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cut for spoilers )

Verdict: A significant improvement over the season premiere. I'm not sure how much that's saying right now, but at least the plot twists felt coherent this time, rather than like some guy dropping acid.
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Here there be spoilers )

Short version: Angela yay! (I swear to God, that woman can make any scene shine.) Claire-characterization yay! (Claire plot question mark) Some plot developments could develop interestingly. But most of the episode felt like a hash party.

About on par with season 1 Torchwood. That's not a compliment. There are, however, intriguing bits scattered through. Enough that I'll keep watching, at any rate.
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Torchwood continues to resoundingly not suck. I'd even go so far as to call "Sleeper" a bloody good episode. I continue to like Season 2 Gwen, and thank heavens for Ianto's dark, morbid sense of humor. As for the plot, it reminded me of Third Doctor-era Who, in a good way.

Meanwhile, the next episode looks to be a timefucky historical. I squee and look forward to it.
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Dude! The team is competent, Gwen is likable, and the whole episode is funny and entertaining. This is what I was expecting of the show last season. Yay!

I never thought I'd say this, but go Chibnall!
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Short review of Heroes 2x08:

Another "Six Months Ago" that certainly wasn't. I felt like every actor, except for Adam and Angela took this episode as an excuse to go get drunk the night before, and I'm still bored stupid by the Wonder Twins. Meeeeeeh. Where are all the really interesting characters? Surely they did stuff in the between-season interim.

On the other hand... it's clear the writers are aware of at least one thing. Peter only really works as a character when paired up with a cynic. First Nathan, then Claude, and now Adam. Combined with these characters, he's actually interesting, so here's hoping the pattern follows through.
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It's almost like I have a retroactive psychic connection with the House writers. Right after I bitch about it, Cameron gets cooler and more interesting. That, and the "Euphoria" two-parter is just plain interesting on its own. Yay!
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Still marathoning House. I'm currently on "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie," toward the end of the second season. And Cameron is still driving me insane. It's weird. I probably agree with her stance, but she's being so self-absorbed and moralistic in this episode that I'm driven to dismiss her side, which I can only assume was not the writers' intention.

I've noticed something peculiar in my reactions to fictional characters. If they're intentionally shown to be kind of harsh or assholeish (House himself, for instance), I'm much more likely to forgive them their trespasses. Conversely, if the writers show all signs of wanting me to see a character as 'good' and 'moral,' I rebel and become hyper-critical. Maybe it's just that I don't like things shoved down my throat - and for the most part, the House writers are amazing at shades-of-grey. A sense of humor also goes a long way, which is why I don't mind Wilson being House's conscience. If Cameron lightened up, I bet I'd agree with her a lot more on an emotional level.

Some of it also has to do with my own take on morality - if you believe something is wrong, act on it, instead of preaching to others. Not only is it more effective, but it's bound to annoy less people. (In fact, so much of my personal morality can be summed up with the words 'don't preach,' even I admit it's kind of ridiculous.)

It probably doesn't help that the female doctor on the team is shown to be the least professional. The others are discussing differential diagnosis, and Cameron? First she's bitching about Foreman stealing her article, and then she's bitching about the ethical issue. What isn't she doing? Differential diagnosis.

This isn't me saying that Foreman stealing her article wasn't a crappy thing to do, or that her ethical standpoint isn't valid. And if everyone was completely professional 24/7, that wouldn't be the best characterization, but I wish they'd rotate this sort of thing. Let one of the guys take the emotional stance from time to time, or something. Otherwise, it gets to a point where it bugs me and you get to see me rant about it all over livejournal.


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