by Kyousuke, Rin, Riki, or anyone else you want to say remembers what happened in the dream world. This is the perfect place for the ‘bonding over painful things that happened to us’ fic.

I’ve heard of the ‘epilogue is actually taking place in another dream world, created by Rin or Riki’ theory, and am intrigued by it, even if it makes me sad. If you want to go that route, that could be fun. For given values of really bittersweet fun. :p

Or, if you want to go somewhere lighter, I’d love a story about the original generation Little Busters (Kyousuke, Riki, Rin, Masato and Kengo,) and their adventures. Because that’s always good. :)


What I love most about No.6 is the psychological complexity of the characters, the epic romance of Shion and Nezumi, and all the literary allusions. I’m a sucker for a good literary allusion. The main thing I ask in this fandom is that you not forget Shion’s sharp edges. He may genuinely be a sweetheart, but he’s also someone who screams at storms, feels no fear when Nezumi threatens him, even when they’re kids, and is perfectly capable of killing someone who’s hurt those he loves. Under his kind exterior, there’s a lot of steel, and a lot of sharp, jagged bits as well. He’s not the sanest guy around, and considering Nezumi, that says a lot.

I would love to see fic which delves into Shion helping rebuild No.6. The kind of social restructuring necessary to make something so twisted work again. We see it bring out Shion’s ruthless side, in the epilogue stories. What’s that doing to his psyche? Bonus points if you manage to draw symbolic parallels between the city’s recovery and Shion’s, complete with attendant backsliding in both cases.

I would also love to see a fic exploring Safu’s nature spirit/goddess state, once she’s melded with Eylurias. What does that *feel* like. What does it do to her self, after the wall has broken and the two of them have left No.6?

And, okay, it’s not like there can ever be enough Shion/Nezumi, or reunion fic. I’m always down for that! Or either/both of them interacting with the secondary cast. I would especially love to see Karan bonding with Nezumi.


It’s no secret that I really adore Suwa, and how much he loves both Naho and Kakeru, and how much he would do to make sure they’re both happy. How you define ‘love’ in this case is up to you, but personally, I would love me some OT3. Or, if you’d rather keep things within the spectrum of canon, just Suwa being there for Naho and Kakeru, throughout the years. I enjoy explorations of unrequited love, but would be frustrated if pining were the sole/primary focus, especially for a proactive and fairly zen character like Suwa.


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