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In other news, [ profile] wired_lizard and I have been playing Chain of Memories. The card system is as annoying as everyone says, but we're getting the hang of it. The Disney world portions of the game have been more fillery than average, especially everyone, including the characters, knows that this stuff isn't actually happening, but we're at a point where the plot's kicking up.

Impressions on bosses faced so far:

Marluxia tutorial: Is a tutorial. Doesn't take or dole out damage. I joked that if I was playing on my own, this would be the only encounter I didn't die in.

Guard armor (Traverse Town): Defeated handily.

Axel fight 1: Wow, Axel, you're really not trying. (And IC, he's really not.) From what I hear he'll be much more of a bitch in the second fight, though still not actually trying to kill us. Oh, Axel.

Genie Jafar (Agrabah): Fucker killed us. Mostly by breaking every fucking thing we threw at him, then firebeaming us to death. We kicked his ass the second time, though.

Oogie Boogie (Halloweentown): The combat's not nearly as annoying as in KH1, since you can actually tell where he is, but he still managed to kill us once. While yelling 'oh, baby!' Creepy bastard.

Parasite Cage (Monstro): Did not kill us, unlike its counterpart in KH1. Booya!

Cloud (Olympus Coliseum): Killed us once, through our own fumble. We had the wrong deck equipped, and the correct deck held our only Cure card at the time. (This was also before we realized that we could have the same card equipped in more than one deck.) Embarrassing.

Hades (Olympus Coliseum): Killed us, I shit you not, four times. The first was due to us failing to shortcut cure. The rest were because Hades was a bitch boss.

Trickmaster (Wonderland): Didn't die. I actually don't remember much about that combat. It bears mentioning, though, that while I don't have a high opinion of most of the Disney bits in this game, Alice BSing the Red Queen to save everyone's hides was awesome! Girl's gonna grow up epic.

Larxene fight 1: Didn't die. Which is good. No one wants to die to Larxene. She'd do horrible things to your dead body. Or your live body, for that matter.

Big Ursula (Atlantica): Didn't die! Which beats her doing us in three times in KH1. Everyone on this world is still a moron, though.

Replica fight 1: The Replica is one of the bosses I least want to fight, both out of sympathy and because he's a bitch boss (well, not in this fight, but he's the same character later on.) He didn't kill us this time, though.

Hook (Neverland) - Kept hearing about what a bitch he was and worried, but we actually beat him on the first try. May have been dumb luck, or maybe he's not as tough as people say.

Replica fight 2: At this point, the best strategy is to spam Sonic Blade sleights. Unfortunately, he broke one of ours, which led to death. Still not as difficult as he's going to get.

Dragon Maleficent (Hollow Bastion): Killed us once. For some reason, the gimmick card didn't work for us the first time we fought her. The second time, it brought up a platform so we could hit her, just like the FAQs said it should.

No bosses in Hundred Acre Wood. Just cuteness and minigames.

Vexen fight 1: We got careless and didn't take as good a care of our High Potions as we could have. Let that be a deadly lesson. Defeated him handily the second time through.

We've already gone through most of Twilight Town, so we'll be fighting Vexen again, when [ profile] wired_lizard gets back. And that's where we are right now.

KH Fic!

Feb. 18th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Title: Man Has No Choice When He Wants Everything
Author: Lily
Characters/Pairings: Axel, others. Multiple pairings, both slash and het.
Rating: Hard R, I'd say.
Spoilers: Chain of Memories and 358/2.
Warnings: Sex, some violence.
Summary: Occasionally, he remembers that he doesn’t have a heart anymore and waits for his chest to start hurting. It doesn’t.
Word Count: 4,827

Man Has No Choice When He Wants Everything )

Author's Notes/Ramblings )
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So, I've been trolling the springkink comm, since that's where the good KH fic en masse seems to live, and I ran across the most recent prompts collection. Now, I'm unlikely to sign up, since I'm arse at deadlines, but some of those prompts make for excellent inspiration. Incidentally, anyone know what the etiquette might be, for yoinking prompts for one's own amusement without actually being a member of the comm, participating or otherwise?

Some of my favorites below the cut )

Also, [ profile] wired_lizard has put together a KH random pairing generator. We've been playing with it and... let's just say some pairing results were unfortunate. *g* She has the list on her computer, along with commentary.
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In other news, [ profile] wired_lizard and I finished our playthrough of KHII this week. We got through it much faster than KHI, since we were playing at a concentrated clip and this game levels you stupid fast. Still, we did manage to game-over a couple of times (when that happened, Sora gave us an annoyed look from the menu, with his arms crossed over his chest. Sora's got 'tude!)

Kill(ed) count for KHII:
Demyx (four times! Beating out Big Ursula, who pwned our asses thrice in KHI. Neither of us wanted to kill Demyx anyway, so that was ok.)
The glider thing in Space Paranoids overturned once
Xemnas (which meant we had to replay the gajillion final boss battles. Fucking Xemnas and his fucking coat!)
I believe that's it.

Contrast with KHI:
Got gangbanged by Bandits in the Agrabah desert.
Jafaar (there seems to be a pattern here...)
Big Ursula (three times, as mentioned. #$%^&*( tentacles! Do not want!)
Sora's shadow, in Neverland
The first Riku fight (which, according to the FAQ, is supposed to be unloseable. Suck me, FAQ! Our excuse is that Sora was too busy staring at the buttcape Riku had just henshined into to defend himself.)
Again, I think that's it.

Re: Chain of Memories will be acquired after we're done working on our Intercon games. And after that, we worry about 358/2. Can I just say I'm a little miffed about the platform switch? Neither of us owns a DS, or particularly wants to. I can only hope they'll eventually release a PS version, like they did with Chain of Memories. Cause getting to play Roxas (again)? More canon on various Org members? I'm there!

I'm not even thinking about Birth by Sleep yet. They just released it in Japan. Yeah, we won't see it for a while.
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...A phrase much heard last night, as I began playing Kingdom Hearts.

Because, y'see, [ profile] wired_lizard and I are secretly twelve. And also because enemies you've defeated drop green balls which restore your HP. But mostly because we're twelve.


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