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After a wonderfully productive fall, I've hit a dry spell, when it comes to my writing. So I figured I'll try and snap myself out of it by writing drabbles. *g* This is where you all come in.

Request a pairing - any pairing - in one of my fandoms, and you'll get a ficlet (100-1000 words).

Why a pairing rather than a single character name/prompt? Because it's easier, particularly in a short format. Once my writing muscles are stretched, I may do another round for the gen requests.

It should go without saying, but just in case: Slash, femslash and het are all equally welcome. In fact, the *only* place I won't go is non-con.

Fandoms I feel comfortable and familiar enough with to write include:

Doctor Who (new and classic series both)
Babylon 5

If you've got a request for something not on the list, there's no harm in asking.
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Last night, I managed to coax "Intersections in Real Time" out of the DVD. In my joy, I, um, wound up marathoning the season right through to the end (almost [1]).

My concluding thoughts )
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Credit goes to this episode for making me sincerely sympathize with both Bester and Lyta. I've previously liked Bester as a character, but it was more of a love-to-hate deal. He was a great antagonist. This was the first time I've actively felt for him. Lyta, on the other hand, I had utterly no opinion on. For someone who was billed as a main character in season 3, she really won the do nothing award. All of that is changing this season. Now I just want to give her a hug and love her for her moments of badass. And awwww, Zack! (The Zack love, for the record *is* Lyta connected and is *not* new.)
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Ok, ok. I give up, throw in the towel, cry uncle, etc. Could someone rec me some good B5 fanfic, please? More than anything, I want gen. Character moments, fic that brings the funny, more of the breathtaking world JMS has created. Beyond that, I would love some good Susan/Talia. Also Londo and G'Kar - paired or gen; each interacting with other people, or on his own - I just plain want more of them.

I think all of you know my standards for what quallifies as good fic, at this point. Characterization is paramount, but grammar, plot, etc. are not to be ignored. Character bashing - particularly as this is a show where I at the very least like all the characters - would make me cry, then throw stuff.

I've given up on avoiding spoilers. Besides, JMS makes a point of telling you what he's going to do, then making the *how* a surprise.
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You know how you can tell when a show is stellar? When you're asked who your favorite character is, and you respond with whoever you saw last onscreen [1], your answer changing every time. Now that's tallent in characterization. Go JMS!

I just saw the last of season two. I'm allowed to gush.

1. Unless the character in question is someone you're supposed to really hate, like Morden. But then, he always shares his scenes with others, so.
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Ok, *now* I understand what all the talk of Delenn's awesomeness is all about.
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Dude. I so didn't know Neil Gaiman wrote for Babylon 5. Duuuude. Haven't seen the episode in question (it's in season 5; I'm on season 2), but dude. How cool is that?
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Sleep? Who needs sleep! Sleep is for the weak and puny.

The strong write 2,300-something words of fic instead. The strong discover that they write faster on no sleep. The strong then take a break from writing to check "Teaspoon" for new fic and wind up weeping - *weeping* - at the sheer percentages of crap posted overnight.

And once again, B5 proves to be the all-powerful antidote to crap. I'm up to "The Coming of Shadows" now, an episode that also made me want to cry, but in a *good* way.
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I still think I'm more of a Sinclair girl, but I do like Sheridan. His quirks keep him from getting *too* Good Ol' Boy. Loved his determination to make that speech, whether anyone was there to listen or not. It's the darker moments that really make me think he has potential, though, like his guilt over his wife's death. That's where I really felt for him.

In other news, OMG, Londo and G'kar are so Old 'n Married! They're like my parents, only with *chemistry*. And I'm loving how their roles have been reversed this season, with G'kar being the morally ambiguous sorta-badguy of season 1, and Londo taking up that role now. They're a joy to watch together or apart, even if I *know* there'll be major doom.

Not sure what I think of Delenn's transformation. They just keep de-alienizing her with every take. Sadly, I think I find her "Gathering" version most intriguing.

I've decided that the ambassadors' aides are the characters I want to pet the most. Poor dears. They're so damn woobie! (Well, Vir and Lennier are woobie. Na'toth just kicks arse.) I wonder if Kosh has an aide. Maybe he's hiding him/her in that suit of his.
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*sings* Too much exposition~

G'Kar and Delenn's makeup/prosthetics clearly underwent some fine-tuning, in the time between Pilot A ("The Gathering") and Pilot B ("Midnight on the Firing Line"). G'Kar's characterization also appears puzzlingly one-dimensional.

So far, "Midnight" strikes me as a far better pilot, in an ironic reversal from a similar situation in Firefly, where the intended pilot, "Serenity", was worlds better than its follow-up, "The Train Job."

Still, this is only an initial impression. We'll see.

ETA: I'm at the point where Sinclair recounts the Battle of the Line, and I have to say, I really hope Carolyn doesn't have anything to do with the assassination plot, because I like her. Actually, I like her much better than Catherine. There's a fire to her; an involvement. So here's hoping she's not evil. *g*

ETA 2: She's not evil. Yay! We're still not going to see her again. Less yay.

ETA 3: To sum it up, "The Gathering" is a bit unsubtle and rough around the ages, but it's certainly not bad. And when you know what the series became, with just a little polish... Well.
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So. The library fucked up and sent me B5: "In the Beginning", instead of "The Gathering". A question for those of you familiar with Babylon 5 - how watchable is ItB, after only having seen Season 1? Am I going to get the crap kicked out of me by spoilers? Would I even understand what's going on?

ETA: Er. Turns out "The Gathering" is accounted for after all. Bloody two-sided DVDs. The question about "In the Beginning" still stands, though.
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And there we have it. I've finished watching season one of Babylon 5, from "Midnight on the Firing Line" to "Chrysalis". "The Gathering"'s already been put on order, and after that? After that, I begin the epic quest to get my grubby little hands on season two.

Considering buying it. My credit history weeps.
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Dear DW Muses (you know who you are, and yes, there's more than one of you)

Kindly forebear from ever giving me your nightmares again. Or else, bitchez. I can wreak havoc on you, of the kind that makes Rusty look like Mother Theresa, if you ever pull that shit again. Capice?


Your author


Dear Capt. Jack Harkness and Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova

I certainly don't mind the fact that you two seem to have bonded, but I'd be much obliged if my headspace wasn't turned into that Jerry Springer episode, "Telepaths and the Millitary Personel Who Love Them", twenty-four/seven.

In Jack's case, at least, I fully expect him to take time off from commiseration (therapeutic though it is) and actually earn his keep as a muse. Fics. You two know what those things are, right?

In Ivanova's case, I actually fear any fic ideas, as it'll take me a while to get through all of B5, and I avoid spoilers if at all possible. But hey, can I help it if the show's creator chooses to spoil me for several developments?

Love, of a less sarcastic kind,

Your headspace landlady
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"No boom today? Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow."

- Susan Ivanova, "Grail" (B5 - duh)

Ah, the kind of 'optimism' a girl like me can get behind. I <3 Ivanova. This has already been stated, but it bears repeating.

More B5

Oct. 21st, 2006 06:10 pm
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It's got telepaths~

[ profile] nevacaruso, you know you want to see this~

I'd say something coherent, but only 'guh' and 'squee' come to mind.

Babylon 5

Oct. 20th, 2006 04:53 pm
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I just finished watching the first episode of Babylon 5, and can I just say, this show is brilliant! And I'm not one for first episodes.

Someone explain to me why I haven't seen this series, or heard much about it, till now.


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