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*= Favorites. I've liked most of the games I played in, but these were the ones that took my breath away. The ones I'm still talking about years after.
%= Games I enjoyed a lot less.

Question marks instead of character name mean either the character's identity is secret or I forgot it.

Played )

GMed )

Writing Credits )

Upcoming )

Some fun stats:
Total number of games played: 60
Number of favorite games: 15

Total number of angst buckets played: 21
Number of favorite games in which I played an angst bucket: 9
Number of romantic characters played: 25
Number of times cross-cast: 6
Number of non-straight characters: 15 (defined as 'explicitly non-straight, as stated in the character sheet,' rather than 'could be interpreted that way by the player' - there are more of those. I'm also counting asexual as 'non-straight.')

Number of villainous or significantly morally ambiguous characters: 4

Number of dead/undead/immortal characters played (...ok, I'm totally stealing half my stats from [ profile] electric_d_monk): 12

Number of games in which I played somebody's science experiment: 3

Number of games with happy ending achieved: 19
Number of games with a bad+ ending: 4
Number of games where I died: 3 (not counting ones where I got better)
Number of games where I wound up crying, IC: 19
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My Festival experience really began on Friday morning, when I came over to help [profile] wired_lizard prep and stuff A Crown of Hearts and Stars Over Atlantis. For she is a crazy biotch who ran two games. We were later joined in this quest by [personal profile] slipjig, [profile] nevacaruso and [personal profile] figmentj. My most difficult task while this was going on? Untangling a bunch of necklaces which were intent on having a necklace orgy in the props box. I'm very proud to say we only had to get the pliers out for the last three of the bunch.

Then came the games themselves:

On Friday night, I played in A Crown of Hearts Spoilers )
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Ah, yes, this year's Festival of the LARPs has arrived. Time for Lily to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Here's where you can find me.

Friday night: The mute girl, in A Crown of Hearts.
Saturday morning: Lin Beaumont, in Browncoats
Saturday afternoon: GMing Stars Over Atlantis, with [personal profile] letterblade and an amazing cast.
Saturday night: Bilthea, in Better Off Dead.
Sunday morning: #7, in The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman

After that, there shall be Dead Dog. Before that, there shall be mad game stuffing over at [personal profile] letterblade's.
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Man, I keep getting awesome hints and sheets for my Larpercalia and Palindrome games!
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So, I happened to check out the website for Intercon L, and five games have already been accepted. That's like ten percent of a full lineup for Intercon. They move fast. And, as a note, I really like the rolling admission/post when accepted approach Intercon takes.

What I think of the games bid so far:

GM Space: Played already. You should too.

Resonance: If I don't get to play by that point, this will be my priority signup. Though if the plan to run Resonance and Stars Over Atlantis back to back over the summer goes off, I will have played already.

Tales of the Fisherman's Wife: Concept looks awesome, but I've seen awesome-seeming concepts from this GM team crash and burn (see also: Diamonds and Coal.) Would want to hear others' reactions before playing.

Triple Blind: Random trait selection does not lead to deep characterization. Pass.

Venezia: Looks pretty awesome.

LARP Stuff

Mar. 8th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Intercon was awesome and exhausting. Writeups will come later. In the meantime, signups for Palindrome (kind of like Festival, only at RPI) open tonight at seven. The site is here:

My picks for each slot:

Friday night: League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students. Come hell or high water. I've missed this game three times so far and won't again. This is pretty much why [ profile] wired_lizard and I are dragging our butts to Troy.

Saturday morning: I'm playing in Costumed Henchmen at Festival, so What I Did On My Summer Vacation it is.

Saturday afternoon: I'm so glad they just added Sad Mary's Bar and Girl to the lineup, cause I've been wanting to play that, and I've already played the other two games.

Saturday night: High Rollers, definitely.

Sunday morning: Vanishing Point. (Also, [ profile] natbudin, are you HIGH, running The Last Seder at eight in the morning?)
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In other news, [ profile] wired_lizard and I are so close to being able to cast the Intercon run of Stars. Sooooo close! Except we're still missing two questionnaires. One's from someone we know fairly well and are reasonably sure we can cast off the cuff (though we still want your questionnaire - you know who you are!) The other, unfortunately, is someone whose name neither of us even recognizes. That leaves us much more worried, as this person's preferences can either click the whole casting set into place or mess everything up. Dude, send us your questionnaire!
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Technical snafus or no, I got into all the games I wanted. Go me!

Friday night: Crown of Hearts
Saturday morning: Browncoats
Saturday afternoon: Stars Over Atlantis (GM)
Saturday night: Better Off Dead
Sunday morning: Costumed Henchmen
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Cause I like rambling about LARPS. I know you're all shocked.

Friday night options:
The Prince Comes of Age
A Crown of Hearts
Staying Alive

I'm wicked sad about missing Timelines, but I've A Crown of Hearts is so very much my type of game, it's like it was written for me. I've been dying to play it since summer, and want to help GM future runs. I really, really hope Timelines runs again.

The Prince Comes of Age looks really nifty, but doesn't take as high a priority as the other two. I still hope it runs again, cause I do want to play in it.

Murder mystery out of a box is not an idea that excites me. At all.

Verdict: A Crown of Hearts

Saturday morning options:
The Stand

By the time Festival rolls around, I will have already played in The Stand.

Kidnapped looked really awesome... until I got to the part where it was a CYOC (Create Your Own Character) game. I'm, shall we say, not fond of those. Alas.

Which leaves Browncoats, which I was eyeing anyway, since I loved Firefly and its universe.

Verdict: Browncoats

Saturday afternoon options:
Concordance Station
Epoch's Waning: Chapter 1: Ruins of Grandeur
Stars Over Atlantis
Harmony Quest

This is actually non-applicable, as I'm a GM for Stars Over Atlantis. Fortunately for me, I've already played Harmony Quest, and the other two don't seem like my sort of thing at all.

Verdict: Stars Over Atlantis GM

Saturday night options:
Better Off Dead
Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll
Cold Flash

For this slot, the decision ultimately came down between Better Off Dead and Resonance. However, there's no way Resonance won't run again (AE is good about that sort of thing,) whereas the GMs of Better Off Dead will likely be leaving the country for quite some time.

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll seems interesting enough, but nowhere near my first choice. Cold Flash isn't really my thing.

Sunday morning options:
City Council of Hounds Teeth
Costumed Henchmen
Happily Ever After?
Sea Dracula

I've already played City Council of Hounds Teeth, though I could certainly help horde, if nothing else is available.

I've heard fantastic things from the people who've played Costumed Henchmen (the SLAW run filled in five minutes!) Happily Ever After? is also a possibility. I like the concept. I'll go with that, if Costumed Henchmen fills that quickly again.

The wackiness quotient in Sea Dracula is way, way over the top for me. I'll pass.

Verdict: Costumed Henchmen
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The Larpercalia (Festival '11) schedule is up here, and guys, it looks awesome!

My signup plans, barring unforeseen circumstances:

Friday night: A Crown of Hearts
Saturday morning: Browncoats: Unification Day
Saturday afternoon: GMing Stars Over Atlantis
Saturday night: Better Off Dead
Sunday morning: Costumed Henchmen
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Clerical Error filled this morning, so I wound up signing up for Ghost Fu instead. I'm gambling on Diamonds and Coal still being open next week (Ghost Fu was filling up faster, so I jumped on it.) If Diamonds and Coal does fill, my next likeliest signup for that slot is The Stand. I admit I'm not particularly interested in Westerns, but I like the GM, so that balances out.
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The SLAW run of Martha Stewart's Guide to Interdimensional Demon Summoning and Basting a Turkey, on Friday night, still needs players, of either gender. Repeat players are great, too. Seriously, guys, I had an awesome time in this game before, and you should all sign up!

Game description can be found here.
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Ganked from people all over my friendslist, most recently [ profile] darkoni42.

Name a character I've played in the past, and I'll tell you these things about them:

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity
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Ok, I got my first pick for the first week of signups. What am I looking for, for the upcoming weeks?

Next week, I'll be picking up something in the Saturday afternoon slot. Linfarn Run is full, which is a shame, but Clerical Error still has spots for female players, and I'll do my best to grab one before someone else does. If that doesn't work, I go over to Diamonds and Coal.

Week after that, I see what's open in the Saturday morning slot. Games I'm potentially interested in include Dustpan, Bitter Tears and Ghost Fu. Those who might have played (or GMed) any of those - thoughts?
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Squee! Stars is, at this point half-full, and we are getting some seriously awesome players!
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Round One: Interesting Times, get! ...I think half the roles literally filled in ten seconds.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 03:37 pm
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The pre-con lineup of panels for Intercon K is up, and it looks awesome! There are so many panels I'm interested in. Especially noteworthy are: Learning from Failures, which is bound to have some great anecdotes (and hell, I have some anecdotes of my own - For Art's Sake was a mess!) Pacing Issues in LARP, because pacing is one of those tricky topics which are fascinating to writer geeks like me. Mental Illness in LARP, cause holy psych major, Batman! And, last but not least, Player Freedom and Control. I have lots of opinions on those topics. Were I a better public speaker, I'd consider volunteering to be a panelist.
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So, we've just had a female player drop from the SLAW run of Sound of Drums. Serious kudos to her for e-mailing and letting us know she won't be able to make it, and, especially, for doing so with time to spare. So now, we are looking to fill a female role. Ladies?

General note: This game requires most if not all players to be at least somewhat comfortable with bisexuality and polyamory.

The game description can be found at the SLAW site, here.

ETA: Filled!
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Back from Masks. It was a lot of fun, but Lily is too zonked to write a coherent description right now. Just know that it was fun.

While I was away, the Intercon K schedule has been posted. Sadly, two of the three games I most wanted to play are scheduled opposite Stars Over Atlantis, which [ profile] wired_lizard and I are running. Bummer. At least both Resonance and Better Off Dead are run by locals, so I'll probably get another chance to play.

My signup plans so far:

Friday night: Interesting Times. I'm not even posting a second choice, as this will be the first game I sign up for.
Saturday morning: Dustpan. Bitter Tears as a second choice, I guess.
Saturday afternoon: Clerical Error. Diamonds and Coal as second choice. I'm actually pretty excited about either/both. If my luck is just so shitty that both are full (and this will likely be my second week signup)... Actually, there's nothing else I'm really interested in, in this slot. So here's hoping.
Saturday night: GMing Stars.
Sunday morning: I think I'm opting to sleep in.


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