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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] unluckylasers: Tara MacLay

1. She got to be really close friends with Anya. It may have seemed at first like they didn't have a great deal in common, but they formed a bond back in the day, when neither of them quite belonged with the Scoobies. In part, it was self-preservation - someone to hide in the bathroom with, while the rest of the group flung proverbial mud at each other. In another part, it came out of a stubborn mutual desire to be seen as more than just Willow or Xander's girl. As it happened, though, their personalities meshed well and balanced each other out. Just being around the outspoken former demon made Tara more extroverted, and not that Anya told her this, but Tara was one of the few people she trusted to act as her personal conscience. Something to do with the way Tara didn't judge.

2. She slipped one night, when she was really tired, calling Joyce 'Mama.' Joyce didn't mind in the least, but it felt like such a sickening betrayal to her mother's memory that Tara never relaxed enough to do something like that again. She just wished she had, sometimes, after Joyce's death.

3. She'd been in love once, before she met Willow. Or at least she thinks it was love - those feelings never got voiced. At any rate, she was too scared to tell Willow she loved her for a good long while. Not just for fear of rejection, though there was plenty of that, festering in the back of her mind, but because she half-feared saying the words would make the feeling less sacred, somehow; make it go away. Instead, saying the words felt like imbuing them with power, and the act of it broke through a number of her personal barriers and fears.
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After a wonderfully productive fall, I've hit a dry spell, when it comes to my writing. So I figured I'll try and snap myself out of it by writing drabbles. *g* This is where you all come in.

Request a pairing - any pairing - in one of my fandoms, and you'll get a ficlet (100-1000 words).

Why a pairing rather than a single character name/prompt? Because it's easier, particularly in a short format. Once my writing muscles are stretched, I may do another round for the gen requests.

It should go without saying, but just in case: Slash, femslash and het are all equally welcome. In fact, the *only* place I won't go is non-con.

Fandoms I feel comfortable and familiar enough with to write include:

Doctor Who (new and classic series both)
Babylon 5

If you've got a request for something not on the list, there's no harm in asking.
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I just rewatched "Earshot," and sadly, what this leads me to is giving "Greeks Bearing Gifts" a lot less credit than I initially had. Sure, Torchwood writers in general seem awfully keen on 'paying homage' to Joss's work, but Whithouse took large chunks of plot and theme wholesale out of Jane Espenson's original.

Which only makes clearer the sad fact that Espenson did it better.

Some Comparisons )

There are differences, sure. No one like Mary appears in "Earshot," for instance. However, she reminds me strongly of Darla, not to mention manages to rip off Turlough's backstory wholesale (admittedly, his wasn't a fabrication). When you put them all together, the 'homages' stop being homages and become plaigiarism instead.

One could argue that you run the risk just by having a telepathy episode; a story which carries with it its own tropes. I counter that with plenty of other series that have done it, in a fashion altogether different from the one presented here: Babylon 5 and X-men, just to name two.

In conclusion, "Greeks Bearing Gifts" is not a bad episode, in that it didn't make me hit pause and storm out, or offend me morally and aesthetically [1], but the clear - and clearly inferior to the original - ripoff is a serious mark in the episode's disfavor. From the guy who wrote the wonderful "School Reunion," this is a heartbreaking disappointment.

[1] - Yes, these are now my official requirements and expectations for Torchwood. Yes, that's very sad.
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I've been rewatching Buffy episodes from seasons 3, 6 and 7, in random order. This was today's pick.

Just a few comments.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I really like Willow/Kennedy. They have a fun dynamic that may not be all true love and soulmates, but is still filled with a great deal of caring.

Some claim Willow got over Tara too easily. Um. She killed people, tried to destroy the world, *spent almost a year in mourning* and if that wasn't enough, Spoiler )

Honestly, I suspect that the fans that take issue at Willow's moving on would take issue no matter how long it's been. They're probably the 'one true love' types. At that, I roll my eyes. Yes, I believe Tara was the person Willow loved the most in her life up to that point. Maybe even her whole life. And yes, I like the Willow/Tara pairing. But if you think people are only capable of loving one person per lifetime, and everyone else is 'intruding', you frankly have more problems than I can fix. It's just not how love or life work.

As for me, I don't think Willow's relationship with Kennedy negates any of the love she's felt for Tara, just like I don't think her relationship with Tara negated her having loved Oz. And so on.

And if you think Kennedy doesn't care about Willow beyond a casual level, or have insight into who she really is? Just watch the end of this episode. Seriously. Spoiler )

Lastly, one of the guys doing the episode commentary (David Solomon or Drew Z. Greenberg, I'm not sure which of them was speaking here) said that one of the things he wanted to do in this episode was show that being gay wasn't all about the trauma, rejection and prejudice. It could also be about fun, seduction, and oh yeah, actually *being attracted to the same sex*. I could have *kissed* him when I heard that. Seriously, thank you, David-or-Drew!


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