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Yoinked from [ profile] wired_lizard

My writerbrain needs a jumpstart. So I'm doing that thing I sometimes do where I open myself for ficlet prompts and do my darndest to actually fill them all. Comment with a request and I'll comment back with fic.

So, here's the deal: Normally, the writer asks for one prompt per person, maybe two. This time, I ask that you give me as many prompts as you can think of, for my chosen fandoms. This way, I can pick and choose the prompts that interest/inspire me the most, everyone will be more likely to get something, and the prompts I don't get to now will likely be featured in Blogathon. (Yes, that's almost half a year away. Hush. ;-p) So seriously? If you have ten prompts, give me ten prompts!

Featured fandoms:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kingdom Hearts
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor only)

If you don't know any of these, or have a great idea for a prompt in another fandom you think I might be familiar with, feel free to request, though I make no guarantees.
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For [ profile] mirrored_echo: I've told you this in person, but... I demand Kozue/Juri. Just because.


The first thing she realizes is all the ways Kozue hasn't changed. Her hair is still vibrant and blue, in a way that doesn't suggest hair dye. Juri's been finding grey strands among her own over the last few years. Ohtori's questionable uniform is long-missing, of course, but Kozue's skirt still slinks up her thighs in a way that makes you look. Her eyes... now those have changed, though Juri can't quite tell how, yet.

"How's Miki doing," Juri asks, cringing inwardly as soon as the words leave her mouth.

Kozue shrugs and smirks. "Hell if I know." She doesn't look away when she says it and Juri catches a split-second flash of regret. It's gone before Juri registers it properly.

"How are you?" she asks; a better question for the occasion.

Kozue leans in, one hand resting on Juri's shoulder, like they're old friends. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

To her own surprise, Juri doesn't flinch away. "Try me."

Kozue laughs. "When you say it like that..." And she tells her.

Juri's not sure what would have surprised her at this point. If Kozue had told her she'd taken over as Chairman - Chairwoman, that is - of Ohtori, hell, Juri would have bought that. Duels, castles, all sorts of the drug-addled things Ohtori was so famous for. Normal, for given values thereof, would have made her blink, but she'd have gotten over it.

Instead, Kozue seems to shine brighter and brighter as she talks. This is a woman who has done a little bit of everything, it seems. She's been to countries barely labeled on the map and walked away from a battlefield, alive if not unscathed. She has met countless people, and if not loved then at least known them exactly as they were.

"Do you still play?" Juri asks somewhat redundantly.

"Not the piano." A beat. "So, how's Takatsuki doing?"

All right. That was probably fair. "I don't know," Juri says, and wishes she didn't care.

Satisfied at something - Juri isn't sure what - Kozue closes the last of the space between them and kisses her, wild, warm and untamed. Years ago, Juri would have recoiled, made an excuse, gotten very polite, or cold, perhaps. Yes, 'cold' would be the better word for it. She doesn't do any of that today. Instead, she returns the kiss, arms wrapping around Kozue's waist.

The wind picks up, sending a nearby pile of leaves flying, and Juri hasn't the faintest idea what she's doing. She'll figure it out later, she decides, and if she doesn't, well, this has nothing on upside-down castles, as far as crazy goes.
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For [ profile] nevacaruso - Five times Juri was convinced that she was the only sane person on the Student Council.

1. Let's not forget the day it all started, when they first saw the bloody upside-down castle. Juri's pretty sure she's the only one who wondered if she was going crazy. The others just sort of accepted it, but she knew better. Miracles didn't exist, but the possibility of an acid trip most definitely did.

2. The day Touga spent an entire semester's budget on one of his dates. She's honestly not surprised Saionji backed him up, but Miki should have had more of a spine about it, really.

3. The others all seem obsessed with the Rose Bride. Even Tenjou, in her own way. Juri isn't. Himemiya scares her on the bad days and annoys her on the good. Oh, she'd fight for the girl if winning her helped prove her point, but their ways would part beyond that, this Juri knows.

4. Hey, it isn't Saionji the faculty fears, for all his bluster. Touga and Nanami's money and popularity can't buy them respect, and smart as Miki is it hasn't made him leader. If she looks at it like that, she's all but running Ohtori.

Then again, this might well make her the crazy one.

5. She leaves as soon as she graduates and doesn't look back. Maybe the others did likewise, maybe not. All Juri knows is that the outside world is waiting for her and there's nothing left for her within Ohtori's walls.
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For [ profile] nevacaruso: Five things Utena loves about Miki.

1. The whole tutoring her in math thing doesn't hurt. Really, really doesn't hurt.

2. They're both duelists. By all rights, this should make him her enemy. Instead, Miki keeps turning up as one of Utena's staunchest allies. Even when he challenges her, she never gets a sense of malice or resentment from him. Maybe all this means is that he's better at hiding it than any of the others. Maybe she's being naiive. Maybe... But Utena doesn't like to think that way. She's sure she wouldn't like the sort of person those kinds of thoughts would make her.

3. Out of everyone who vies for the Rose Bride, Miki seems to be the one to genuinely want the best for her. And maybe Utena doesn't believe he's right about what he thinks is best for Anthy, but the thought counts for something. It counts for a lot, in fact.

Besides, it's Anthy. If Utena is being honest with herself, she'll admit even she can't predict the mysterious girl. What's best for Anthy? What does Anthy want? Only Anthy knows for sure.

4. It's a strange thing to love, but she loves the way he makes her feel protective. It's almost like having a younger brother of her own.

5. And to follow up on that, she loves watching him and Kozue together. They may bicker, they may take to ignoring one another, but they're a family - something Utena craves desperately for herself. It hurts a little to see that, but there's more good to it than bad. Whatever her misery may be, big or small, she's not the type to want company in it.
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Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.

For [ profile] mirrored_echo: Kaoru Kozue

1. She takes after her mother. By quite a lot. Kozue is honestly not sure whether this made the eventual falling-out more difficult or more inevitable. At the moment, she's leaning in the 'inevitable' direction.

2. After the recital fiasco, she'd attempted to run away from home. She waited a week, till everyone's attention wasn't on her anymore, packed a light bag and headed out. In all likelihood, she'd have made it all the way to Tokyo, but she had no money for the train fare and was caught trying to sneak on.

She thought her parents would be furious; that she'd be watched day and night after this, but they left her mostly alone about it. There was no good reason why this should have upset her. Dammit.

3. It doesn't matter that Miki is the center of her world. She loves him more than she thinks it's possible to love someone, but she'll still go out of her way to make him see she has a life he's not a part of. He gets this hurt look on his face when she tells him about her friends and dates, and one part of her wants to comfort him, while another thrills in having this small power over him.
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Prompt: Five things Saionji wishes he hadn't said. (for [ profile] written_in_blue).

To Touga: "You're still my best friend, right?" He knew it was a stupid question the second it left his mouth. The kind of question that left him not so much vulnerable to attack as practically asking for it.

Besides, he was pretty sure he already knew the answer to that.

To Anthy: "I love you." She had smiled at him, that patent plastic smile of hers. The kind where he couldn't even tell if it reached her eyes, because her eyes were closed.

"Of course," she said, and suddenly he felt like a liar, even though he'd been sure he meant his words just a second ago.

To Wakaba: "Hello." Why he said anything to her was beyond him. He barely knew this girl. And if his mind glanced on warmth and sheep-shaped coffee mugs whenever she was around, well, this was Ohtori and his mind was not to be trusted.

He didn't regret not saying more to her. Really, he didn't.

To his father: "I promise." It didn't matter what he'd just promised, whether it was to take out the garbage or win a match. By saying the words, he might as well have pledged himself to failure.

To himself: Nothing. Saionji Kyouichi wasn't an introspective sort of guy. There were times he regretted this fact. But only briefly; he didn't dwell on that, either.
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Just finished my first full read-through of Anthy's character sheet for the second run of "Still Places."

*deep breath* This is going to require a whole separate headspace from the one I used for Utena. Ooooh, yeah. It's also going to require mucho research, albeit of the variety I hardly mind.

[ profile] yunatwilight, [ profile] rigel, could I please pick your brains at some point regarding liner notes, song symbolism, etc.?

In other news, I've been looking up my fellow players on lj. With a pretty decent success rate, though I still haven't located a few - namely our Saionji, Nanami and [Unknown B]. If you're them, or if you a) know their livejournal screennames and b) are reasonably sure they don't mind those screennames being given out, could you give me a holler, please? No emergency; just a desire to stay in touch with some seriously awesome people.
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Just concluded my rewatch of Utena. Yep, the last three episodes are still bite-sized chunks of heart-wrenching *pain*, for all that I've seen them before. *whistles* Most shows never manage to be that intense even with hour-long episodes. Ikuhara, you magnificent bastard. My hat's off to you.

Note to self - watching those 'from the inside' was certainly an experience. I still can't decide whether that was a good idea or a bad one.


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