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(No, there's no review for the previous episode, since it all came down to 'excellent episode, yay'.)

cut for spoilers )

Another episode I thought was quite good.
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Excellent episode! The first one I can really say that off in all earnestness. Everyone's nicely morally ambiguous. You gotta love it.
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Finally, the season seems to be hitting a groove.
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All in all, a much episode than the previous two. Things are looking up!

Two quibbles, though. West is becoming more human, but his and Claire's relationship still feels shallow and rushed to me. Meanwhile, Maya's unbelievable gullibility is rubbing me every wrong way. Having a Latina character in your cast is a good thing. Making her dumb is not.
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Fire bad; Martha pretty.

See "Impossible Planet" instead, cause Chibnall ain't even ripping off other people's shows anymore.
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I've just watched part one and I'm loving it! I <3 Seven and Ace, the serial-specific characters are cool (is Judson by any chance based on Alan Turing?) The pacing is excellent - and that's something I normally find a flaw in the classic series. So good!

Spoilers )

Gooood stuff. May well be my favorite in the classic series, and one of my favorites in general.

Late realization: I've only got one more serial with Ace left to go. Noooooooo!
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Finally got this episode to play, after it stalled out on Saturday.

Review )

Overall score: 2

I'm still entirely enamoured with Martha, however.
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It has come to my attention that I've been utterly remiss in reviewing this new season of Doctor Who. See also my point about short review = excellent episode. And considering this season (and Martha!) have been kicking ass and taking names so far...

So have some short-ass reviews:

Smith and Jones )

The Shakespeare Code )

Gridlock )

The Daleks Take Manhattan )
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...And my commentary on Alias episode 2, so far, is: "Awww, Marshall!" (Marshall is the tech guy's name, right?)

Meanwhile, I'm not sure how I feel about Vaughan yet. He seems a bit...smug.

ETA: Though he was much more likeable in the convenience store scene.

ETA 2: Oh, look! I's Matt-from-Heroes. Hi, Matt! (Read: Greg Grunberg is in this series.)

ETA 3: Moving on to episode 3. Dude! It's Gina Torres!

I know. You've never seen reviews this insightful in your life. There's no need for applause. Really.


Mar. 28th, 2007 12:43 am
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Watched the first episode of Alias. I liked it ok; was pretty sure I'd see more eventually but was in no hurry. Then, one Jack Bristow took center stage.

Dammit, what is it with characters named Jack? It's almost as though the name automatically imbues you with extra coolness.
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Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

That was excellent! I needed to pay close attention to understand how all the details fit together, but that's part of what made the story good.

I need an Ace icon, I think.
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Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

Part 4 )

Part 5 )

Whee! That was a fun one!
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I've done this before with Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes, albeit using a slightly different scale. Because I'm finding more episodes here I'm neutral/indifferent on, I've added an extra notch to said scale.

5 - Brilliant
4 - Good
3 - Neutral-positive
2 - Neutral-negative
1 - Godawful

The episodes seen so far )

Rough Rankings )
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cut for spoilers )

In conclusion: You evil bastards! Give me more show now!

Which is so the reaction they were going for.

DS9: Q-less

Mar. 4th, 2007 05:48 pm
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This episode was kind of a disappointment, despite having Q in it. Vash was fun, but Q himself felt naggingly out of character. I can't place it, excatly. He just didn't have his usual spark. (Going by the number of times he mentioned Picard, though, I'd almost say he was pining.) It also didn't help that the plot was rather simplistic and disjointed - not a good thing to have, once you establish the series is capable of better, as they did with the first two episodes.


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