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In less school-related news, I've now finished all three of my profiles for Hallowed.



I'm also helping Cyn work on a LARP, and so have high school students on the brain. It' interesting experience, in a method-writing way.
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Some of you may have heard about the Harry Potter game [ profile] wired_lizard and I had in the works. And if you haven't, I present it to you now:

Warning: This game in general and its summary in particular contain fatal spoilers for Deathly Hallows and veer off into AU territory. Read at your own risk.

Summary behind cut )

We're now actively recruiting players. In less-pompous terms - come play with us! If interested, please comment here, or e-mail one of the mods. My own e-mail is [ profile] wired_lizard's is

Damn, I wish I had an actual Harry Potter icon.


Main comm:

OOC comm:


Character sheet:
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Much belated this week, as I was still mostly dead on Monday, and had a pointless doctor's appointment of pointlessness on Tuesday. Rar.

Physical: Had appointment. It was pointless.

In other news, Mary, my physical therapist, is going on a medical leave of her own, which means I'll have to finish out the summer with someone else. Bugger.

In other other news, my lower back has been killing me in the last few days. I don't know why, as I haven't done anything that might fuck with it. I really wish health insurance covered massages.

Spiritual: I now know I'm on friendly terms with the air element; I wouldn't have made it all the way through Blogathon, if not for a much-welcomed air-energy infusion from [ profile] wired_lizard. That was nice~

Emotional: Going through a bit of...not introvert shock so much, but overwhelmedness? avoidance of things requiring coherent thought and/or commitment? Whichever. I'll give it a couple of days and it'll pass. It always does.

Blogathon: I win! I did it! Thanks to you all (including newest donor, [ profile] shadesong!), I've managed to raise $210.

Meanwhile, I have yet to receive my Blogathon e-mail, which would direct me through the actual donation process. Is this true for everyone?

Currently reading: Back to Paladin of Souls, which I wound up putting aside, once I got my grubby paws on Deathly Hallows.

Currently watching: Re-watched Nightmare Before Christmas just yesterday. Not quite as good as I remembered, but entertaining.

Currently listening to: Soundtrack to Chess.

Currently wondering: Why a part of me wants to be drawn into the Harry Potter fandom. I'm getting fic bunnies. Hell, I'm even re-reading old RP logs. I'm a sad, sad person. This is also the part of my brain that wonders what would happen if you took the Corpus Delicti game concept and made it Deathly Hallows compatible (well, most of Deathly Hallows). My fanbrain is just not allowed to talk anymore.

KoL: Started the Level 12 Quest. Haven't had the chance to play much yet.

BPAL: My lab order has arrived. With it, I also got Tetzcatlipoca, Somnus and Blood Amber frimps. Real reviews will come later. First mini-impressions under cut )
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For [ profile] nevacaruso - HP. Tonks and Ginny, at any point in the series.

Some spoilers for Deathly Hallows )
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Physical: My legs are under the assumption they belong to Nymphadora Tonks. That makes the seventh time I tripped over air today. Aiii.

Emotional: Pleasant side effect of staying up all night? All emotions get heightened to the n-th degree. It's like PMS, but without the cramps. Strangely, I can live with that.

Blogathon: Thanks to [ profile] mirrored_echo, I'm now up to $105. Thank you!

Currently reading: Gee, I wonder what book I may have just finished last night...

Theories I was right about, regarding said book - and other spoilers )

Currently watching: I've re-downloaded the Tsubasa anime, which I lost in the Great Laptop Crash of '06 and am watching it again. Shiny multiverse goodness!

Currently listening to: Jonatha Brooke, Prodigal Daughter.

KoL: I've mastered the level 11 quest. Now I level up. Six mysticality to go...

Writing: Hello, writer's block. How have you been doing? >.
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Sleep? Meh.

Guess who just finished Deathly Hallows? Whee!

Twas good. Don't feel up to critical analysis on no sleep (and frankly I've enjoyed the HP books too damn much to want analysis at all), but I will say I liked it.
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[ profile] mirrored_echo and I saw OotP today. They borked up a few things, but overall the movie was enjoyable.

In conclusion: Filch ate a sandwich.

Haven't gotten my hands on the book yet. Hoping to borrow it from [ profile] nevacaruso when she's done with it. In the meantime, spoil me and I shall feed you to the cat.
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Yes, these babies are a weekly occurence. Why Mondays? Cause I said so.

Physical: Body's still kind of achy, rebellious and going 'does not want' at food, but I swear it's getting better. In slow increments. I can't tell how much of the achy tired feeling is from the illness, and how much from the introvert shock.

Organizational: I've got unanswered e-mails over a week old. I fail. They will be gotten to, but I still fail.

Blogathon: In much better news, I got sponsored. For $100! Thank you, [ profile] nursemae! I'm...a little sleechless right now.

Again, if any of you on my friendslist are willing and able to sponsor a Blogathon participant, I urge you to do so. There are some wonderful causes out there, and some wonderful writers as well.

Currently reading: Paladin of Souls, by Lois McMaster Bujold, and XxxHolic vol.4.

Currently watching: Nothing, but for once NOT FOR LACK OF LAPTOP. Squee! I'll also be going to see the new Harry Potter movie with [ profile] mirrored_echo (and possibly others.) much is it going to make me want to choke a bitch?

That's actually a rhetorical question. It's something I'd rather find out on my own. All I know in advance is that Tonks' actress is significantly hot.

KoL: I'm being a slow bum, but I have begun the Level 11 quest. With all the adventures I've got piled up, it shouldn't be any trouble to blow through a fair chunk of it, once I've got the time and energy.

BPAL: No reviews at the moment, but I'll be making a lab order real soon. Definitely a bottle of Glasgow, and I think a set of imps as well. These imps, in particular:

Baobhan Sith



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