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"Androids" was a lot of fun. It helped a great deal that many of the scenes were set outside and thus looked more natural (no pun intended, really), and that the Cheesy Sci-Fi was kept to a minimum, in favor of the human story. I *have* heard that the story in question is strongly based on "The Prisoner of Zenda," but having never seen it, I can't really comment. All in all a fun story, and I loved the fact that Romana got *herself* out of trouble, rather than having the Doctor rescue her all the time. I'd be a lot less fine with her constantly getting kidnapped, if this weren't the case. Plus dude. Swordfight. Duuude. (Moving right along. Please ignore Lily's personal kinks.)

"The Power of Kroll," on the other hand, did good things for my insomnia. I'm good with human history parallels (Daleks=Nazis, of course), but when it's obvious and moralistic...oi. Plus the boredom factor. Oooh, the big squid ate more people. It would help if I cared about the people what got et. Pretty good looking giant squid, though. I will also say that I liked Romana being all pragmatic, in the face of the Doctor's phillosophy. "That's great, but I'd rather not die at all." <3
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"I've been tied to collumns by far better men than you, Captain."

- Four, "The Pirate Planet"

Any context beyond that is for the weak. It amuses me to learn that the good Doctor seems to share my bondage kink.

Also, was it just me, or did the 'nurse' totally fancy Romana? She sure had no qualms with letting the Captain execute anyone else, and somehow I didn't get the impression she cared that much about Romana's fix stuff skillz.

I'd also have to say, seventies (?) episode or not, I got a very real chill on the revelation in the second episode, from which the serial gets its name. And considering I expected to watch the classic series in the Tom Baker style (plot? there's plot here? who knew? - I'm just here for the character bits), that's fucking impressive.
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Classic Doctor Who
Got my hands on "Key of Time" and "Caves of Androzani". Short, shallow reactions (which may be followed up by longer, less shallow write-ups, sometime in the future):

1. Romana is love. I know it's Romana II and the Doctor who are said to have all the chemistry, but he and Romana I are pretty damn spiffy as well. And hell, it's good to see the Doctor interacting with an equal.

2. Peri, on the other hand, is not love. Granted, she's not as bad as I feared, at least in CoA. But still nothing to write home about. Particularly in the end, where Five is dying, and whump! There's Peri's boobs taking up half the screen and ruining the serious mood. Admittedly, they're rather nice boobies, but there's a time and a place for that sort of thing. Really now. Also, the accent hurts.

3. Both Four and Five are supremely pettable, as well as providing a great example of how different each regeneration can be.

New Doctor Who
I will not analyze my fear of watching Army of Ghosts and Doomsday... I will not. Probably just don't like the idea of running out of series, all the way till next spring.

Ten is adorable and I like him lots, but he does lose a few points for not liking cats. Nine remains in the lead as My Doctor. This may never change as he was my first Doctor.

Torchwood needs to start yesterday, not somewhere mid-October.

Doctor Who Spinoffs
I've just discovered the joy that is spinoff media. Books and comics and audio dramas, oh my! While basking in obsessive fanish glow, I've come to two major conclusions:

1) Evelyn Smythe is so one of my top choices for companion. You know, if I was the Doctor and thus in any position to pick companions and all. Hey, a girl can dream. But seriously, Evelyn is made of win. Hell, if the companion thing is out, having her as a professor would still rock.

2) Judging by how Turlough is treated in the spinoffs, I will hazard a guess that someone, somewhere grievously misinterpreted a request for Turlough slash. That poor, abused boy. He and Five do have a lovely, snarky dynamic, though.

3. Proof that Rose is a slash fangirl! Bwee!

DW Actors
I'm terribly smug about the fact that I fangirled John Barrowman long before it was the cool thing to do. I always did have a thing for pretty voices, and his singing is to die for. What really caught my attention, then and now, however, was the way he makes the emotion in each song come through almost effortlessly. Now I just wish I still had my recordings of "The Fix", or "Reflections from Broadway". Why can I never find anything, whyyyyy?

Also, there's no way in hell that man is almost fourty. You lie, Wikipedia. You lie.

(Does '40' have a 'u' in it? It looks wrong to me, either way.)

In other news, desire to play with Christopher Eccleston's ears or muss up David Tennant's hair has not abated one bit. Lucky for them I live on the wrong end of the world.

In Conclusion
I'm the sort of newbie fan that would make the oldtimers in this fandom want to keeeel, aren't I? *oddly proud* *also oddly tempted to re-do that numbers/crack pairings meme, with Who characters.


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