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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] x_bluerose_x: The Doctor

1. The leather jacket Nine wears once belonged to Fitz Kreiner, a companion of Eight's. Fitz was the companion who stuck with him through the Time War. Probably died in it, in fact. But don't expect the Doctor to ever mention any of this. He just wears the jacket and remembers.

As Ten, he didn't wear the jacket anymore. The Time War was over, he thought. It was time to put old ghosts to rest.

2. He's occasionally tempted to cross his own timeline; go back to a time when he and Romana were travelling together. Those are the only places she exists anymore. He knows better, though. Besides, if she recognized him, he'd have a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

3. He's read most of the books published on Earth. Hey, the man's got time and lots of it. Which isn't to say he hasn't given up on a few halfway through. Just get him started on Danielle Steel. I dare you.
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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] livii: Mickey Smith

1. His gran would have rather he finish his education, maybe go to uni, but he started work as soon as he was legally allowed. School had never made Mickey feel useful or competent; work did, and he badly needs to feel useful.

Besides, he couldn't mooch off Gran forever. Wouldn't be right.

2. He'd known Rose had fallen out of love with him ever since she came back for the first time, breathless and a year late. He didn't realize he'd fallen out of love with her till he was telling her he wanted to stay in the alternate universe. Somehow, he'd thought it would hurt more. Instead, all he felt was relief, like a great burden being lifted off his shoulders. Ricky had never been the tin dog, redundant and taken for granted, and while he wasn't Ricky, there were certain aspects and personality traits he was more than comfortable adopting.

3. He wound up the one to tell Angela Price's husband that she was dead. Funny choice, as he was the one who knew her least. Maybe that made it easier, maybe not - all he knew in the end is that he felt like shit every time he accidentally referred to her as 'Mrs. Moore.' Jake took him out afterward and they got blindingly drunk - that would be the semi-decent part of the day.
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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] fajrdrako: Jack Harkness

1. If you look closely enough at his genome, you'd realize his DNA's not entirely human. Then again, in the fifty-first century, whose is?

2. He makes friends practically on sight, but is slow to genuine trust; loves easily and falls in love almost never. To date, he's fallen in love with precisely three people in his long life: Rose, the Doctor and Estelle. Of the above, he's only ever trusted one implicitly - the one logic tells him he probably shouldn't have trusted, but that was one argument logic just wasn't going to win.

3. Not that he knows this, but his two years' worth of missing memories have more to do with classified information than with crime or betrayal. The Time Agency would have given them back once his mission was declassified if he hadn't bailed.

DW Casting

Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:45 pm
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I bet you'll never guess who'll be the companion at the beginning of the fourth season!

That's gonna be an interesting contrast, once Martha comes back on. One I'm quite looking forward to.
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I already knew the rumor about Martha being removed as a companion because of 'poor audience reaction' or somesuch was a crock of bs, but here's concrete proof:

Not only do we get my girl for another season at least, but she'll be guest starring on Torchwood as well - and making them competent with her sheer presence, I bet! *incoherrent love*
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So many things about yesterday made me happy!

The fangirls, they didst watch the last episode of Doctor Who, and lo, the fangirls did go thud, for it was good.

They didn't Doomsday it! Yay!

[Doomsday: verb. To follow up a brilliant first episode of a season finale with a thoroughly mediocre conclusion.]

The stir-fry I made for the gathering seemed to go over really well. I'll probably be making it again.

Note to self: post recipe at some point.

Afterward, [ profile] yunatwilight helped [ profile] mirrored_echo and me with character creation for a game she'll be running. This may sound strange, but going through the numbers helped me solidify some things in my character's personality and backstory.

By the time we were done, it was getting late-ish, so [ profile] yunatwilight and [ profile] mirrored_echo went off to bed. [ profile] wired_lizard, [ profile] nevacaruso and I stayed up to talk shop. And by 'talk shop' I mean sniff all of [ profile] wired_lizard and [ profile] yunatwilight's BPAL. Reviews - mini or otherwise - forthcoming. Yatta!

Oh, and before any of this, I got to beta read [ profile] wired_lizard's latest fic. Duuuude. She made me care about Gwen, and lemme tell ya, that takes mad skillz! The fic in question can be found here.

How did I cap off this wonderful day? By waking up the next morning with the cat snuggled up to me. I feel like I should be purring happily.
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Holy geez it's hot! I'm so not setting foot outside my nice, air-conditioned room. A bum is me! It's also far too hot to eat any real food, so I've been subsisting on cheesy crackers, blueberries and ice-cream. I kind of like this fare. Y'know, until I get thoroughly sick of it.

Currently reading: Cetaganda, by Lois McMaster Bujold; Tsubasa manga volume three. Guh on both counts.

Currently watching: Nada. :( This computer won't play anything, won't connect to my external harddrive and has a tendency to eat CDs.

Currently listening to: Nada. :( See above.

Days till my new laptop gets here: Too damn long. For the record, this one's another Dell PC. Mom and I took a look at the prices, and there's no way I can afford a decent Mac right now. On the plus side, it'll have a four year warranty, so if anything goes wrong, they'll brave the depths of Vermont to come fix it and make me happy again.

Writing: Actually progressing. It's all original work, though. I haven't been getting many fic bunnies lately, though if the DW finale is as good as The Sound of Drums was, that may change.

Crack-ass theories regarding said finale: Recorded here as proof that I actually had them, on the off chance I could be right. Whee spoilers )

KoL: *muttermutter* fucking expensive polka-dot bowtie *muttermutter* But at least I have the bugger. Now, I wait for rollover, then vent my frustration on some clowns. Also, note to self: start growing mushrooms tonight.

BPAL Smellies: Tried the other two Atropa's Cottage scents - Gondor and Elbereth - and they both gave me the same chemical floral soapy yuck in the imps. Didn't try them on skin, as I like smelling nice. Still no way for me to tell what's in them. Merf.

And now, I'm out of smellies to review. This is very sad.

I should probably move along the imps I disliked or was 'meh' on. Any of you have a particular craving for any of these?

New Orleans (the jasmine in this hates me)
Morocco x2 (lovely to smell on someone else, but not me)
Ithilien (AC)
Elbereth (AC)
Gondor (AC)

Trades are made of shiny, but if you really want it, you can pretty much have it. If you do want to trade, give me a list of what you're offering, long or short.

On the other hand, I'm 99% certain I'll be getting a bottle of Glasgow. Mom keeps stealing my imp to sniff.

...Dude, imagine if I get my mom hooked on BPAL! Wouldn't that rock?

Random comment on real-world shite: Paris Hilton is out of jail. Whee. She gets to spread the stupid and endanger innocent people once again. I reiterrate - whee.

To counteract the vapidness: I'm thinking of doing Blogathon 2007. The hitch is, I'd feel a little bad, since my entries aren't particularly award-winning. Then again, people would be donating to the good cause, not to get more keyboard mashing out of me. The keyboard mashing is just representative of my commitment (and ability to stay up for twenty-four hours straight.) I have to mull on this some more, which includes picking a charity, but my participation is looking more and more likely.
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DW fans, you need to read this:

Twelve Cliches That Never Happened to Martha Jones

Just don't do it in a library like I did. Loud sporfling and lost drinks are much discouraged.
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Fire bad; Martha pretty.

See "Impossible Planet" instead, cause Chibnall ain't even ripping off other people's shows anymore.
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I haven't done any Doctor Who fic recs in ages, but God almighty, this is brilliant!

Nothing But Flowers

The fic is Ten/Martha (with mentions of past Master/Doctor), and it's in turns hillarious, heartbreaking and mind-stoppingly hot. Both the character voices are spot-on, and I couldn't be more in love with Martha after reading this if I tried.

[ profile] wired_lizard, I can't thank you enough for recommending it to me.
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I've just watched part one and I'm loving it! I <3 Seven and Ace, the serial-specific characters are cool (is Judson by any chance based on Alan Turing?) The pacing is excellent - and that's something I normally find a flaw in the classic series. So good!

Spoilers )

Gooood stuff. May well be my favorite in the classic series, and one of my favorites in general.

Late realization: I've only got one more serial with Ace left to go. Noooooooo!
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Finally got this episode to play, after it stalled out on Saturday.

Review )

Overall score: 2

I'm still entirely enamoured with Martha, however.
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It has come to my attention that I've been utterly remiss in reviewing this new season of Doctor Who. See also my point about short review = excellent episode. And considering this season (and Martha!) have been kicking ass and taking names so far...

So have some short-ass reviews:

Smith and Jones )

The Shakespeare Code )

Gridlock )

The Daleks Take Manhattan )
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The final three episode titles for Doctor Who Season 3 have been announced. Episode 3 is "Gridlock," episode 5 is "Evolution of the Daleks," and episode 13 is "Last of the Time Lords." Generally good show all around. My one quibble is that both the episodes in the Dalek two-parter have the word 'Daleks' in them. You know, in case the audience is feeling particularly slow that month...

For the record, previous theorized titles for episodes 3 and 5 were "Flesh and Bone," and "The Oncoming Storm," respectively. Personally, I think "Gridlock" is an improvement but rather prefer "The Oncoming Storm" to its more legitimate successor.

I can't wait till the 31st!
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Uploaded for y'all, so that you too can share in the hotness that is Martha.
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(The reason 'meme' is in quotation marks is because I came up with the idea. Feel free to immitate or not, as you see fit.)

Once upon a time, I resolved to create a comprehensive Doctor Who fic recs list. And so, I did. I also resolved to keep updating it. And so, I, uh, didn't. This is for all of us fanbrats with questionable attention spans:

You can only rec five fics out of your entire fandom. Choose one of each for gen, het, slash and femslash, plus a bonus slot you can use as you like. If you don't read a particular category, replace it with a fic from another, but try not to have all five be from the same category.

(I quote my original recs wherever I can, cause I'm just that lazy.)

Here are mine: Doctor Who )
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Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

That was excellent! I needed to pay close attention to understand how all the details fit together, but that's part of what made the story good.

I need an Ace icon, I think.
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Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

Part 4 )

Part 5 )

Whee! That was a fun one!


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