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Torchwood continues to resoundingly not suck. I'd even go so far as to call "Sleeper" a bloody good episode. I continue to like Season 2 Gwen, and thank heavens for Ianto's dark, morbid sense of humor. As for the plot, it reminded me of Third Doctor-era Who, in a good way.

Meanwhile, the next episode looks to be a timefucky historical. I squee and look forward to it.
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Dude! The team is competent, Gwen is likable, and the whole episode is funny and entertaining. This is what I was expecting of the show last season. Yay!

I never thought I'd say this, but go Chibnall!
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Two bits:

Wow - season 2 of Torchwood might be non-sucky. That (mildly-spoilery) review actually makes me look forward to the first episode of the season.

Also, regarding 6-Apart selling LJ: In Soviet Russia, journal sells you. That is all. :p
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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] wired_lizard: Suzie Costello

1. She got sent away to a Catholic boarding school at age ten for 'acting out'. Her years there honed her already high IQ, sharpened her disdain of most people around her and taught her Atheism.

2. After her death, the other Torchwood members would compile all the personal things they knew about her. It wasn't much - and what they did have didn't match up. Not that Suzie was a compulsive liar, though she certainly lied a lot, but she used the others' inability to get to know her as a preliminary defense.

3. She actually hated most of Dickinson's work. It would have felt almost sacreligious to use a literary work she liked for codes and triggers, so she improvised.
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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] wired_lizard: Gwen Cooper

[This is going to be interesting. For the most part, my opinion of Gwen runs the gamut from extreme indifference, to mild dislike, to full-out dislike. In fact, the only version of Gwen I consistently like is Tory's own. All the more reason to do a meme like this.]

1. When she was a child, she always asked her parents for a puppy, and every time they said no. They didn't think she was mature enough to take care of a pet. She swore that she'd adopt a dog as soon as she moved out. High school ended, then college ended. And it just never happened. First it was school, then she told herself she didn't have the time, with her job, then Rhys turned out to be allergic. ...Sometimes, she begins to wonder if she's started to agree with her parents somewhere along the line, and she really just doesn't have the maturity. Before Torchwood, this was one of the things that kept her from telling Rhys she wanted kids.

2. There are days when she wakes up thinking it's all been a dream and she's never actually joined Torchwood. It would be easy, if she just felt relieved in those moments, but instead, her relief is mixed with profound regret.

Then, she remembers, and once again, feels both regret and relief.

Somewhat tied into this, she never drinks anything offered to her when she goes out anymore, unless she's having dinner with Rhys's parents or something like that. One experience with Retcon was quite enough for her. The very thought of the memory drug still makes her sick to her stomach.

3. When she died, she swears she could see galaxies rushing by her at blinding speeds. It was cold - doesn't matter that she was incorporeal, it was still cold - and she thought she could hear a man laughing.

It's a good thing Billis Manger never laughed in her presence. She would have found it eerily familiar.
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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] nevacaruso: Toshiko Sato

1. Tosh is easily the geekiest person at Torchwood III. Her knowledge of comic book and movie trivia is rivaled only by her skill with computers.

2. ...If only her people skills came anywhere close. For someone who had a fairly normal childhood, family and school years, she never did master the art of small talk, and while she learned to blend in, she never quite feels like she belongs. Not even at Torchwood; not really. She feels more comfortable than average around Jack, but that's Jack for you. difficult to get close to lately. Gwen and Owen are lost causes. No further comment needed.

3. Which brings us to Suzie. Out of everyone, Tosh feels she was closest to Suzie, before...well, before. Tosh isn't going to examine how close, or where it might have gone. Suzie killed people; that's all that matters, and Tosh doesn't miss her, or so she tells herself. She doesn't understand what could have driven the other woman, no matter how many psych papers she reads.

When Suzie comes back (briefly), she can't even look at her. Maybe it's because she's angry and shocked, or maybe because she thinks she might be too quick to forgive.
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Probably old hat, but I just happened to go looking for it now.

Chibnall will be writing three episodes of Series Two. Sigh. At least it's one episode less than the previous season.

To balance him out, we've got two more from Tregenna (booya!), and one each from Russell T. Davies and Helen Raynor. That's seven out of thirteen accounted for, the rest to be written by unknowns/other.
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Having recently rewatched episode 12 of Torchwood (one of the good ones!), I started thinking about some of the things that might make Torchwood series two not just 'not bad' but actually good. Before I knew it, I'd come up with an (albeit sketchy) virtual season. Episode titles and all.

...Doesn't everyone do that, when they've got nothing better to do?

on to the show - part one, anyway )

This got long, so I'll break up the story into multiple posts. Meanwhile, I give you the rest of the episode titles. (All subject to change. If the official sources can do it, I damn well can too.)

Episode 1: Many Happy Returns [part 1 of 2]
Episode 2: Lost Girls [part 2 of 2]
Episode 3: Doing Time
Episode 4: Faux-pas
Episode 5: Visited on the Children
Episode 6: Never Walk Alone
Episode 7: Wonderland
Episode 8: Love and Other Indoor Sports
Episode 9: Fourty Nights and Days
Episode 10: Murder, She Thought
Episode 11: Ring of Fire and Roses
Episode 12: For Queen and Country [part 1 of 2]
Episode 13: Moving in the Dark [part 2 of 2]
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I've found yet another show Torchwood managed to rip off. "Countrycide," meet "The Benders." And ok, both episodes are 'homages' to other TV or film - most notably "Deliverance" or "The Hills Have Eyes" - but at least Supernatural did it with some style. (Not to mention giving a nod or two to acknowledge their 'borrowing'.)
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After a wonderfully productive fall, I've hit a dry spell, when it comes to my writing. So I figured I'll try and snap myself out of it by writing drabbles. *g* This is where you all come in.

Request a pairing - any pairing - in one of my fandoms, and you'll get a ficlet (100-1000 words).

Why a pairing rather than a single character name/prompt? Because it's easier, particularly in a short format. Once my writing muscles are stretched, I may do another round for the gen requests.

It should go without saying, but just in case: Slash, femslash and het are all equally welcome. In fact, the *only* place I won't go is non-con.

Fandoms I feel comfortable and familiar enough with to write include:

Doctor Who (new and classic series both)
Babylon 5

If you've got a request for something not on the list, there's no harm in asking.
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bulletpoint review )

I have this dream of next year's Torchwood being headed by Tregenna, with Helen Raynor, Dan McCulloch, Paul Tomalin and Russell T. Davies also contributing. I'd add P. J. Hammond to that list as well, so long as he's briefed to make his episode mesh with a sci fi world. I'd even add Toby Whithouse - his work may have been derivative, but it was still entertaining.

Hey, I don't make fun of *your* futile dreams, do I?

And to finish this entry, an announcement: According to Wikipedia, Torchwood will be airing on ABC this year. Dude. Never in a million years did I believe it would fly on an American non-cable channel. That's what happens when you don't actually watch TV, I guess. You fall out of date.
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...Which is why I suddenly got the urge to list the episodes from both seasons of new DW, as well as Torchwood, in order of most to least favorite. And we all know how good my impulse control is, when it comes to this sort of thing.


Doctor Who 2005 )

Doctor Who 2006 )

Torchwood 2006 )

Doctor Who 2007 )

* Personal scoring of 1, 2, 3 or 4; with 4 being highest and 1 being lowest. See also: "Lily is a dork."
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Here's the thing. You may have noticed that, the more I like an episode, the shorter my review. The review of "Out of Time" will be very short indeed. I didn't just enjoy this episode, I cared. Enough that I couldn't pause the episode and comment as I went, the way I usually do. I've said before that good writing requires the 'three Hs' - humour, hell and heart. Most Torchwood episodes muddled through the first two and altogether missed the third. This episode has heart first and foremost, yet it doesn't forget how to do light moments, nor how to cause the characters the most pain possible.

Maybe I'll be able to find technical flaws later, but "Out of Time" genuinely made me engage and care, and for that it may be forgiven a great many hypothetical sins.
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Torchwood appears to have been renewed for another season. Hm. I'd be a lot more excited about it, had they announced this after "They Keep Killing Suzie" aired, instead of a week later, after frelling "Random Shoes."

For those wondering, yes, I'll probably keep watching, next year. The only surefire thing that would make me drop this show and not look back is if they make Gwen/Jack canon. Blargh. Besides that, I'll keep watching in the hopes of getting another "Ghost Machine" or "They Keep Killing Suzie." Hell, another "Small Worlds" or "Everything Changes" would do nicely as well.
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Episode Review, in disorganized bullet points, as per usual )

In conclusion, that's fifty minutes of my life I'll never get back. Which, considering the cheesy moral at the end, is just plain ironic. You know what's scary? I think this was actually worse than Day One. My standards have officially been reset.

On the plus side, the MST value was quite high. It's all in how you watch the episode.

Previews: Time travel! I <3 time travel. Besides, it can't be as bad as this episode.


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