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I finally got around to seeing the first two Sarah Jane Adventures serials. This review will be short - I think by now, you all know what that means.

I love Sarah. I love the kids. The stories are nicely nuanced; G-rated without being the least bit kiddie. The next part can't download fast enough!
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The titles of four of the five upcoming SJA serials have been announced.

The first serial, written by Gareth Roberts, is still untitled.

The second, written by Phil Ford is titled Eye of the Gorgon.

The third, written by Phil Gladwin, is titled Warriors of the Kudlak. (I had to make sure of the spelling on that one twice.)

The fourth, once again written by Gareth Roberts, is titled Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane, and the last, written by Phil Ford, is titled The Lost Boy.

Personally, I'm the most excited about WHtSJ. Not only is the title intriguing, but I've really liked Roberts' previous episodes in the Who-verse - The Shakespeare Code (DW) and Invasion of the Bane (SJA).

Now, if they would just give us the bloody air dates, I'd be a very happy Lily.
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This 'project' started in the way most projects start. I was bored.

What I attempt to do here is to organize all the episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood out already by writer and rate them. Then, I will use an average of those ratings (plus other factors such as the number of episodes written and overall quality) to come up with writer ratings.

What the ratings mean:

4 - Brilliant stuff
3 - Technically flawless but didn't grab me emotionally as much as it could/lacked some enjoyment factor that would make me rewatch it
2 - Has some noticeable problems, but enjoyable overall
1 - You'd have to pay me to watch this again

Based on those, I'll try and make predictions about how much I'm going to like episodes not aired yet.

Bear in mind that the episode ratings are subjective. You can go on all day about whatever technical flaws "The Parting of the Ways" might have had. I'd listen, nod, smile, and disregard everything you say, since I spent that episode alternately making squeaky noises and bawling my eyes out. Sometimes both at the same time. Similarly, if a technically flawless episode failed to get any real emotional response out of me, it'll get a lower rating.


Russel T. Davies )

Mark Gatiss )

Robert Shearman )

Paul Cornell )

Steven Moffatt )

Toby Whithouse )

Tom MacRae )

Matt Jones )

Matthew Graham )

Chris Chibnall )

Gareth Roberts )

Helen Raynor )

Stephen Greenhorn )

PJ Hammond )

Paul Tomalin and Dan McCulloch )

Jacquetta May )

Catherine Tregenna )

Noel Clarke )

There. I think that's all of them. For now.


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