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Someone tell me, why is writing a spoiled, manipulative bitch so much fun?
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I've actually gotten enough sleep in the last couple of days (thanks to, I have a feeling, the cat sleeping with me). So I may be heading into another 'stay up all night' cycle, but at least I'm well-rested. Mama loves her baby kitty!

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Currently reading: Ethan of Athos, by Lois McMaster Bujold, having finished Cetaganda last night. Still on a Clamp kick with manga, so I'll be picking up volume one of Legal Drug at the library today.

Currently watching: At home, nothing. However, I still have my Doctor Who watching group for the weekends. We'll be heading into the classic series, now that the current season is done. From the looks of it, we'll be starting with Battlefield. Yay Ace!

Currently listening to going insane from: lack of music. Seriously. Gah!

Computer: Still no concrete date for when my laptop will be here. *muttermuttermutter* Apparently all the extras I asked for are taking time to add on.

Writing: Going through old RP logs which contain the roots for one of my original novel ideas has helped kick that novel into high gear. It's also filled me with a deep and abiding sense of shame regarding my writing and chracterization abilities at age sixteen. Let's just say I once comitted a Gwen Cooper and leave it at that.

Additionally, I've got some vague ideas for who fic, and whaddaya know - one for Heroes.

KoL: Mushrooms take way too long to grow, yo! Fighting the spelling attrocity creatures at Orc Chasm is still surprisingly therapeutic, though.

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In the news: New Hampshire appeals the aborton law that would require parental notification. I'm very happy to hear it. Laws like this damage parent-child communication rather than helping it, by taking away the choice in the matter. They also don't account for emergencies and may put the teen in question at risk. All in all, go New Hampshire!

Correspondently: I'm doing some research into Planned Parenthood internships. It would be a lovely place to spend my Field Work Term next winter, provided they take me and I can arrange transportation.
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- Managed to coax two more episodes out of the DS9 DVDs. Literally, coax. Seriously, I thought I was gonna have to give it gooshyfood and pettings just to get it to play.

- In the process of watching, the cast list suddenly dawned on me. Quark is Principal Snyder. I go die of giggles now.

- Watching DS9 made me realize how far Trek has come in terms of female characters. Both Dax and Kira are fabulous, and the fact that both women are drop-dead gorgeous doesn't detract from the awesomeness. They may be pretty, but they sure ain't cheesecake.

In other new, I seem to have caught a peculiar sort of writer's block. It's not that I have no ideas - I have plenty of ideas; I'm positively overflowing with ideas. But every time I open a word document to put those ideas into words, I get hit with a wave of what can only be described as revulsion. For the process, for my own writing abilities, for the very ideas I thought were pretty shiny just a second ago. I'm fine as long as I'm just brainstorming or outlining, but get to it and wham!

Writing longhand in a notebook might help. I have to try that. Until then, blergh.

In other other news, it's now officially time to e-mail the folks at Bennington. From what I understand, I shouldn't have to fill out too much paperwork in order to return. Especially if I drop an unspecified 'health reasons' as my reason for leaving to begin with. (If they want specific, they're getting nothing.)

It's going to be weird and not a little depressing, being a year behind all my friends. But hell, making the gap even longer by procrastinating is hardly going to help matters. And hey, if I cultivate a lack of social life, maybe I'll get all my work done.

...Nope, that makes it even more depressing. Ah well.

I may also have contracted Mum's cold. Time to find the cat, as purry and warm makes everything better.
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Sleep? Who needs sleep! Sleep is for the weak and puny.

The strong write 2,300-something words of fic instead. The strong discover that they write faster on no sleep. The strong then take a break from writing to check "Teaspoon" for new fic and wind up weeping - *weeping* - at the sheer percentages of crap posted overnight.

And once again, B5 proves to be the all-powerful antidote to crap. I'm up to "The Coming of Shadows" now, an episode that also made me want to cry, but in a *good* way.
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So, who's up for beta-ing Torchwood fic? It's not very long, het, unusual pairing, and ever so slightly fucked up.

[ profile] lostfrontier, I know you beta-ed "In the Absence" - and did a fantastic job with it, but I didn't want to presume. Better to ask each time than assume someone's gonna edit anything you write, right?

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Ok, so let's say (theoretically) that I had finished the Romana/Rose fic I mentioned a few entries back. If so, where would I (theoretically) look for a beta reader? Requirements: knowledge of Doctor Who canon, fondness for very slightly smutty femmeslash, ability to read.

Yes, folks. Lily really, honestly did finish a fic. The end is nigh. It's 3,376 words long, in its first draft, and I would like to know for sure that it flows, the character names can't be adequately replaced with 'Mork' and 'Mindy', and that it, well, doesn't suck.

So. Beta readers.

Why all the use of 'theoretically', above? Because I like the word and it's 2:30 in the morning.

Dear Muses

Sep. 17th, 2006 12:16 pm
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Dear muses:

Are you, by any chance, capable of doing your job and inspiring me at any time other than right when I'm about to fall asleep?


- Lily

Dear Lily:

Nope. Besides, sleep is for the weak. Carry on old girl.


Your muses

...And that is how I ended up with two and a half handwritten pages of post-Doomsday Rose/Romana, which I still don't remember writing. My life is just shiny like that.


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