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So many things about yesterday made me happy!

The fangirls, they didst watch the last episode of Doctor Who, and lo, the fangirls did go thud, for it was good.

They didn't Doomsday it! Yay!

[Doomsday: verb. To follow up a brilliant first episode of a season finale with a thoroughly mediocre conclusion.]

The stir-fry I made for the gathering seemed to go over really well. I'll probably be making it again.

Note to self: post recipe at some point.

Afterward, [ profile] yunatwilight helped [ profile] mirrored_echo and me with character creation for a game she'll be running. This may sound strange, but going through the numbers helped me solidify some things in my character's personality and backstory.

By the time we were done, it was getting late-ish, so [ profile] yunatwilight and [ profile] mirrored_echo went off to bed. [ profile] wired_lizard, [ profile] nevacaruso and I stayed up to talk shop. And by 'talk shop' I mean sniff all of [ profile] wired_lizard and [ profile] yunatwilight's BPAL. Reviews - mini or otherwise - forthcoming. Yatta!

Oh, and before any of this, I got to beta read [ profile] wired_lizard's latest fic. Duuuude. She made me care about Gwen, and lemme tell ya, that takes mad skillz! The fic in question can be found here.

How did I cap off this wonderful day? By waking up the next morning with the cat snuggled up to me. I feel like I should be purring happily.
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DW fans, you need to read this:

Twelve Cliches That Never Happened to Martha Jones

Just don't do it in a library like I did. Loud sporfling and lost drinks are much discouraged.
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I haven't done any Doctor Who fic recs in ages, but God almighty, this is brilliant!

Nothing But Flowers

The fic is Ten/Martha (with mentions of past Master/Doctor), and it's in turns hillarious, heartbreaking and mind-stoppingly hot. Both the character voices are spot-on, and I couldn't be more in love with Martha after reading this if I tried.

[ profile] wired_lizard, I can't thank you enough for recommending it to me.
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There were too many good entries in the who_otp comm's drabble not to include them. There were also too many to put in the regular recs post, so I decided to give them a home of their own here.

I'm aware that I'm likely missing a gem or three, but I'm working off the link list, rather than the post with the actual drabble tag, seeing as that post has gotten so large it crashes my browser every time I click on it. So until Doyle updates the masterlist, this is what we've got.

I appologize in advance for the default capitalization of the authors' pennames. I have no idea if that's how they'd personally prefer it, but lj screennames aren't helpful in this regard, and I've had capitalization of proper nouns drilled into me in English class. No insult is meant.

The Doctor - Het )

The Doctor - Slash )

The Others - Femslash )

The Others - Het )

The Others - Mixed )

The Others - Other )

The Others - Slash )
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This is liek teh best fic evar, pplz. Srsly. R&R it.

(I don't know if this was the author's intention, but I personally would like to see how many people take it oh so very seriously. And then, I reserve my right to point and laugh.)

ETA: Yes, the chat speak hurt. Thanks for asking.


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