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Oh man. It had to be a gorgeous, appley update, didn't it? Almost makes up for the fact that I haven't seen Punkie Night since its inception (which is to say before I knew what BPAL was.)

Ones I want:

Bite me (I sure want to)
Creepy (hello, caramel apple!)
Lamb's Wool
Pomona (apple, blackberry *and* pomegranate?! If this isn't amazing, I believe I shall cry)

Vampires are not my thing in a literary sense, and there's an abundance of DO NOT WANT notes, such as jasmine or other night-blooming stuff.
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If you would like to swap, take a look at my wishlist, and make me an offer. Otherwise, prices are listed below.

Shipping is $2.50 within the US. I'm currently not shipping internationally.

Swap/Sell List )

[ profile] ryenna
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[ profile] ewin, your BPAL has arrived. Yay! Thank you!

Yew Trees
Piercingly sweet berries over evergreen boughs, deepened by the tree’s sacred wood.

Pretty evergreen scent, but sadly no berries. Maybe they'll come out more in colder winter weather.

Eat Me
Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants.

Spicy cake. I'm not sure where the spicy's coming from, but look at me not complaining.
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Just got a package from [ profile] voyeurwithwings, whom I just did a swap with. (And an awesome package, at that! This is one seller/swapper I highly recommend.)

Midwinter's Eve '07
A melancholy, deep scent, poignant and brimming with nostalgia. The perfume of sugared plums over a breeze of winter flowers.

Spicy plums, delicious plums! This one's a keeper.

Olive oil, beeswax, glowing amber, sweet sufganiyot, pomegranate, and fig.

I didn't buy this one originally when it first came out because I was a silly girl and skeptical of olive oil as a note. Really, very silly, because this is a lovely, sweet scent.

Deep, luscious green and berry scents that evoke images of woodland witchcraft and the raw power of nature: blackberry, sage, green tea, wild berries and dark musk.

Still a favorite, though I'd like to age up this new imp some.

Bright, intoxicating, hectic notes masking a twisted, corrupted core: sweet wild berry, spicy carnation and heliotrope layered over deep amber and musk.

Alas, I can barely smell it.

Wild plum, pomegranate, raspberry, Siamese benzoin, plum blossom, patchouli, frankincense, and mahogany.

I had such high hopes for this one, but alas it turned out to be sickly sweet. Not the good kind.

Sugar cane, molasses, oak wood, and honey.

If pirate booze tasted like this smells, I want to be a pirate!
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BPAL, redux!

Venerable Victorian Tea Rose… twisted, blackened and emboldened with wickedness.

In imp: I don't think soap's particularly twisted and this is one decidedly soapy rose.
On me: Dangit, London shouldn't smell like somebody's grandma!

Sea of Tranquility
Silver-dusted lotus, white amber, rose otto, passion flower, white sandalwood, buttonweed, and white poppy.

In imp: A calming scent, indeed, soft and sweet.
On me: Mm, I like!

Osmanthus, honey, golden musk, vanilla flower, and ginger.

In imp: Cucumber?
On me: Cuke, I swear.
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(No posted notes)

In imp: Very sweet and rich
On me: ...Don't get attached. You'll probably never see this one again.

Atrocious Attic
A shadowy shrine filled with forgotten toys, broken dolls. The altar: a collapsing trunk distended by a rotted wedding gown. The air of the room is dusty, laced with the scent of a child's perfume and the remnants of a dried, crumbling bridal bouquet: tea rose, violet, white sandalwood, French lavender, and Calla lily.

In imp: Floral meh
On me: Meh

Egyptian amber, walnut bark, chamomile, frankincense, and saffron.

In imp: Rich, yet subtle
On me: Nice, but not really my thing
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Still working on my next fiction piece, so here's more BPAL.

Jolly Roger
Sea spray with an undercurrent of leather, Bay Rum, and salty, dry woods.

In imp: Wood with a dry, bitter undertone. Only a very slight hint of yummy leather.
On me: Same. Very dry, which is odd for a pirate.

La Vita Nuova
Apple blossom, white rose, lemon balm, and champagne grape.

In imp: Sweet green grape. Nice!
On me: Ooh, lovely! Want!

Parlement of Foules 2008
Medieval romance and courtly love. White rose and soft resins.

In imp: Mostly resins.
On me: Candles r us.
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Son of yet more BPAL!

Stephanotis, cyclamen, heliotrope, white rose and gardenia.

In imp: Pleasant enough, but still traditional floral.
On me: Herby

Sleepy Moon
A nearly-narcotic blend of opiate-touched bark and blossom reflective of the bleakness and solitude of winter, the quietest point of the year : black opium poppy, bamboo pulp, ylang ylang, lavender, chamomile and white sandalwood.

In imp: Cloying herby. I can see it being soporific, though...
On me: And therefore will not try it on me, as I need to stay AWAKE.

Lucy's Kiss
Created to represent the essence of Bram Stoker's tragic heroine, Lucy Westenra. Seductive, wanton and deadly, but underscored with a soft, wistful innocense. The gentle scent of rose and a blend of Victorian spices.

In imp: Baking soda?
On me: Baking soda!
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Yet more BPAL!

This delicate, spectral perfume gives rise to an eerie distortion of of the senses. It bestows an ephemeral, ghostly, and truly haunting quality to your presence. Green tea, lemon verbena, jasmine and neroli.

In imp: All jasmine all the time.
On me: No

The sublimely beautiful, fiercely independent, impeccably cultured, fascinatingly worldly and witty courtesans of ancient Greece. A seductive and dazzling blend of golden honey, fiery patchouli, sweet fig and clove, and a blushing touch of ylang ylang.

In imp: Firey honey
On me: Nice!

His ofrenda is the soft shea he shares with Obatala, forest herbs, and sprucewood arrow shafts.

In imp: Interesting blend
On me: Shea butter. Nice, but I can get that from my bodywash.

Moon Rose
A crisp, pale, almost translucent rose dusted by moonflower and midnight dew.

In imp: Warm rose
On me: Goes to soap immediately
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More BPAL!

The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk.

In imp: A whiff of lilac, followed by overwhelming NARSTY.
On me: NO!

Dolce Sil Nuovo
Our interpretation of Dolce Stil Nuovo is a blend of rose otto, carnation, vanilla flower, lavender and jasmine with the clarity of crystalline white musk and the warmth of golden amber.

(Whoa, jasmine stepping carefully here.)

In imp: Bit of lemon and...nothing. For a jasmine scent, that's damn good.
On me: Disappears entirely.

Named for the ambitious, vengeful poisoner Catherine deMedici, who used perfumes to perform her dark deeds. A sinful blend of orange blossom, rosemary and rose... allegedly the exact perfume she utilzed in her work.

In imp: Menthol and death.
On me: Just death, namely mine.
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More BPAL!

Lady Una
Honey musk, green tea leaf, blackberry leaf, vanilla bean, and fae spices.

In bottle: Fresh grass and musk. Most interesting. Not sure what I think of it, but definitely interesting.
On me: Musky vanilla. Pleasant - very - but not a must have. Nice, though.

There was beauty, there was wine: a rich Sangiovese vintage swirled through opulent amber, rich plum, champaca flower, and arrogant white musk.

In bottle: Whoa, kick to the brain! Kind of a cloyingly sweet kick.
On me: More plummy sweet, but I'm still getting a sugared candy scent, which isn't really my thing. Shame, I like plums.

Hexennacht 2008
This perfume is the scent of the witches' revel: German fir and forest herbs, incense and bonfire smoke, infernal flora, glowing amber, and the wet, glimmering scent of skin warmed by dance.

In bottle: Burning wood and earth. With a counternote of frost.
On me: A day out in the woods. Very crisp and down to earth. Mmmm.
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BPAL Reviews! I know you're all excited.

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
Heather, clover, Irish moss, English ivy, tea rose, and carnation.

In bottle: Sweet and fresh. I swear I'm getting a berry note.
On me: Sweet herbal goodness. I'm sorry I didn't buy this one now.


The scent of a pirate's bumboat, overflowing with stolen wares: tea leaf, cassia, cinnamon bark, clove, allspice, sandalwood, tobacco, peppercorn, and nutmeg.

In bottle: boooooooze and spices.
On me: Cinnamon single note. Almost like cinnamon gum. I hope it won't make me allergic.


Mead Moon
Golden mead, fermented with gruit, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger root, sweet-briar, rosemary, and lemon.

In bottle: Heady, musky honey.
On me: Same, mmmm. Another one I really wish I'd bought. Some of the lemon's coming through now and making it even better.

BPAL Sale!

May. 26th, 2008 04:41 pm
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At long last, I've gone through all my BPAL and the Sale/Swap Page is entirely up-to-date. I'm letting my friendslist have first crack at it, before I post it to any of the comms, so do take a look and buy something if it seems appealing. :)

For BPAL newbies, I've included note lists for each scent.
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Thought #1 - I cannot afford this!

General Catalog )

Limited Edition )
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Well, crap A whole lot of BPAL blends are being discontinued - including two of my favorites. I'll be grabbing bottles of Yerevan and Vinland asap, before they disappear. Anyone else want in on the order, to save on shipping and get more frimps?

And while we're at it, I don't know if the Sea of Tranquility orders are in yet, but if anyone winds up with an imp or bottle of Tanuki they don't love, I want it.

The order so far:


[ profile] mirrored_echo
Skuld (?)
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I got these from [ profile] ayalanya over a month ago, but they remained in Boston and couldn't be reviewed till now.

Bastet )

Mantis )

Milk Moon 2007 )

Tiresias the Androgyne )

Jezebel )
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Lunacy )

Stardust )

Good Omens )

The Gaiman and Pratchett scents are GC, so nothing pressing in this update. I think my order for this month will be some combination of Diwali, El Dia de Reyes (hoping and praying the cinnamon is nice to me this time) The Fruit of Paradise and Midwinter's Eve.
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Vampire Tears )

Malice )

Rage )

Siren )

Nyx )

*updates swap post* Ah well, at least those were all frimps.
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My last BPAL order has arrived, which means I now have my bottles of Perilous Parlor and The Hesperides, as well as frimps of Rage, Nyx, Malice, Siren and Vampire Tears. Reviews coming soon.


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