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Dear brain:

If I'm in the process of writing a scene, it's probably not the best time to suggest to me that Torchwood and Yami no Matsuei would make a nifty crossover. Even if they would make a nifty crossover - provided it's written by someone other than me.
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Dear DW Muses (you know who you are, and yes, there's more than one of you)

Kindly forebear from ever giving me your nightmares again. Or else, bitchez. I can wreak havoc on you, of the kind that makes Rusty look like Mother Theresa, if you ever pull that shit again. Capice?


Your author


Dear Capt. Jack Harkness and Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova

I certainly don't mind the fact that you two seem to have bonded, but I'd be much obliged if my headspace wasn't turned into that Jerry Springer episode, "Telepaths and the Millitary Personel Who Love Them", twenty-four/seven.

In Jack's case, at least, I fully expect him to take time off from commiseration (therapeutic though it is) and actually earn his keep as a muse. Fics. You two know what those things are, right?

In Ivanova's case, I actually fear any fic ideas, as it'll take me a while to get through all of B5, and I avoid spoilers if at all possible. But hey, can I help it if the show's creator chooses to spoil me for several developments?

Love, of a less sarcastic kind,

Your headspace landlady
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Dear muses:

Right then. Which of you fuckers gave me your hangover?

- Lily

Dear Lily:

We don't suppose going to bed at nine in the morning and waking up at three in the afternoon, on a windy, gross day might do it? Beyond that, blame the new boy.


- The muses

On that note, I seem to have acquired a Fitz muse (Eighth Doctor books). He's cranky and sarcastic, and his cigarettes make my pseudo-hangover feel sad.

He also looks like James Marsters, in my head. God help me, I'm assigning PBs to book characters.

Dear Muses

Sep. 17th, 2006 12:16 pm
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Dear muses:

Are you, by any chance, capable of doing your job and inspiring me at any time other than right when I'm about to fall asleep?


- Lily

Dear Lily:

Nope. Besides, sleep is for the weak. Carry on old girl.


Your muses

...And that is how I ended up with two and a half handwritten pages of post-Doomsday Rose/Romana, which I still don't remember writing. My life is just shiny like that.


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